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GWTF- go with the flow!

Somedays you gotta go with the flow. I wake up with a plan, confident adult woman in charge of her life, but wrong I am. Life tosses us challenges, set backs- but no, these are just opportunities to show us what’s at the heart of it all.My favorite prayer and mantra “not my will, but your will” is very appropriate.  So this is a complicated story… so let’s start it in the beginning… I think that would be…

Cognition Unveiled!!!

Tada! Finally, my Power Suit Challenge quilt unveiled!  the fine print below my quilt reads…CognitionInspired by mental power = cognition…  My Nerd-self focused on power, movement, force, and then a “power series” in mathematics.  Athlete-self added Power = strength = denim.  Fashionista-self = dark suits.  Cogs with French knots feature felt made from machine needlefelting 4 layers of suiting.  Tied together with the silk “Power Tie” binding and at the bottom “denim”; Cause a great pair of…

Resistance is futile

Due to my blackberry’s demise, last month I got in the Apple wagon with an iPhone (4, not 4s). My first Apple product. I’ve been assimilated. Today I post to blogger, from the blogger app while waiting on a car repair. I love the license plates that borders the waiting area. Instead of a “while you wait” oil change, I’m enjoying a “while you nap” oil change. Sleep, the ultimate luxury. share the fun…

Cognitive Powers

“Cognition” is the title of my Power Suit Challenge.  Other than that I am keeping mum, until after the opening October 22 in Alexandria, Virginia …The Power Suits Art Quilt Challenge will be on exhibit at Artistic Artifacts the weekend of October 22-23, 2011. Saturday hours are 4-8pm, including an artist’s reception. Sunday hours are noon-5pm. Admission is free.  From October 24 – November 23 the quilts can be seen during shop hours.Artistic Artifacts Annex 4750…

Bucket List – published

On my list of things I wanted to do was “get published in a quilt book”.Debra Gabel of Zebra Patterns  was working on a second book and put out a call for projects made using her designs.  I jumped at the opportunity! Debra offered a lot of flexibility -we were allowed to add or delete items from her patterns, same as future book owners will do when they buy her book.  As well as make whatever type of project we wanted, that…

Expect Excellence

What a great SAQA local chapter Parlor Meeting today! Karen Schulz’s spoke about her experiences taking “intensive workshops” with Nancy Crow.My take aways…benefits of these intensive workshops are (1) escaping the day to day reality, (2) spending the time – long days of creating and (3) being in a community of artists were part of what made the workshops effective.  These can be implemented without going away to a retreat or intense workshop.  The Internet allows us to be a…

Freeform Screen Printing

I’m again taking a class with Lyric Kinard (Freeform Screen Printing thru Quilt University), I connect with her.  Her balance of humor, seriousness, honesty and kindness inspire me and allow me to experiment and experiementation is how I learn and grow.  I enjoy and need the experiemental process, so if an instuctor provides guidance, but allows for creative divergence, then I am in heaven.  share the fun…


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