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Blessing (collab with MsV)

  Thanks to MsV–the world hungers for words like yours. How can we stitch together blessings and collaborations to mend our broken world? Not my words, but yours “what you feed grows” Everyday I strive, I pray I work and rest to be what I want existing in the world. My thoughts below… Be the blessing you want to see. Be the blessing you want to have. Be the blessing you want to hear. Be the blessing that solves the problem. Be the blessing that heals. Be…

Invaluable Support

Starting up the Time Machine of memory (and saved emails.) Set the dial back, before some of my recent adventures to September 3, 2014 Invitation received to join an art quilt critique group. Wow, honored! Real live human artist interactions. Street cred as an art quilter. Oh, no! Friday mornings, once a month.  Opportunity vs Investment. Hmm–should I invest a vacation day a month in my art?   Here is the email I sent in response. September 4, 2014 I appreciate the invite, I regret that at this…

thankful, joyful and living my brightest life

Thank you Pokey Bolton. I needed to make Y Knot, and I needed to write the text below.  Yvonne was a true superhero, in that she was so very real.  I didn’t know her as well, or as long as others did, but the impact on me was very real. I’m not selling or donating my quilt, I do want it back whenever the exhibit finishes traveling.  I want to have that connection.  The crystals on the…

Some mighty fine shoes

Ah!  Live your brightest life. Right now my piece Y Knot is in the wash—I like to wash my quilts before binding them so that I get the nice puffy bloom of the wash.  PS—I also used two layers of wool batting so I’m confident that something good is happening.  So while that’s doing it’s thing, I have a few minutes to write you a little story. Maybe I will tell my story as a conversation with a…

Festival Fun – it’s the people

The International Quilt Festival in Houston is an experience each time.  The quilts are stellar; the gadgets, gizmos, fiber and fabric from the vendors – hypnotic; the learning opportunities – bountiful and the people… oh, the people,  they are the life of it.  To borrow from Misty Cole’s “It’s not the House” “it’s the people”… Fiber connects us – people near and far – even those who attended by “proxy” as the work of their hands, eyes,…

Tempus Machinus

Don’t you want a Time Machine?  Got one, but it’s in a traveling exhibit.  Isn’t that perfect? A time machine that is traveling?   Sworn to secrecy until the exhibit first opened (Oct 2013)… well um can I get that time machine so I can post this in Nov 2013 instead of 2014… Serendipitously,  now I can share that Tempus Machinus and its friends in the Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA)’s Text Message exhibit will be hanging in…


You know that rituals or silly superstitions are only silly if they don’t work! I’ve witnessed 3 no-hitters – translating for those who don’t speak baseball.  I’ve been to 3 baseball games in which the pitcher* had a full game of almost perfect  play and got by with a little help from his friends.  In a “perfect” game, the team batting against that pitcher, doesn’t get to first base in any manner, in a “no-hitter” they could…


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