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Talks, Games and Make-its

  Amalia (FUNfromAtoZ) Morusiewicz weaves the story of her life, incorporating the heart of a scientist and hands that sew. She explores themes of time, texture and connectivity. She loves creating art and making connections, and is on a mission to add joy and laughter to our planet one stitch at a time.

Laugh-n-Learn Talks

Storytelling Trunk Shows. Laughing and learning, so much more fun than being lectured!   

Space, Time & Fairy Tales

Boldly venture where wild creativity and organization co-exist.  Get Real - real life organization not science fiction nor fairy tales!

WARP speed SEWing

Get more done, have more fun.  Low tech and high tech solutions, tips and tricks.  Sew fast is so fun.

Circle’osity Curiosity

Open your eyes to everyday art, and art everyday.   Observe, explore, experiment, along with me.  Look up, look down - art all around, get inspired.

Permission, Perfection and Other Fairy Tales 

Finding fun and creating art whilst sparring with the 3-headed dragon, permission, perfection and procrastination.  Get unstuck, take a leap.


Interactive programs for group of all sizes, hands on learners love it!   Let's share 30-120 minutes playing!

Container Challenge 

Art for All - Game Show

Orphan Block Rodeo 

Once upon a time in perfection-ville, quilters always made the right amount of blocks with perfectly matched points, and in the perfect colors for the perfect quilt. In real life, orphan blocks happen. Maybe your trip around the world, took a detour into wonderland or your “block-of-month” project became a roadblock.  Don’t let these quilt blocks pileup in your workspace (and on your conscience.) Join in with other resourceful quilters and rescue these lonely blocks from their sad fate in a box or drawer.  Bring them into the sunshine, even those ugly duckling blocks, the “wonder” blocks, the abandoned project blocks… United together, these blocks can have a purpose.  Such a fun interactive program, especially suited for fun groups of quilters.  A perfect solution to inherited blocks, honor the original quilt block maker with this opportunity for a guild to get to know each other and have fun.

FAST-N-FUN make-its

A fresh take on workshops - these projects are chockfull of techniques, tips & cheats.     For up to 25 persons, 3 hours

Bluebird of Happiness

Cactus Garden

Tote-All-E Awesome Bag


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