Joyful Glory

Empty Stoneware
Daisy delights--pattern available upon request
me in all my joyful glory--age 5
I love this photo--why? because that huge grin is because my parents entrusted me with holding (just for the quick photo) my newest best friend, my baby sister Maria and I'm sitting next to my longest time best friend, and first sister, Cris.  I'm wearing a dress made by my dad's mom, my Abuela Marta, and Cris is wearing the same style dress in another color. I bet my nails are clean and neat, cause my mom's dad Abuelo Duran would always check our nails, and help us out. My mom and dad at the time were young and working hard to give us what we needed, and they did and then some. Thanks for not having all the money in the world, because if times hadn't been tough, I doubt I would fully appreciate all that you gave us, your time, your energy, your patience, your strictness, your love and the opportunity to make our way on this world.  Like "empty stoneware" you bring so much more with your presence.  Sometimes just being there is all that is needed.  I'm lucky that I always feel my parents are with me. I know I should call more often, but you are always with me.  Yesterday was the anniversary of my mom's mothers's death. I didn't know her well, she was formal and serious, never Abuelita, always Abuela. I didn't know her during her life the way I've gotten to know her since, she lived in a world that was far different than I can imagine.  She was born in Cuba, years ago when women's dreams were (well, I'm not getting that deep today.) lived a life of luxury (sorry, but in my view having 2 staircases, one made of marble, counts as luxury); left her homeland with her husband and her two youngest kids, since my aunt was already away at a GirlScout camp.  Leaving your homeland to protect your family, going from the warmth of Cuba to northern Texas and later to Pennsylvania. She was the quieter, less exciting Grandma. I hope she knows I love her dearly. My mom's parents were more formal, just like my mom is more formal than my dad. So when they taught me to blow the cover off the straws-when were eating at Woolworths or some store that had a diner area--it probably shocked my mom.  My Abuela Margot colored her hair for so many years, finally revealing the most beautiful silvery hair.  Look at her hands below, holding my youngest cousin--that's love--those hands and arms remind me of my mom's too.  I love that in this photo  only 5 cousins are looking at the camera--and the oldest of each family are not, and my Abuela is in a color that almost disappears into the couch.  This is an awesome photo!  Thank God for the days of film, when imperfect photos captured reality.4242_84583281433_3539226_n Abuela Margot was buried in a deep purple (aubergine) dress that she had gotten for my wedding that she would not be able to attend.  She made the everyday special by adding fruit to pudding and making individual cups so we each got to be special.  She had pink Dove soap in her house, and when I smell that I think of her.  Her funeral was the first one that I attended as an adult.  I don't think I understand why my coworkers at the time gave me a stuffed animal when I returned from the funeral.   But I think that she is up in heaven reading all my posts, all my rambling writings and spoken words- with a quiet smile. I think of Abuela Margot often. If you ever find her signature on page 100 of a book--please let me know--I'm happy to have that connection with my past. Double numbers always have been special to me, last night I learned more about double numbers and someday will write that story up. But for now on August 8--I think that I'll just send my love out there to infinity and back. Yes, I love you to heaven and back.
me and my mom
  Peace my friends!         She would say to me, Teresita, stop writing this story now, and go to work.  So I will.  Love you Abuela Margot!  Thank you for being you and being awesome--and for saving all the bits and scraps of words I wrote and mailed to you as a kid--like this one... FullSizeRender 304               Love you to Heaven and Back!  Or like Buzz Lightyear would say "to infinity and beyond" Thinking of Daisies--can you guess why? IMG_0425
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Homeward Bound

listening to the lyrics from Simon and Garfunkel's Homeward Bound... "Home... where my thought’s escaping
Home, where my music’s playing
Home, where my love lies waiting
Silently for me"  
  IMAG0080 A dear sweet soul headed home and is now dancing with her love who's been waiting silently for ten years.

Mary Samudosky Morusiewicz                                      March 6, 1930  -  July 16, 2014

Hilary "Larry" Thomas Morusiewicz                                   December 29, 1927 - September 06, 2004

IMAG0079Thanks for sharing your strength and sweetness; your stories and your smiles; your son who is my love; your family and your love. Na zdrowie! Oh, she loves me like a rock She rock me like the rock of ages And loves me She love me, love me, love me, love me
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fun with numbers

2011 – prime number extraordinaire
if you add up eleven consecutive primes
tada! you get
2 0 1 1 

I love'm the numbers! 
Eleven, my favorite number, the only 2 digit, prime that has two of a number, tis also the first prime with a one!

I especially love the prime numbers
they are the building blocks of numbers
like  atoms are the building blocks of the universe
like thread and fabric are the building of quilts

so why this attention to the numbers?
Today is April 23
23 is the 9th of the first 11 prime numbers
Serendipitously, I started this blog on a prime number day, 17 and there are 11 primes that land on days of the month.  So for fun with numbers, why not blog on the primes? Sounds like fun!
Count on 11 posts a month or so..
cause I don't always color within the lines
often the winds of whim take me where they please!

and what am I doing on the next prime number day?

what else am I doing lately for fun?
five weeks of fun in Quilt University class
Artist ToolBox class with Lyric Kinard
just opened last night - so much fun and frivolity - no seriously it's a great chance to learn some tricks, tools, get critiques and practice

So to leave you with a question...
does art have just a few simple building blocks?
  lines, color, perspective, shades would be the building blocks of art techniques, what about just "art" not the making of it - what are the building blocks of that?
I think humanity, joy, pain, fear, and the need to communicate and the need to create might be some of the building blocks, but what do you think?
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