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Vivien Wise

1801225_2211115274929_4420766372201715665_oVivien Wise is the Studio Assistant at Fun from A to Z! She graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) with a BFA in Fiber and Concentration in Sustainability and Social Practice. She currently works as an administrative assistant at a small,  high-end drapery company in Baltimore, as well as teaches fiber art classes at the Baltimore County Community College and runs a reusable sandwich wrap business12043118_2714580701250_2014351644053666594_n Vivien's work is primarily quilt-based, integrating a personal domestic history with the concept of shared spaces and connections with the environment. Vivien is drawn and connected to the process and materiality of the rag rug, the quilt as art object, and the community formed by a knitting circle. You can view her work here. She recently exhibited in the Gen Y 3.0 Exhibit at Vis Arts in Rockville
"Caring for Pebbles"
"Walnut Tree Quilt"


  • #messynotes
  • being brave we nurture our future, treasure the love and teach without bias. My respect to all those parents and kids of the last sixteen years who rebuild trust and hope while ensuring safety in these uneasy times--where a smile can seem rude or callous on q day of pain. I smile that all those who give aid, that they feel the love, that unending awe , that honors their sacrifice #bernesemountaindog #bmd #moon #patriotday #parents #teachers
  • Baysox Season ended -- top of the ninth on day nine of month nine on this my twenty-ninth year after school. My words spill out in cadence with Giamatti's GreenFields. This game evolved, the minor leagues fly through games in under two hours. Pace of the Game rules in action. Pack up Baysox until next spring, to restart that pattern of life, and hope. @bowiebaysox @milb @ballislife #sports #lifelessons

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