Beyond Words MIB

first cut was Fishing for the Right Words (yes there is no real ending, this is my raw recording)  If you can't handle the raw, then click on the second audio below   Yes, indeed--I have a dream.  My dream is to share my stories in my words with the future.  Maybe my end goal is a podcast, but in my Seams and Dreams concepts, I'm smart enough to know that we each have different strengths and that I can achieve my dreams best when I'm helping others achieve theirs and nurturing and loving.     In my dreams, my words are also transcribed so that they are more inclusive--but this is what I have time for today.   Peace! one needle .003  
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just a red dot

FullSizeRender 298This is Caring for Pebbles A delicate thin fabric, hand tied and wrapped around individual rocks, stones, pebbles. Caring for Pebbles intrigues me and I hope that the artist will share her story--that's a thread I want to pull and see what emerges. The red dot has meaning to artists that have shown their work. I didn't want to post this, until I saw the joy that seeing that red dot has on the maker.  Adding Joy, that's what I want to have as a mission in my life.  Oh and doing my day to day life too, so gotta go! 13662065_2949327129764_730072338686848662_o IMG_8215
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FUN is coming, will you be there?

Rocking this sew stuff my way!  No brochures or flyers, just awesome videos!  Check the fun! promo2.001 MG.001promo2.002
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Flamingos, Freedom & Fun

With great freedom comes great sacrifice.    Thanks to all our Veterans and their families.  Hats off to you! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA On the topic of hats... got a fun new "old" hat during my adventures at the International Quilt Festival in Houston. So great to see my friends at Festival, like Judy Gula from Artistic Artifacts in Alexandria, Virginia (basically my neighbor in the DC metro area!) FlamingosFlamingos MGPostcard, bet you are wondering why this is about Flamingos.  Ya know my favorite color is Turquoise (well anything in the blues to greens is my favorite color like Teal, Peacock, Aqua)... eh-hem, Flamingos, back on to Flamingos... This year the Quilters Quest color palette had not just the colors of the sea, but also pinks and purples...  So, my mind goes to the Caribbean waters and flamingos... In my pattern "Flamingos Frolic in the Moonlight", these majestic creatures took on a whole lotta attitude.   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA After painting highlights there was a whole lotta texture...  Which makes me wonder is the one on the right named "Lotta Fun"?  and maybe the one the left is really a cowboy flamingo named Long-necked Louie... Get this pattern during Quilt Quest and stop by my demos this Saturday November 15 (building birds using ABCs plus painting highlights on quilts).  at Material Girls Quilt Boutique; 6750 Crain Hwy, Suite B; La Plata, Maryland 20646      301.392.9575 I loved having Veterans at my demos today at Material Girls and creating impromptu poppies, after seeing the one I was wearing today. Hats off to you and all other Veterans! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Fruitful Art, Art for Fruit... just after filming video for Go Tell it at the Quilt Show with Quilt Alliance at the International Quilt Festival in Houston November 1, 2014.
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Tempus Machinus

Don't you want a Time Machine?  Got one, but it's in a traveling exhibit.  Isn't that perfect? A time machine that is traveling?   Sworn to secrecy until the exhibit first opened (Oct 2013)... well um can I get that time machine so I can post this in Nov 2013 instead of 2014... Serendipitously,  now I can share that Tempus Machinus and its friends in the Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA)'s Text Message exhibit will be hanging in a museum just outside New York City... oh yeah, baby I said... MUSEUM... pretty snazzy huh? Morris Museum in Morristown, New Jersey, November 14, 2015 - March 20, 2016. Here's my "official" blurbage on Tempus Machinus... Texts allow us to communicate in a high tech manner, unlimited by space and time. We can chat with friends in faraway places, who read the messages at their own schedule.  We now live in the science fiction future we once read about in novels like Time Machine. Morusiewicz_TempusMachinus_lg The word "text" comes from Latin textus "style or texture of a work," literally "thing woven".  So I added a personal challenge of exploring texture. Adding layers of metallic paint over the heavy quilting, created metallic steampunkish style.   Quilted into the gears and cogs, letters are an homage to H.G.Wells, and Henry, a young man who inspires me with his creative mind.  I included my own personal "A to Z", since my first name starts with an A and my last name ends in Z.    24"x42" Machine applique, machine quilting, painting after quilting, facings (sides traditional facing, top and bottom faux binding with facing)    Morusiewicz_TempusMachinus2 Time Machine by HG Wells was the first book I read on my first kindle ereader.  Tempus Machinus was the first time I signed "ATOZ" on the front of a piece.  I am a sci fi geek, and I love clocks and gears. So the steampunk style really speaks my language. My Tempus Machinus piece evolved and changed much like the environment around our hero in the book.  Please come into my parlor, sip some tea (earl grey, hot), tell me your stories and I'll share how Tempus Machinus came to be...
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Tuesday’s Texture – gift ribbon

First I noticed the teal ribbon. Same type of ribbon that you tie around a gift... Or that keeps your balloon from flying off, well unless it slips away... That might be how the ribbon got in the tree... Then I looked a little more and found someone's home...




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Tuesday’s Texture – Toad-aly Rocks


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Tuesday’s Texture – take a closer look


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