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Summer’s Swan Song

Water, water everywhere…Since August we’ve had over 20 inches of rain.  Last Sunday, my local minor league baseball team, Bowie Baysox, didn’t make the playoffs by one game… and the sky opened up and cried all over the earth.So, with baseball finished for the year – summer is over… are we ready for what comes next?an excerpt from  “A Great and Glorious Game: Baseball Writings of A. Bartlett Giamatti””The Green Fields of the Mind It breaks your heart.…

falling rocks

I tested gravity yesterday – when high heels meets spilled water on a hard floor the result is a fabulous fall… My biggest injury was to my pride, even though my knees are a bit sore.  In real life, you don’t get up as fast as Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality. My biggest reward was a huge ah-ha! if we don’t take risks, we stay safe – but if creativity doesn’t take risks, it may be craft, but is it…

"it’s free"

Have you ever picked up a bag of fabric, notions and inspirations at a quilt show vendor, cause it looked interesting?You have?  Okay, how about…Did you ask “how much” and hear back “the Power Suit challenge is free”The vendor…Artistic Artifacts in Alexandria, Virginia…. challenge….Power Suits: An Art Quilt Challenge the fun…


an easy math problem… math problem if two friends live 3hrs apart and each drive toward a central meeting place (say a quilt show), when one friend has driven  45minutes, and realizes that her wallet is at home, and the quilt show has an $8 admission fee, how do you solve this problem solution you need to take into consideration the “friend factor” (ff), and then implement the “humility derivative” (hd), and subtract the “Shopping Bug”, and…

simplicity ain’t so simple

if necessity is the mother of invention, what is “excess” the mother of? A couple weeks ago I attended a great class… Ideas in Art Quilts Workshop with Deborah Boschert. Here’s the question of the day – if the supply list clearly says bring 6 fat quarters and suggested 3 solids and 3 prints; so why do I show up in class with 14 solids and 20-some prints? I love the Little Lonni’s prints! As we started, Deborah had each…

Adventure to Lonni Rossi’s

Lonni Rossi’s  studio/shop in Ardmore, Pennsylvania, what an adventure! click here to see Cheryl’s blog on this trip.  So I will just say two words about the experience – “wow,WOW”   Oh, come on, I can’t resist, I must tell you more…  Bailey First off, I am extremely lucky!  I was fortunate to meet Cheryl Lynch as she was promoting her book “Quilt Fiesta!”.  As program chair for my local (mostly traditional quilt guild), I hang out with some pretty…


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