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egg-cellent opportunity

Just a year ago, I saw this photo. What's your instant reaction? What do you see?

Oops. #easter #getthemopout #splat

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  My first reaction was "wow, cool photo!" My second reaction was to count the eggs, and wonder how this occurred. Seriously, out of curiosity! Look at the eggs at the bottom left, one of those might be intact. Something about human nature to try to put things together and find solutions. What if the solution to these broken eggs is to take the photo and capture the moment? Seems of late, that if there is no photo or video, there is no proof--and if anything occurred before the invention of technology, well forget about that! Although I like me some humor, I'm not writing fiction. Life is funny enough, and stories, well--stories are tools. Blab, blab, blab, and so on Are you still reading? Good, cause I'm sharing one of my first Mom Moments. Laugh if you like, cause I'm not your typical mom. A long time ago, in a universe that seemed like science fiction, but was oh so real--the Kid, broke a glass--not a mug or a cup, but a glass. Shards everywhere, the look on his face of OH-NO was severe. He turned to me expecting words or frustration. Instead, I gated off the kitchen (doggie gates) said to the Kid, "I'm not mad [it was clearly a mistake] but I'm also not going to clean it up for you." I was pretty proud of my Mom Moment, laugh if you like. Yes, cleaning up glass off of ceramic tile, when there are 200 pounds of dog in the house was not a minor activity. Yes, I probably did give it a good inspection before letting puppy paws venture near. I really wasn't mad about the glass, I got mad about an April fools joke--I'll tell you that later. Yes, we would all love to have everything magically cleaned up for us. Ironically, my sister's blog had words of an apron that mom made her. I have no memory of that, and it just doesn't register in my mind as something my mom would make. Funny thing is we all have such different memories of the same experiences. I wonder what Deborah Boschert was thinking when she snapped the cracked eggs photo? I wonder if I would have written this sooner if she was the lone culprit in this egg-sperience? Sometimes a little bit of distance from an event is needed for us to appreciate the yolk of it all.

Chickens, eggs, adventures, oh my!

After many months of rebuilding, Ellicott City is getting put back together. I'm honored that my quilt, Wish Upon a Star, has made some money for my favorite coffee shop. Thanks to my favorite pottery place, Green Bridge and all you who bought a raffle ticket! Click here if you would like to take a chance on a two sided quilt!    stories I owe you... my first cup of coffee April Fools (Not Joking)   later!

Peridot, keeping it light

    My high school color was green, kelly green, grass green, emerald green. St.Patrick's Day green. The last thirty days have flown by with Parkside people on my mind, and this ring on my finger. Yes, I picked the August birthstone, not my own. Peridot (pear-eh-doh) Although, no expert in phonetic spelling, I would be an Idiot, if I left you thinking it is pronounced Per-idot.   Last summer, I made this 33 second video. I know it's not really true, but it does seem like Denise and I are just the same as we were.   Peace, AtoZ      

Open Studios-Throw Back Thursday

I'm cracking open this time capsule message as IQF Chicago is just a month away. Enjoy! -AtoZ

Vivien's Open Studios

written November 9, 2016 by Vivien Wise

This past weekend I experienced my first Quilt Festival in Houston, TX. The festival has hundreds of classes, an enormous exhibition of all types of quilts, and more vendors than you can imagine. I spent 3 days helping Amalia with her lectures, giving 5 Open Studios presentations on Knit and Crochet, working the festival, and spending all other spare moments wandering.

Below are my Open Studios presentations --

Rag Rugs

I went over how to crochet a rag rug -- from making fabric yarn to working in the round and troubleshooting on how to keep your rug as flat as possible. All of this knowledge is based on what my mother and grandmother have taught me.img_1752

Dish Cloths

I brought a handful of different patterns -- some of my crocheted favorites from Petals to Picots as well as a simple knit seed stitch (a tutorial can be found on the Craftsy site, the company that sponsored Open Studios!)

Granny Squares 

Granny Squares are a classic way to crochet a blanket! As with quilting, there are many traditional patterns but also some newer modern ones. This pattern is a personal favorite from Nitty Bits. We went over the general method for making Granny Squares as well as how to join yarn and change colors simply. img_1753

Experimental Crochet

My focus in Experimental Crochet was on working three dimensionally with crochet. The main reason I really love crochet is that you can build, grow and play as you work. There doesn't have to be a huge amount of planning and it allows for a little bit more inventiveness. I used my fabric yarn from the Rag Rug presentation to build and play as I went, making some sort of blobular sculpture in the end. img_1754

Drop Spindle

For this presentation, I showed how to hand spin yarn with a drop spindle. I had two different sized drop spindles, went over the various types and how they're used and also showed a couple different fibers and how they spin differently. I did some troubleshooting with a few visitors who knew how to spin but for most it was a new skill and they excited to see it in action!

I had a blast teaching all of them! Visitors wandered through and stayed as long as they pleased.


AtoZ's addendum

Hope that you enjoyed reading this post by Vivien Wise. I'm honored to recommend her as both an artist and a teacher. PS-did you know that Quilt Festival is looking for volunteers, exhibitors and Open Studio proposals Oh, and don't forget to enter your quilts too I love seeing our world evolve! -AtoZ _______

clash, class and sea glass


I was terrified to go back to my high school reunion last summer. Ok, it was a little exciting to see friends on Facebook. Their kids looked a lot like my friends, it was kinda cool. I didn't keep up with high school friends. I'm just living my life.
Me and Mom 2015
I asked Mom if she would go with me. She replied, you aren't supposed to bring your mom to a reunion. She did teach at my school, my friends were in her classes--see I was the epitome of cool. I had left that town to college 3 hours away, then my parents moved halfway across the country, I didn't go back. One dear friend came to visit me in college before she headed off to the Marines, another wrote me letters I still have about her babies and her life. I like the idea of letters, but the reality doesn't alway happen. Maybe that's why I like to blog--it's my letter to the world. Some of my favorite memories of high school aren't what someone might expect: - windsprints in field hockey - lighting bunson burners in chem lab - teaching friends to drive stick shift - picking up pepperoni-mushroom pizza on Friday night on my way to babysit - sweeping the sand out of our pepto-pink beach house in Chance with concrete floors - lighting fires in girl scouts - listening to the Clash for the first time

"Spanish bombs rock the province / I'm hearing music from another time".

I posted an open invite to our class, to meet for a ShoreBirds Game and another for an informal meet up of the Girl Scouts I knew back in the day. At the ball game, I heard "sorry, I don't remember you" and at the reunion another classmate said "your name looks familiar, wasn't there a young teacher with that name?"  Neither of these bothered me, that was the past--I don't live there.  
Photo credit: Everett Howard


Weathered, softened, changed. Who would want to be shiny glass, sharp and dangerous? I prefer the glow of worn glass and these shades of summer that fade away.

swoosh or clang

My mind travels back in time to a school basketball court. Time flows in one direction--like gravity always pulling us down. Like the ball, swoosh or clang on the hoop at the elementary school, pulling us to earth. There is no juggling. There is throwing, there is catching. That's all. Seriously, juggling is one of my favorite analogies for learning. When we (I mean us humans) go to learn something new--we want to go straight to expert level. We want to juggle fire or swords. We want picture perfect, super complex and we want it instantaneously or sooner.

The idea of slow and methodical is lost on us.

Makes perfect sense, we are living in a sci-fi future. I'm writing this story on a communication device with just my fingertips.  My words travel through space and time, and you read this in your future.

My time travel story

Two weeks ago, with a full tank of gas, and light afternoon schedule, I took my own trip through time. I called my boss to take the afternoon off and drove back to the days of Topanga and Corey.

Take on the World

Yes, feeling small, I started writing about Girl Meets World, and left those words for another day. Someday, I may share, for now I hold them close. Back to my drive... I basically traveled back in time--not so much to reconnect with a friend from long ago. More to honor another friend, and pay my respects to his mother, his wife, his friends, his kids. You know that toy--the metal balls that hit, swing, speed up and eventually slow down. We are mortals, certain things become expected, like growing, getting stronger, adding more skills, activities and stuff to our lives. Losing a child, even an adult child to death has to be one of the most difficult things for a human to experience.

Just love, throwing love out and catching love, that's all.

My heart is full of love. I reach, I stretch and again we start. Peace and love my friends.

LIU – look it up

Look it up

Three wise words.

Listening to my own advice!

Starting to ask a question on Facebook, and caught myself--instead I googled the term I didn't understand. Voila, I learned something new.  So I jumped back to FB and shared the link I found. We have a wealth of information right at our fingertips, but us humans tend to rely on the people we know. Maybe it's because finding real info on the internet is like finding a needle in a pile of things that look like needles but are really just advertisements, spam and other fake stuff. My wish for the world is not that we know it all, it's that we have the ability to learn, to discern, and when it's time to reach and stretch. Part of knowing a lot is knowing that we don't know it all, but can look it up. How do we know our source should be trusted? Is there a symbol or badge of honor that the truth wears?

sw like blood (first drafts from 2015)

I push aside the label physicist - I don't like boxes, and I am so much more than what I studied or what my day job is, even if it its awesome. I don't talk about my software work.  Maybe cause software like the blood - everybody has it, it's important, it's not the person - but it's vital to the person.  For many years I worked in Software Process Improvement, software management, software policies, software testing, software mission operations, software requirements definition... see it's like the inner workings.  Honest opinions are needed in improvement, again - like blood nobody wants to see it, watch out for the opinions that don't challenge you.  Make sure that you are challenging yourself to serve up some awesome. Now what are you going to do with that life-giving stuff that's rushing through your veins?


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