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FairyTales of Spring Clean Your Studios Year3–take 2

My spring clean story is funny. like a fairytale, epic, funny and sad, and then happy.     Once upon a time. from my talk on sewing organization, aka manage your mess E for Ergonomics, which is all about you. So your space is for you. My space is for me. My home studio is not open to public, in fact my public mailing address is a UPS store. So this is a whole new world–but I still have…

protect your tools from dust and damp

Changes. The one thing that stays the same is that nothing stays the same. As the spring clean blog hop is underway–on Day 2,  let’s talk H2O–water. Perspective can trick us. Imagine water carving a river so Grand that it creates a canyon. Okay, lets get the silliness going. Cause Grand Canyon is inspiring, but who is the real villain to be on the look out for in your creative space? Villains–Dusty and Dampness Dust is the arch-villian…

please have a seat

My sewing studio has been run amuck by chairs. I have two DrPepper office chairs–I mean snazzy adjustable armless swivel, rolling chairs with this cool burgundy fabric–just the color of my favorite soft drink. One more chair in DrPepper boomerang fabric–with arms and wheels. Back to chairs.  I have a white plastic chair, that is trying to kill me. Seriously–it’s dangerous. It adjusts, swivels, rolls and that’s all fine–but the plastic seat is slippery, and at least twice…

Gear up – Studio Secrets

Let’s go back to the past – to when the clean up started.  Shh, don’t tell anyone, but these secrets can be used for any clean up project… Parents teach your kiddos that  chores can be seen as challenges and games for them… more fun, less mess, bonus for you less stress!   If you are the “Kid”, here’s my secret to cleaning up, make it fun, make it fast, make it a game. Secret Number 4 – Super Speed!  If…

TaDa! Reveal day – FUNfromAtoZ Studio tour

Thanks for having fun with me! Here is the long awaited studio tour, please join me on this video tour.  You probably expected the “before” first, well… expect the unexpected.  Here is the reveal first… VIDEO is close captioned! Click the CC in lower left! What a transformation hanging my art and paring down to a few less colors throughout the studio.  I love my measuring floor (12″x12″ tiles), my Dr.Pepper colored seating, and my pottery bell…

Thinking Big – Studio Secrets

Masterminded by fellow superhero, Cheryl Sleboda, the “spring cleaning your studio” blog hop is on a roll.  My reveal is on May 14! Here is a secret… I started by thinking, not doing… Have you ever thought so hard that it made your eyes googly? Secret #1 – Dream – Think Big Years ago, I scribbled out some pie-in-the-sky big-dream goals.  Yep, really out there, big dreams. Like turning my studio into a collaborative workspace that was interchangeable like Legos…

▶ Spring Fling, do I dare? sneak peek at before

  Tis the season… Well, the season is Spring, and it’s Spring Cleaning Time. I’m calling it “Spring Fling” sweet a nice rhyme… tis cleaning time! The FUNfromAtoZ studio survived the winter, but was deep in stuff, dust and in need of a spring clean.  The creative process is such an interesting journey, sometimes it requires a pause, a step back, re-group and to come back strong.  My studio is a workspace, and when my artwork changes, sometimes bit of alteration is needed.…


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