Blessing (collab with MsV)


Thanks to MsV--the world hungers for words like yours. How can we stitch together blessings and collaborations to mend our broken world?

Not my words, but yours "what you feed grows"

Everyday I strive, I pray I work and rest to be what I want existing in the world. My thoughts below... Be the blessing you want to see. Be the blessing you want to have. Be the blessing you want to hear. Be the blessing that solves the problem. Be the blessing that heals. Be the blessing that feeds a hungry soul. Be the blessing that cares for living things. Be the blessing you want in the world. Be the blessing that leads to joy. Be the blessings that needs not apologize. Be the blessing others emulate. Be the change that causes the blessing. Be the blessing. Just stand up and Be. Be the little you that 'is' larger, wiser, closer to the real truth, than the bigger you has become. Be That, that which your little self, knew to be true. Be the blessing and joy you were, are, before your first hurt, undaunted. Be that blessing to all, all of your life. (Let your light shine till it blinds.) You can be that blessing in my life. I can Be that blessing in your life. Choose, I choose to Be the blessing. By Ms. Valarie Poitier     MsV I'm honored to call you a friend. Keep being you and being awesome! Peace, AtoZ      
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Invaluable Support

Starting up the Time Machine of memory (and saved emails.) Set the dial back, before some of my recent adventures to September 3, 2014

Invitation received to join an art quilt critique group.

Wow, honored! Real live human artist interactions. Street cred as an art quilter.

Oh, no! Friday mornings, once a month. 

Opportunity vs Investment. Hmm--should I invest a vacation day a month in my art?

  Here is the email I sent in response.

September 4, 2014

I appreciate the invite, I regret that at this time I can't commit due to my full-time job. Please pass along to the others my appreciation for inclusion in this group. The support that we as artists offer each other in our art lives is invaluable, please know that I support your artistic lives, albeit from outside the group.

all the best, Amalia

Amalia Morusiewicz

This is my captains log, as I am boldly sewing. There are many ways to create, to sew, to teach, and to tell our individual stories.

Be You and Be Awesome!

  yes, I do my own website--and yes, there is a message at the top, about a demo store--is that a hint? is something coming soon?
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thankful, joyful and living my brightest life

Thank you Pokey Bolton. I needed to make Y Knot, and I needed to write the text below.  Yvonne was a true superhero, in that she was so very real.  I didn't know her as well, or as long as others did, but the impact on me was very real. I'm not selling or donating my quilt, I do want it back whenever the exhibit finishes traveling.  I want to have that connection.  The crystals on the Y, might fall off, and that's okay--life is fragile and that's okay.  The french knots, will stand the test of time, like true faith and friendship in the stormy dark nights. -AtoZ __________ Yvonne Porcella—YP—rocked the quilt world. Kindly accepting my geeky acronyms and my fun with numbers. YP? Why NOT? we all do. Those where her words, said with a smile. As a nurse, she valued the functioning body. As an everyday hero, connecting with people in such a real manner, joking about pee. Audaciously taking photos and telling us stories of getting her “reds." Inspired by such humanity, I am forever connected by seams and dreams. I started a community on Facebook—sewFUNfriends—open, inclusive, free and friendly. My wish is that being genuine, kind and real takes off like wild fire—like a spark of love, burning in our hearts, sacred and true. The world needs more joy and more real. Why Not? Be You and Be Awesome. -AtoZ Amalia “FUN from AtoZ” Morusiewicz 9900 Greenbelt Road Suite 314 Lanham, Maryland 20706 IMG_0985 2 IMG_0988 2 septoctnov2016-001
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Some mighty fine shoes

Ah!  Live your brightest life.

Right now my piece Y Knot is in the wash—I like to wash my quilts before binding them so that I get the nice puffy bloom of the wash.  PS—I also used two layers of wool batting so I'm confident that something good is happening.  So while that's doing it's thing, I have a few minutes to write you a little story. Maybe I will tell my story as a conversation with a saint, an everyday hero, and a kind, kind person who I hope is smiling from heaven and aware of the power of the needle to mend and be a positive force in the world.  

Dear YtoA,

Yvonne Porcella—dear sweet artist, woman, mother, nurse, finisher of projects.  A few weeks ago I met a second person who finished all her projects. I had to give her a prize and someday will write that story.  I have so many stories. I know I won't be able to complete them all.  But I smile at the thought of your yellow shoes, and the story you told me. I'm most inspired by your humanity, your reality, your spirit that connected fiber, art, and people. Maybe I have it written somewhere, maybe I even have a voice recording somewhere, but for now I have a few minutes and my computer. In 2014, at the SAQA conference, you had no reason to talk to me.  I was just an associate that you had never met. Although I sewed my entire life I wasn't really in the quilt world at large. I was in a local guild, and I was a local rep for my SAQA region. Maybe I'm glad that my busy life didn't allow me time to be aware of who everyone was and the influence they had made in the quilting/sewing world. YP? Why Not? That was your line from your lecture at Quilt Festival in Houston in 2014.  You wore pants with question marks painted all over them.  You were you and you were awesome.  I hope that being genuine, kind and real takes off like wild fire, like a spark of love, burning hearts, sacred and true. You rocked the quilt world.  I liked you because you were real.  You kindly accepted my geeky acronyms and how I had fun with numbers. First time I saw you, I commented on your shoes that were audacious, practical, and fun.  Soon you were sharing your story of how wearing unique shoes made for great conversations that occurred in places that you might see someones shoes to your right or left, as you were... well, let's say you were "resting" or "un-hydrating" to quote Leroy Jethro Gibbs from NCIS.   YP? Why NOT? we all do.  Those where your words, and they make me smile.  As a nurse, you understood the importance of a functioning body.  As an everyday hero you connected with people in such a real manner when you joked about pee.  Your photos in the hospital while you were getting your "reds" were always a treat for me.  Seeing the world through your eyes and seeing how even in a hospital you were creating art.  The photos you took were most certainly art. I loved seeing the photo of you and your son.  He and I have Facebook chatted and someday will meet in real life. I tip my hat and kick up my shoes in your honor.  And when I saw that a friend was making a "shoe" quilt for your show, I thought, Why Not!  I'd love to machine quilt it.  Collaborating with other artists is part of living my brightest life. Last year, I felt a need—the desire—to have a community; and with the digital world, we are not limited, so I started sewFUNfriends.  It's a Facebook group—open and inclusive, free and friendly.  I was honored to invite people who I was already  friends with on Facebook.  So of course, I sent an invite to you as well. I was stepping out of my comfort zone. I didn't know that as an admin inviting someone to a Facebook group was basically adding them.  In our world, we are so connected, but we are also alone.  I think when invited to something, we are on alert and wondering what people are trying to get from us—our money, our time, our influence, our endorsement, our spirit?    In fact I'm going to post the conversation we had on Facebook. I didn't want to post this before, because I thought some people might view it as my using your influence, I don't know why I didn't trust my gut more and be myself without worrying how it would be viewed. I hope to honor you and those who have come before me in this simple yet audacious task of sewing and being human.  I even think that mending and sewing has a power to connect the world in a way that is needed.  Oh I know, I'm one of the big dreamers.  At the SAQA conference this year, I even asked the student panel a question.  What can we as Studio Art Quilt Associates do to help you as emerging artists? Well, I have my dreams, and I'm making my seams—putting together something that although simple, might be a good first step that I am taking as myself and that maybe other Associates will take as well. Thanks for listening! Your friend, AtoZ
Hello friend (since we are Facebook friends), My intent is to add joy, to treat all people with respect, and to be a positive force in the quilting / sewing world. I’ve been blabbing (I mean blogging) since 2011, sewing since childhood, designing patterns since 2009. I work full-time in engineering. I just got a second dog three weeks ago.  Life is great but busy. In order to let you see what this group is, you should have access to view all that has been posted. Sometimes it helps to see what something is before deciding if you like it. The group is a closed group, so the posts are only seen by members.
Where did this come from? Well my Mission Permission Slip social experiment and associated stories around it led to this new Facebook group that is about sewing, light and fun, and we are friends (or at least friendly). My intent is to have a group that is not limited only to quilting because there is so much relevance with other types of sewing. I’ve also experienced firsthand the positive influence a community of stitcher / quilters can have. I invited you to sewFUNfriends. As a moderator, my “invites” show up as “adds”. Please feel welcome to join, unfollow (you won’t see posts), or leave.  If you choose to go now, you are welcome to come back later. Life is very busy, so we can’t be in every group, but do check us out and see if this might be fun for you.
Yvonne Porcella
Thanks let me think about it. It is a very busy time of the year for me. Getting ready for a museum exhibit in January.
Thanks for your gracious response. Quilts in museums is fantastic news. Much to give thanks for in our joyful/sewful lives.
Yvonne, you were the only one who responded with a request to think about it, my plan is to remove persons if they don't want to join within a couple weeks—this is the message I'm putting out there. Please do what works for you. I want members to be there by choice, so members who have not joined sewFUNfriends group after two weeks, will be respectfully removing. If you decide to join later, just go to the group and request to be included. Thanks! AtoZ
Chat Conversation End
Seen Dec 3
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Festival Fun – it’s the people

The International Quilt Festival in Houston is an experience each time.  The quilts are stellar; the gadgets, gizmos, fiber and fabric from the vendors - hypnotic; the learning opportunities - bountiful and the people... oh, the people,  they are the life of it.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA To borrow from Misty Cole's "It's not the House" "it's the people"... Fiber connects us - people near and far - even those who attended by "proxy" as the work of their hands, eyes, hearts and minds was displayeOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAd.  Even those non-sewing types whether relatives of quilters or just fans of the game... I mean people who like to enjoy the art... all together, somehow a thread that ties us all together.  As the red and white quilt display hung above my head, looking up I thought of those who passed along these traditions. We honor them by both recreating their style and pushing this art form forward.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Lea McComas's Bike Boys got the Superior Threads Award for Thread Artistry.    Great to reconnect and share some laughs!  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Diane Doran your quilt was next to the morphing face quilt, here I snapped right between Blessed Mother Teresa (seen when viewed from the right) to Oprah (seen straight on). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Ivy Jensen, thanks for sharing your fast wit and a smile, great to meet your daughter Jools!   Oh and plenty of new friends too, but "I see we are out of time today..."
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Tempus Machinus

Don't you want a Time Machine?  Got one, but it's in a traveling exhibit.  Isn't that perfect? A time machine that is traveling?   Sworn to secrecy until the exhibit first opened (Oct 2013)... well um can I get that time machine so I can post this in Nov 2013 instead of 2014... Serendipitously,  now I can share that Tempus Machinus and its friends in the Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA)'s Text Message exhibit will be hanging in a museum just outside New York City... oh yeah, baby I said... MUSEUM... pretty snazzy huh? Morris Museum in Morristown, New Jersey, November 14, 2015 - March 20, 2016. Here's my "official" blurbage on Tempus Machinus... Texts allow us to communicate in a high tech manner, unlimited by space and time. We can chat with friends in faraway places, who read the messages at their own schedule.  We now live in the science fiction future we once read about in novels like Time Machine. Morusiewicz_TempusMachinus_lg The word "text" comes from Latin textus "style or texture of a work," literally "thing woven".  So I added a personal challenge of exploring texture. Adding layers of metallic paint over the heavy quilting, created metallic steampunkish style.   Quilted into the gears and cogs, letters are an homage to H.G.Wells, and Henry, a young man who inspires me with his creative mind.  I included my own personal "A to Z", since my first name starts with an A and my last name ends in Z.    24"x42" Machine applique, machine quilting, painting after quilting, facings (sides traditional facing, top and bottom faux binding with facing)    Morusiewicz_TempusMachinus2 Time Machine by HG Wells was the first book I read on my first kindle ereader.  Tempus Machinus was the first time I signed "ATOZ" on the front of a piece.  I am a sci fi geek, and I love clocks and gears. So the steampunk style really speaks my language. My Tempus Machinus piece evolved and changed much like the environment around our hero in the book.  Please come into my parlor, sip some tea (earl grey, hot), tell me your stories and I'll share how Tempus Machinus came to be...
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You know that rituals or silly superstitions are only silly if they don't work! I've witnessed 3 no-hitters - translating for those who don't speak baseball.  I've been to 3 baseball games in which the pitcher* had a full game of almost perfect  play and got by with a little help from his friends.  In a "perfect" game, the team batting against that pitcher, doesn't get to first base in any manner, in a "no-hitter" they could reach first base if a mistake is made by the defensive team - pitcher could walk a batter, also called base on balls, or someone can commit an error that allows the batter to reach base, but he doesn't get credit for doing so cause it's not a "hit".  So you can hit the ball, but not get a hit... Fun from A to Z definitions of baseball terms Pitcher - intense looking guy standing on the lump of dirt, throwing a ball rubbed in dirt at another man crouched in the dirt, called a catcher (the man not the dirt). Baseball ball - white leather ball with 108 red double stiches and which is rubbed in mud from the Delaware River before the game Catcher - modern day knight in full armor that's made of polymers and padding who is crouched in the dirt No-no - . the term "no-no" is used if you absolutely must talk about a no-hitter as its being made.  and you just don't say the words "no-hitter" before the game is over and the no-hitter is official, sometimes you shouldn't even think about it.. I saw two double A minors league no-hitters and one in the major league - in which Hideo Nomo threw a no-no, pretty cool for sure.  Later that weekend, we were in line for tickets outside the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY.  Cooperstown carries the same level of reverence for baseball fans as Paducah, Kentucky does for fans of quilting.  In 2001 on a chilly April in New York air, we found ourselves chatting baseball with the president of the Hall of Fame, he was telling us what he was doing that week in the same manner that someone would say "I've got to stop by the dry cleaners on Main Street, pick up milk at the market..."  as he told us he was heading to Boston to get the no hitter ball from Nomo, then New York to get some other artifact... Yeah, I know, still haven't told you why this topic yet.  I don't say the words "no-hitter" if there is a chance it might happen, and I try to not let the idea of a no-hitter even enter my mind, I don't want to take the chance... This evening I got an email saying that a Museum [OMG, yes I said MUSEUM] is interested in displaying Studio Art Quilt Associate's Text Messages exhibit, in which I have my time machine, Tempus Machinus.  I have an idea of which museum it might be, but I'm not saying it aloud, and I don't really want to think too much about it....  So keep your fingers crossed, say your prayers and maybe just maybe we'll get thru these nine innings and have some pretty awesome news to report.    Sarah and or John Connor says "no fate but what we make".  Ya know, I really did study actual  philosophers in school, but wisdom is wisdom even if it's packaged in science fiction.    
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Tarnish Artists

Tarnish Artists TARNISH Artists - Studio Art Quilt Associates from the local area have a great bi-regional exhibit and great people!  More photos at ...          
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Freedom in Forgiveness

Artist Statement: "This textural piece explores the theme of tarnish as a patina protects the inner metal, forgiveness protects the human soul, in forgiveness we break the chains of sin, allowing true freedom to spread its peaceful wings."   Freedom in Forgiveness is one of the thirty-eight pieces on the theme of "Tarnish" by Studio Art Quilt Associates representing the Maryland, Washington, DC, West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina regions. Tarnish is on exhibit at the Kaplan Gallery of VisArts through June 1.
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Look up, look down!

Great sky this morning! Yvonne Porcella and her fun yellow shoes while exchanging contact info, at a SAQA breakout session where Valarie Poitier empowered us to "Promote Your Work Without Apologizing", Yvonne sporting the totebag and postcard just like Ms V showed us! ATOZ YTOA I am fun from A to Z, Yvonne is definitely fun from Y to A, and is one of the many rockstars here!   You can recognize a rockstar from their shoes! Awesome fun at the Studio Art Quilt Associates conference 2014!
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Evergreen Dream Found!


Hard to see things that are right in front of your face! Walked by this a few times before I noticed that my piece "Evergreen Dream" was on the upright display, as I looked for it to be flat on the tables at the SAQA Conference. Evergreen Dream Top row, second from the right SAQA Anniversary Trunkshow 2014

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Evergreen Dream

This piece is my submission for the SAQA 2014 anniversary trunk show. Evergreen Dream 7"Wx10"H Hand dyed / sun printed fabric, machine quilted, and hand painted.



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