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it’s about the people

Would you take free business lessons? I do!

Seriously, I'm enrolled in a school that I call life. I'm busy, just like you. But I take those minutes in between and put them to work for me. It's not as easy as it looks. Those who have attended my classes--like Face Your Fears, Superhero Strategies for Unleashing Your Inner Awesome or even Recipes for Teaching a Great Class would tell you, it's not as hard as you fear and sometimes it's getting past that fear and embracing our humanity that is the biggest hurdle we face. Yes, I did go to school. I finished high school, college and even took a graduate level class in metrics just for fun. Laugh if you like, metrics are fun, and we can prove it. If you have no metrics, you can't prove that they aren't fun! Oh, my the PUNs must stop. Before I headed off to teach at two big sewing/quilting venues in 2016, I stopped by my favorite car shop, Rising Sun Motors. Why, cause when I am making choices, I like referrals, that's part of why I want a verified blue checkmark to have that extra oomph that I am me. So I thought, and yes, again, I invite you to laugh if you like... But I really thought that asking for referrals was a good idea. I was WRONG!!! seriously, I did not study business and only took 3 psychology classes, but I did take an awesome amount of engineering, science, math and philosophy/theology/ethics. So what does all that mean.

Catch free range referrals

Referrals that naturally occur in nature are far better that any you can  grow in captivity. This is a whole books worth of stories, but for tonight--let's focus on the people. No matter what you do, it's a people business.

Thanks to Mike Warshauer of Rising Sun Motors for the title of this post-it's about the people.

Listen with your own ears (sorry the audio is not yet transcribed)        


what an image--a strong tree   bending gently in the wind as to not break changing, growing, cycles of green, orange, bare and back to green   trees don't start out strong or big   they need support water nutrients time lather, rinse, repeat       Be You and Be Awesome!

Blessing (collab with MsV)


Thanks to MsV--the world hungers for words like yours. How can we stitch together blessings and collaborations to mend our broken world?

Not my words, but yours "what you feed grows"

Everyday I strive, I pray I work and rest to be what I want existing in the world. My thoughts below... Be the blessing you want to see. Be the blessing you want to have. Be the blessing you want to hear. Be the blessing that solves the problem. Be the blessing that heals. Be the blessing that feeds a hungry soul. Be the blessing that cares for living things. Be the blessing you want in the world. Be the blessing that leads to joy. Be the blessings that needs not apologize. Be the blessing others emulate. Be the change that causes the blessing. Be the blessing. Just stand up and Be. Be the little you that 'is' larger, wiser, closer to the real truth, than the bigger you has become. Be That, that which your little self, knew to be true. Be the blessing and joy you were, are, before your first hurt, undaunted. Be that blessing to all, all of your life. (Let your light shine till it blinds.) You can be that blessing in my life. I can Be that blessing in your life. Choose, I choose to Be the blessing. By Ms. Valarie Poitier     MsV I'm honored to call you a friend. Keep being you and being awesome! Peace, AtoZ      

soundtrack of my life

As I click publish, my stove top timer sings to me says it's time to close up that computational device--time to reboot the mind, body and spirit. Yes indeed, you call it sleep, I call it low tech rejuvenation! Slowly simmering in the crockpot is the world's most flammable chili con carne. A soft snore from one of my sweet giant beasts. This is the soundtrack of my life. I'm joyful. I'm humbled and honored. I'm blessed!    

Make it Work

Make Your Mark

Make It FUN


Make It Your Own!


Invaluable Support

Starting up the Time Machine of memory (and saved emails.) Set the dial back, before some of my recent adventures to September 3, 2014

Invitation received to join an art quilt critique group.

Wow, honored! Real live human artist interactions. Street cred as an art quilter.

Oh, no! Friday mornings, once a month. 

Opportunity vs Investment. Hmm--should I invest a vacation day a month in my art?

  Here is the email I sent in response.

September 4, 2014

I appreciate the invite, I regret that at this time I can't commit due to my full-time job. Please pass along to the others my appreciation for inclusion in this group. The support that we as artists offer each other in our art lives is invaluable, please know that I support your artistic lives, albeit from outside the group.

all the best, Amalia

Amalia Morusiewicz

This is my captains log, as I am boldly sewing. There are many ways to create, to sew, to teach, and to tell our individual stories.

Be You and Be Awesome!

  yes, I do my own website--and yes, there is a message at the top, about a demo store--is that a hint? is something coming soon?

Step Up and Shine

Imagine this... You go to work at sports arena, like a pawn to the Kings, you skate and shovel ice during breaks. You also act and sing, but doesn't everyone in La-La-Land? National Anthem pop stars cancel. Thirteen minutes notice. Celebrate a century of hockey. Introduced as Courtney Daniels, a member of LA Kings Ice Crew, you step on the ice and sing the US National Anthem like an all-star. If this is a launching point or just a really good day at work, I wish the best to Ms. Courtney Daniels. Nicely done! FYI-- in 2008, Brett Leonhardt, Washington Capitals website producer, became an NHL Goalie, sat on the bench and back to his day job all in a single game.          
photo credit: Everett Howard 2017
  Broken beach glass is far more beautiful than perfection and shine. Be You and Be Awesome! img_2855

Dreams, Dresses and Daring Deeds

Last night, as I turned the first page of Maya Angelou's memoir, reading "Hanging softly over the black Singer sewing machine..." I smiled, connections made by fabric and thread. As others march, today I mend and share. I care, I deeply care, my audacious acts are that of writing, mending, sharing. Nothing new, if you have met me--I believe in peace, love and joy--and justice, honesty and mending. My dream is that it's seamless, that my stories make us think while adding a smile. I know, it's my fairytale--and I believe. In silent stillness, I create. I use my minutes in between to tell my stories and stitch up my dreams.

permission, perfection and other fairytales

Let's each take turns at the sewing machine, to take the frayed remainders of the day, stitch together, add patches, hopes and strength.  Filled with power of mending, doing and creating, I say a silent prayer of hope and of healing. Big G, help us mere mortals, us humans, strengthen our seams, support the fabric of humanity and stitch together a world that values human life, and does so with the most gentle and strong stitches, as the needle pierces fabric, pulling together and mending. IMG_7244


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