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I invite you to laugh, groan or share a joke. This photo from my friend Julie Carter reminded me of a favorite silly jok11082179_10204265943832674_3446884343912450748_oe. (however, these are actually Herons, not Egrets, C M yellow Legs?)       Silly Jokes
  1. Worried, my dear?  You "seamstressed"...
  2. I have a scarf but I'm cold as steel, I have an eye but cannot see...  (sewing machine needle)
  3. When does your bobbin run out? When you sew…
  4. Not a Joke, but so silly ... Ministry of of Silly Walks
  5. Why did the Heron cross the road? (Thanks Julie Carter for the joke and the photo below!)
  6. Counting birds in Florida, and seeing a lot of white bird.  I was asked if my count was correct or if I saw the same bird over and over... I replied, my count is good, I've got no "Re-Egrets." (this joke is all mine)
WORDS that make you smile as you say them
  1. Qualms
  2. Foibles
  3. quaff
  4. Tortuga (turtle, which sounds funny if you say Tur-Tull) Spanish
  5. Onomatopoeia

  6. Furshlugginer (Crazy) Yiddish
  7. Backpfeifengesicht (a face in need of a fist) German
  Are you Sew Funny? So-So Funny? Either way, post your jokes!  


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