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SECRETS and Solutions!

photo credit: Bonnie McCaffery
Seriously, am I just giving away secrets? YEP, come and get it! PR/promotions etc in the Art World
  1. Part1 PR podcast on looking in the mirror - "WHATCHA GOT?"
  2. Get a good team on your side, you don't need to do it all yourself to be awesome!
    1. Need it all? JDSA -  Specializing in both print and electronic design.  Steve Morusiewicz
    2. Need Tunes? Rule62Music - Music composition, recording, that can be inserted into any part of the PR process ...  Frank Parra
    3. Need Photos?  - I love my fab PR photos!!! Bonnie McCaffery captured all my "funness" in her true artistic style. My name goes A to Z, Bonnie's B to Y, so we are connected by the alphabet. Go forth and connect with Bonnie - she will capture how you can "be you and be awesome!"
    4. Need ideas or a mirror, or to find your kryptonite?  That's one of my superpowers, so call on me for that - it's a coaching, meets chatting, meets get'er done and rock on!
    5. LowTech Solutions for a Fast Paced world--sometimes the simple answer is a beautiful thing!
give yourself persmission.001   LIFE Stuff:
  1. Oatmeal, seriously... Start the day with oatmeal 1/4c quick oats plus 1T steel cut, optionally add fruit
  2. Empty the dishwasher right away... that way you can always put dirty dishes in it.
  3. Make your bed.  Don't think about it, just do it! Attack the biggest beast!
  4. Choose joy! Find the joy, be the joy in life.
  5. Bring snacks, the road to success is long and you might get hungry.
  6. Be You and Be Awesome
    SEW Stuff:
  1. Keep your dogs clean - a pipe cleaner does wonders in de-linting your feeddogs and bobbin area.  Bend back the tip so you aren't poking with the scratchy tip.  This is a speed tip - I don't have time for tension issues!
  2. Put your foot down!  Make a habit of lowering your presser foot, when you are done sewing for the day. There's a spring that is at rest when the foot is down.
  3. Change your needle often, make it a healthy habit!  You don't wait for dental pain to start brushing your teeth. Think of changing a sewing machine needle with that same thought - it's a simple, inexpensive habit that helps you avoid something much more painful and expensive.  Rule of thumb - NEW is a 3 letter word, give your project a fresh new needle after 3 hours of sewing.
  4. Cotton Candy!  Working with 3-d, think of the stuffing/fiberfill as if it were cotton candy.  Pull off  bite sized pieces (not giant handfuls)


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