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Be a Superhero

Just for you, an easy 9 step process to used to identify and unleash your super self!  But first a few fun thoughts that took me down this path!  See my Superman elbow and my Clark Kent glasses?   I was stitching on Bernina’s longarm the Q24 when I met Roger Teller from Bernina International.  Ya’ll know I love to scribble on fabric. My 13 stitches per inch quilting looks fab with Superior’s KingTut on black fabric. Loved…

Evolving, oh yeah!

So maybe art quilting has moved past “emerging” as an art form, maybe “evolving” captures where we are as an art form. Punk Rock had an undefinable influence on mainstream music, as I would say that the Art Quilt has done the same for all Quilting.  But we are still evolving in becoming an established art form.  In my humble opinion (IMHO) when we are all still answering the question of what is an art quilt, its…

Viva La Vida

David Garrett is a must-listen-to musician. I enjoy music, but appreciate it from an outsiders perspective, having taken a few beginner classes in piano and knowing almost nothing about music…  But like art, sometimes the audience doesn’t need to know the artist’s tools or how to use them in order to appreciate the result. One of my favorite pieces on his Music album is Viva La Vida. You can here snippets of the song on the video.…

Star struck

Added a new handshake to my collection today. Today I met  someone that took the simple act of sewing into space. Yep, first person to quilt in space, Karen Nyberg. You gotta see her sewing in space! Karen issued a challenge while aboard ISS to make star blocks that will be put together with hers. the fun…Want more FUN? Follow and like us:

Warm Thoughts of Fun, Fabric and Fish…

as the sign on the left reads Southern Comforters Quilt Guild wishes you warm thoughts of Fun, Fabric and Fish for February! This display features quilts and items made by our members. If you enjoy looking at this come to our great quilt show in March! If you sew or aspire to sew, please feel free to visit our meetings 7:00 pm 2nd & 4th Wed.   3120 Belair Drive in Bowie or drop in on select sewing…


Never heard of “Wine and Canvas” til my sister told me of a groupon, she and her friends needed to use. Wonder if we can start the phrase “the groupon made me do it” and could groupon replace the devil as an excuse maker? What a fun way to spend the evening! As we got to our table, the canvas, brushes, palette with paint were there and calling to me. But I resisted their temptation to play…


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