TiaTere on Ankle Sprains

"if you have trouble in the joints,

stay out of the joints."

  I love this silly phrase. Joints meant bars or hang out places, a term not used much today. Joints are part of the body that help us move. I've played sports, and gotten hurt, and healed. The best advice came from my father in law--works for knees, ankles, elbows, hips. We are all busy, running around doing good for the world and sometimes we forget that answers can be simple. Applying those simple solutions is the hard part.






  I know it's not fun to be on the DL. But before you are allowed to whine on the disabled list (and yes, there is no whining allowed anyway), you best be doing the simple stuff, and getting some support.

Channelling my inner Yoda--take care of your crude matter. I know that we are luminous beings, but these vehicles we travel around in, they aren't so sturdy.

Not my will, but your will does not mean that we don't protect our body's from ankle sprains, or evil.    
Tia Tere
  Tia Tere is not a medical professional and this post does not constitute medical advice. If you believe you are injured please get assistance, get checked out. Be audacious enough to be able to accept help.  

starfish, innocence and hope

Dear Innocence, I wish you were a starfish. If you lost an arm, it would grow back. In fact, that lost arm might grow back a new body. I thought 420 was something about Earth Day. I love our Earth, it's a spinning rock that's mostly water--what's not to love. No one likes to feel stupid, so I'm glad I like to fact check or I might have said something stupid.   Life is hard. We will all die--we are just human beings, right? But don't make your time on Earth any shorter than it will be. Know why I'm saying this? cause I really  like  beings, especially those humans reading this in the future. This is nothing new. In my laugh-n-learn sessions (aka classes/lectures like Rules for Rulebreakers, Superhero Strategies for Unleashing Your Inner Awesome), I hear "that's how we sewed in the factory, or that's really a clever timesaver, or that's so fun."

Sometimes the basic and simple is just divine.

Back to 420. I fact check, I love to pop in links for you to learn more info. In this case, I will just tell you--someone thought that was the time of day to take drugs, as in smoke weed. Sorry, you don't like that I called it drugs, and lumped it in with worse felons of the hard drugs. Eek, I don't talk about drugs even alcohol very often. But for you I will. In college, my friends and I had a little song "this is what I have to do pretending to be drunk." What I'm saying is, being silly with friends is fun. Staying safe because you have a brain, what's awesome. Now, you don't need to admit to your friends that you are taking advice from TiaTere and staying sober. We had a little story about someone named Dan Garrus.

Dan Garrus?

Was he a code word (yes, for dangerous) or an imaginary person? Either way, he seemed to always pop up in situations that weren't safe. Now please don't think that I want you to lead a boring life. Nope, I want you to get to do amazing things, and live to tell about it, until you die, which we all will, cause we are human. But we really do have a lot to do on Earth, so stay safe, hunger for knowledge, create beautiful experiences and just be awesome. Remember laying in the grass, and I mean on the lawn as kids--watching clouds float by, or just listening to the rain while reading a book--yes, made out of paper--a real book. Unless the future has really changed a lot, you can still do that. If you need to borrow a kid so you don't look like an adult acting silly alone. Or take a furry baby along. There is rain and hail outside as I write this, maybe the big G is giving me applause for writing my truth. Maple, our sweet scared dog, is jumping on my lap, and tucking her petite 80 pounds into the crook of my arm. Maple the dog is scared of thunder and it helps that I'm with her. I don't coddle, sorry, it's not who I am, but I also don't say to her suck it up buttercup. She's a dog, not an adult human, she sees what I do and how I do it. It affects how she behaves and feels. Yes, don't you think that animals feel? Look at them for yourself using your powers of observation. Drink some water, eat good food, smell some flowers until your allergies go bonkers and do good stuff. You aren't alone, we all get that feeling of being human. Be smart, just cause you have a hat that says lion tamer, does not make you a lion tamer. We didn't all have the same experiences in the past, and we won't all have the same lives in the future. I'm tired of the days each being the national day of this or that.  When everything has so much meaning, does anything really have any meaning?

Know what I think is audacious?

Being present, being sober, being real. Yeah, I know that might not seem like your parent's version of cool. Guess what? You define your own cool. Seriously, Tia Tere tells it like it is.

PS--our planet needs to be cared for, and our choices make a difference.


Evergreen Dream for reals

I'm a Greyhound who studied at the Evergreen Campus of Loyola of Baltimore. Enough with the mascots but dreams, actions, words, works--all these are woven in my life. Please allow my story to unwind.

Evergreen Dream

While other trees drop their leaves, slim down and prepare for the long cold winter, those audacious pines, cedars, firs remain green. Prickly, sappy and harsh; evergreens endure snow and ice.  Once their flowering friends appear, they vanish from view. Unsung heroes, taking a supporting role in show of spring and summer.   Today, April 19, 2017 my Evergreen Dream returned home. Not a real dream, a quilt, an art quilt to be exact. Life is better than a dream, it's real. That's what I say, so make me prove it! Seriously, I do for reals use GYST. Thanks to Karen Atkinson for putting this tool out there, I bought it several years ago. It works for me.   Here are my notes, both the ingredients list and the artist statement.

Hand dyed/ sunprinted cotton fabric, texture created by machine quilting with metallic thread, handpainted, bound with fused hand dyed cotton.

Curls and whimsical textures with the glint of greens and gold, give this abstract piece a dreamlike quality like snow covered evergreens shimmering in the moonlight.

Secret Note: Dear Ms. Anne On Eemuss, please don't be mad. For reals! I know that for reals is bugging you a bit.  I don't mean to prickly or be harsh, my writing is defiantly not the flowering tree. Sorry, not sorry.     Ironically, all humor aside, this is all true. Life is too complex to not be true.  My Aim is True.   Peace! AtoZ


Throw Back Thursday Turn Back Time nope, I'm going with THINK BEYOND TODAY. Especially as Earth Day approaches, it's a good reminder to me, to do my part. gotta run, that's my minutes in between for today!  

Speak Softly and Carry a Lot of Love

With the same care and respect as when I shared them with my mother-in-law, I share them with you. Speak Softly and Carry a Lot of Love; the volume (value) of a message is not measured in decibels.
9:57PM April 15, 2013 I wrote: Do you ever find yourself giving advice and realize that the words that you just have said words that are the very ones you yourself need to hear? Today found myself saying "we don't need to understand, we need to trust God, don't worry or be nervous, do your part and trust God, He's in charge". Also without having heard the sad news of the day, I said the following to my mother-in-law we need "good news" reports, then I broke into my very best serious news anchor way "Today 4 tall men visited their mom who they love very much, and breaking news, her daughter-in-law loves to hug her and do silly newscasts" 
Be the good in the world and sometimes it means be the "goof"! love and peace to you all!

Humbly, I say thanks to Facebook for that On this Day memory and the conversation that followed:

Carlos G Parra replied:

Thanks for being you 

Cyndi Zacheis Souder replied:

Yup. The good outweighs the bad; the bad is just louder sometimes. 

Amalia Parra Morusiewicz replied:

Cyndi Zacheis Souder--yes indeed! As I write my Recipes for Teaching, I would love to quote your "The good outweighs the bad; the bad is just louder sometimes." in my chapter of Speak Softly and Carry a Lot of Love; the volume (value) of a message is not measured in decibels. May I have your permission to use that quote? 

Cyndi Zacheis Souder replied:

Absolutely. Thanks for asking.

Praying for all those affected by the Boston Marathon bombing of 2013.

I’m not cynical, I’m an engineer


Life is better than a fairy tale.

Life is Engineering.

There is an ebb and flow in life. Way back in the my software engineering days, I posed a question to Tom DeMarco at the Eye-Triple-E Software Engineering Conference in Chi-town and got this response:

"You are too cynical for your years."

  Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not pessimistic, I'm a pragmatic realist, and I'm hopeful. Someday, I'll share me question with you. Today, I texted my cousin, (and fashion expert) to announce that

my pants have shrunk in the waist and butt area.

  I know that sounds like whining but it's not. It's reality. So I followed up my text with

My plan is to wear skirts and work out. Being old is inevitable, being out of shape is not.

BTW, my version of work out is really to eat a good breakfast, move more and chew my calories.   I'm not cynical, I'm an engineer.   Copy That!  

Happy New Year

Sounds, patterns, people, perspective, promise and hope. Yes, baseball! Life goes on, the world goes around. As I write this the fans at the Ballpark in Arlington cheer. Never fear Tribe fans, it's a long season, plus it's only the 6th inning. Baseball is a game about losing. Seriously, you don't win a baseball game--someone makes the last out, not just one team--one individual gets credit for that last mistake.   Yes, there is a lot more to the game, but it's also simple, repetitive, patterned, historic, statistically rich, poetic.   Hey, the Cubbies won last year or should I say, Cleveland lost an amazing game seven. Baseball's Lessons for Life.
Seams and dreams
Laugh if you like, I can handle it, it's a long season!    


Here's a fresh post. Ignoring the drafts, sharing fresh thoughts with you in this early morning. Busy life, time doesn't stop for us to learn all the dance steps, read the whole book, do it all right, every time with out even a sweat. Just do me a favor--be you and be awesome. Seriously, you might be afraid, angry, excited, fearful, alone--but those are not who you are.   You are so much more. I want you to feel like

you can do almost anything now.

Why not?     On Sunday April 2, from 1-3PM I'm sharing some of my excuses, stories and projects for Machine Quilting in Columbia, Maryland at SpringWaterDesigns. Contact SpringWater directly to attend. Bring your fears, your notebooks, any of your quilting that you would like to release to the wild and your sense of hope. Laugh and Learn is my teaching  style, sneaking past those fear monsters that you have inside. I loved meeting so many new friends at Quilt Festival last year! Why Not!   Peace, AtoZ

Dear future self… we all yearn for the learn

original words written February 1, 2017   Dear Future Self,  

keep looking up and looking down!

It's powerful to keep your observation skills honed and also

Face Your Fears!

  Facing Fears is not about being fearless, foolish or standing in the doorway afraid to give yourself permission! Facing Fears is a gift of honesty that little bit of silly to bring joy.  

Shut up Past Self!

Why--who cares? Really, who is listening over the drone of a world, yearning to be heard? Does anyone care? If you say no, then it's time to be that person that will boldly go fight windmills. Wait, don't go. Let's figure out what the future challenges will be and find a way to diffuse those with a light hand. No one needs to be schooled, we all yearn for the learn. I like that

Yearn for the Learn!

Okay, future self...How about this--this convo is for us, someday your grey matter will get all mushy--and guess what? You will die, well your body will die. Oh, yes I did go there. Luminous Beings, and all that, yes I do believe... But this crude matter, not so permanent.  

Above text drafted on 2/1/2017 and left intact

Please know that my strong, sassy words are said with love and honesty. We are just humans, we need simple things like water, food and sleep. We also need complex things like patience, time, trust and hope--and other human beings.   I wish you peace and patience with your fellow humans. There is always more than meets the eye! Yearn  

egg-cellent opportunity

Just a year ago, I saw this photo. What's your instant reaction? What do you see?

Oops. #easter #getthemopout #splat

A post shared by Deborah Boschert (@deborahboschert) on

  My first reaction was "wow, cool photo!" My second reaction was to count the eggs, and wonder how this occurred. Seriously, out of curiosity! Look at the eggs at the bottom left, one of those might be intact. Something about human nature to try to put things together and find solutions. What if the solution to these broken eggs is to take the photo and capture the moment? Seems of late, that if there is no photo or video, there is no proof--and if anything occurred before the invention of technology, well forget about that! Although I like me some humor, I'm not writing fiction. Life is funny enough, and stories, well--stories are tools. Blab, blab, blab, and so on Are you still reading? Good, cause I'm sharing one of my first Mom Moments. Laugh if you like, cause I'm not your typical mom. A long time ago, in a universe that seemed like science fiction, but was oh so real--the Kid, broke a glass--not a mug or a cup, but a glass. Shards everywhere, the look on his face of OH-NO was severe. He turned to me expecting words or frustration. Instead, I gated off the kitchen (doggie gates) said to the Kid, "I'm not mad [it was clearly a mistake] but I'm also not going to clean it up for you." I was pretty proud of my Mom Moment, laugh if you like. Yes, cleaning up glass off of ceramic tile, when there are 200 pounds of dog in the house was not a minor activity. Yes, I probably did give it a good inspection before letting puppy paws venture near. I really wasn't mad about the glass, I got mad about an April fools joke--I'll tell you that later. Yes, we would all love to have everything magically cleaned up for us. Ironically, my sister's blog had words of an apron that mom made her. I have no memory of that, and it just doesn't register in my mind as something my mom would make. Funny thing is we all have such different memories of the same experiences. I wonder what Deborah Boschert was thinking when she snapped the cracked eggs photo? I wonder if I would have written this sooner if she was the lone culprit in this egg-sperience? Sometimes a little bit of distance from an event is needed for us to appreciate the yolk of it all.

Chickens, eggs, adventures, oh my!

After many months of rebuilding, Ellicott City is getting put back together. I'm honored that my quilt, Wish Upon a Star, has made some money for my favorite coffee shop. Thanks to my favorite pottery place, Green Bridge and all you who bought a raffle ticket! Click here if you would like to take a chance on a two sided quilt!    stories I owe you... my first cup of coffee April Fools (Not Joking)   later!

Peridot, keeping it light

    My high school color was green, kelly green, grass green, emerald green. St.Patrick's Day green. The last thirty days have flown by with Parkside people on my mind, and this ring on my finger. Yes, I picked the August birthstone, not my own. Peridot (pear-eh-doh) Although, no expert in phonetic spelling, I would be an Idiot, if I left you thinking it is pronounced Per-idot.   Last summer, I made this 33 second video. I know it's not really true, but it does seem like Denise and I are just the same as we were.   Peace, AtoZ      

Open Studios-Throw Back Thursday

I'm cracking open this time capsule message as IQF Chicago is just a month away. Enjoy! -AtoZ

Vivien's Open Studios

written November 9, 2016 by Vivien Wise

This past weekend I experienced my first Quilt Festival in Houston, TX. The festival has hundreds of classes, an enormous exhibition of all types of quilts, and more vendors than you can imagine. I spent 3 days helping Amalia with her lectures, giving 5 Open Studios presentations on Knit and Crochet, working the festival, and spending all other spare moments wandering.

Below are my Open Studios presentations --

Rag Rugs

I went over how to crochet a rag rug -- from making fabric yarn to working in the round and troubleshooting on how to keep your rug as flat as possible. All of this knowledge is based on what my mother and grandmother have taught me.img_1752

Dish Cloths

I brought a handful of different patterns -- some of my crocheted favorites from Petals to Picots as well as a simple knit seed stitch (a tutorial can be found on the Craftsy site, the company that sponsored Open Studios!)

Granny Squares 

Granny Squares are a classic way to crochet a blanket! As with quilting, there are many traditional patterns but also some newer modern ones. This pattern is a personal favorite from Nitty Bits. We went over the general method for making Granny Squares as well as how to join yarn and change colors simply. img_1753

Experimental Crochet

My focus in Experimental Crochet was on working three dimensionally with crochet. The main reason I really love crochet is that you can build, grow and play as you work. There doesn't have to be a huge amount of planning and it allows for a little bit more inventiveness. I used my fabric yarn from the Rag Rug presentation to build and play as I went, making some sort of blobular sculpture in the end. img_1754

Drop Spindle

For this presentation, I showed how to hand spin yarn with a drop spindle. I had two different sized drop spindles, went over the various types and how they're used and also showed a couple different fibers and how they spin differently. I did some troubleshooting with a few visitors who knew how to spin but for most it was a new skill and they excited to see it in action!

I had a blast teaching all of them! Visitors wandered through and stayed as long as they pleased.


AtoZ's addendum

Hope that you enjoyed reading this post by Vivien Wise. I'm honored to recommend her as both an artist and a teacher. PS-did you know that Quilt Festival is looking for volunteers, exhibitors and Open Studio proposals Oh, and don't forget to enter your quilts too I love seeing our world evolve! -AtoZ _______