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Huh? what does that mean?

a quick guide to some of my favorite acronyms and creative terminology

MIYO- Make It Your Own Add your own personal flair to a pattern, a recipe, a formula... give proper credit to the original designer, but take a leap in your creativity and Make it Your Own.   PODA - Parade of Daily Adventures Okay, my PODAs look like your ToDoLists or Action Item lists--but it's just much more fun to make a list of a Parade of Daily Adventures. I did not invent sewing, nor did I invent the word PODA.  I've been using it so long, I'm not 100% sure who I learned it from.  Likely it was FlyLady, Marcia Cilley.  PS-check out some other clever terms she uses at   WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get
be you and be awesome
RTG - Ready to Go MIW - Make it Work   Stuff that is just me and will require more info--plus it is part of a rollout coming soon, so forget you saw these! MAAM - Math of Art, Art of Math TBD - Take Back Doing  -making stuff is powerful, life is not a spectator sport, take back doing. ELBOW SPACE that's a start, but right now I'm grabbing my RTG bag and off to see what's on my PODA!    

Did You Know that these words are acronyms?

RADAR (see the etymology section) SCUBA (definition intentionally omitted from this list, who will be the first to offer it as a comment?) Us scuba divers should know another acronym too DAN  

NOT Acronyms, IMHO

Truncations might seem like an acronyms, but I don't really think they should be called Acronyms           Just For FUN I'm a big fan of The Princess Bride--it's a classic movie, full of adventures and has something for everyone. I say that dangers faced together are always easier, no matter what acronyms you encounter! ROUS--Rodent's of Unusual Size   PSA--Public Service Announcement Seriously, this is an important WARNING! If there are words that you don't totally understand, I recommend LIU (look it up) before adding to your vocabulary.  Urban Dictionary is a particularly good resource to scare yourself at some of the raunchy terms out there, I mean it's a good way to make sure you don't start using a word or phrase that is NSFW (not safe for work).   Why Use Acronyms  Speed--it's faster Memory--I use ELBOW SPACE as Mnemonic device in "Manage Your Mess-More FUN, less stress"  


Why do you use acronyms?  



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