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Naughty Inspiration

Got your attention huh? Tis the season for sweets and treats! Winter has hit me hard with cold short days and teasing me with thoughts of creative gifts and getting the house decked out. Then reality knocks on the door and with time limits, previous commitments, and general holiday hoopla – I gotta ask where is there time for frivolous art adventures? Sometimes when you can fit it in least is when you need it most. my…

Just Say No

Why is saying “no” so hard? Does the piece of fabric feel rejection? Will the UFO cry?Earlier this year, as program chair of my guild, I had an ah ha moment to hold an Orphan Block Reunion. Cause sometimes we want to say no, but need a little help from our friends to let something go. Why is it easier to pass on something to a person we know than to put it out there to the…

Numbers Count

Happy Triple 11’s today!  Wednesday was reveal day for the 2011 challenge quilts.  Challenge was to make a quilt inspired by page 73 of a nonquilting, nonart magazine.  I checked about 73 different magazines before selecting my page 73. Peaceful Passage Yes, I’ve come full circle back around to circles!I had fun with numbers, such as the olive branch is made up of 7 leaves, 3 of which have stems.  There are 3 blue flower-cogs (flogs, cowers?), 3…

Let Go

Last fall I lost, I mean released into the universe, a valuable piece of jewelry. What does that have to do with art?Well, the only reason I kept a ring that had emotional ties to someone who I am lucky enough to have let go into the universe, was that is was pretty and worth money. These may not have been the best reasons. Sometimes, not making a choice is a choice- and I guess then I…

GWTF- go with the flow!

Somedays you gotta go with the flow. I wake up with a plan, confident adult woman in charge of her life, but wrong I am. Life tosses us challenges, set backs- but no, these are just opportunities to show us what’s at the heart of it all.My favorite prayer and mantra “not my will, but your will” is very appropriate.  So this is a complicated story… so let’s start it in the beginning… I think that would be…

Cognition Unveiled!!!

Tada! Finally, my Power Suit Challenge quilt unveiled!  the fine print below my quilt reads…CognitionInspired by mental power = cognition…  My Nerd-self focused on power, movement, force, and then a “power series” in mathematics.  Athlete-self added Power = strength = denim.  Fashionista-self = dark suits.  Cogs with French knots feature felt made from machine needlefelting 4 layers of suiting.  Tied together with the silk “Power Tie” binding and at the bottom “denim”; Cause a great pair of…

Resistance is futile

Due to my blackberry’s demise, last month I got in the Apple wagon with an iPhone (4, not 4s). My first Apple product. I’ve been assimilated. Today I post to blogger, from the blogger app while waiting on a car repair. I love the license plates that borders the waiting area. Instead of a “while you wait” oil change, I’m enjoying a “while you nap” oil change. Sleep, the ultimate luxury. share the fun…


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