General Thoughts on Heroes (Spring Clean AtoZ speak)


Participating in the last 3 years of Cheryl Sleboda's spring clean blog hop has been critical in my development as an artist and my life. Not joking. Seriously, I am too busy, too engineer, too Spock, too Sheldon, too much geek or what ever box you chose to put me in. Yes, I know, I am like Yoda--weird and small saying things and doing things that don't make sense to all. I mean no disrespect. Only respect to the Quilting / Sewing world, I have. I have the future sewing people in mind. Yes, I may seem light and funny, like when I say I was kicked out of a quilt show. It was only for being there past closing and I turned it into a simple bond between those who were there. But I know it can be taken out of context. It takes a long time to say things succinctly and well. Making art, pushing the envelope into the audacious, that's not simple--it doesn't follow the steps A,B,C. Oh and yes, I work full-time, I came home to update my blog, cause I inadvertently did not follow the rules. So I'm off the work clock. check out the awesome list of players in the blog hop List is both on a previous post, linked above and at very end of this post. Before blog hop photo     After blog hop photo of my physical sewing studio (YES, my physical space is less neat, more messy. I donated my cool trashcan, I donated a quilt, I created a mess, I am on the phone with a Yelp Account Executive as I type this so I'm also working the business side. My face photos are sideways, sorry I will fix that soon, but you get the gist--hair is purple. I wanted bald, so purple was a compromise. Heck yeah, I'm different. Still I love you and want awesome stuff for the world.   Peace!    

original not commented text

One of my heroes, was a princess that became a General.

Happy StarWARS day--May the Fourth be with you--well actually, may the force be with you every day. I wish I could give you the force, all I can do is wield my force, my power with the best of my powers and be an example. OMG, not be a shining beacon of perfection. NOPE, I prefer to be a small, greenish, big eared weirdo that talks funny.  Laugh at my hope, there is good in the world--and I chose to feed that joy.

What you feed grows.

MsV told me that, and her son is actually a superhero. My favorite princess is not Princess Leia. My favorite princess is General Organa, and I have a special love for Carrie Fisher. I didn't know her personally--but I read her book, I mean postcards. I know that there is great power in having some fame, it's also quite intoxicating--lucky me, my sisters named me "Lame Ame"--yes it does rhyme.  So in 25 minutes May the Fourth starts in the Eastern US. I plan to be asleep by then, but this post will go live right at midnight. I'll likely update this post, correct any errors in it, add some more links, photos... but only in my minutes in between. I've had a heck of a year. but I choose joy and love, so that's how I roll. My Studio is Me. My words, my stories, my ideas. So it was more than just cleaning a room. I taught a class...Scratch that--no, I guided an experience at the International Quilt Festival called "Face Your Fears." PS--an awesome group indeed, to which I said as I closed the door, this is our space, our home for the next few hours and we aren't here for others to peek in and watch.

Safe Space

I created a Facebook group -- sewFUNfriends with 3 simple rules--please feel welcome to come check it out. PS-no sewing requirements other than finding a connection in fabric to one another. 3 years now, I've been part of Cheryl Sleboda's Spring Clean your Studio Blog hop.  I'm so honored. My art, my studio, my life is always evolving--well life is constantly changing--I chose to make smart business decisions. So when I recommend someone, it's not because we are friends, it's because you have skills/qualities that I think can be of power, in the fight of good, vs evil. Yes everything is part of that battle.

Now, stop reading so much into each and every word

To Quote Tracy Ulman--go home!

Good night, let's keep in touch on StarWars day, the Quattro de Mayo--when I wake from sleep, I'll paste in the photos.

May the fourth be with you!

    Before photo After photo Some of my favorite lines from General Fisher in an interview... 
  • Look, I wouldn't be anywhere else at this hour, except TV.
  • I think in my mouth, so I don't lie.
  • No, I'm a female in Hollywood, over the age of lets say 40, well, lets say 50...
  • What I'm going to stop now [being Princess Leia, General Leia]
  • Ridiculous in a really good way.
  • I try not to respond as an adult.
  • Normally, I wouldn't talk about it, but you are so thin so let's talk about it
  • What music makes this worthwhile?
  • I thought I was doing other stuff.
  • People that are normal and have other genes.
  • Gary is bored as hell.
  • That you know of!
  • YES!
      Luminous beings and all that. Goodnight dear powerful princess.   If you are on snapchat, check out the story, I created for you yesterday afternoon and evening. Now, it's pumpkin time, dearies and I gotta go be a grownup.   love you all, Tia Tere   PS--Weird, I thought this Yoda was, when first saw him, I did. Feel free to think of me as your own Yoda, small strange and hairy. That would be my honor.   My hats off (and almost my hair) to those who came before, and are invisible, so that we can have light and shine. Want to know what a powerful woman looks like? Look around, they are everywhere--especially the quiet, tired ones caring for our next generation of humanity.


Mic Drop

I'm out--catch you again after the sun goes down!




Tia Tere


whatever, thanks to the Big G, my parents for my life. My best, I will strive to be.

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Kryptonite, the beginning of a theory

So here's the beginning of my theory... kryptonite... that thing that zaps our strength, taking us from superhero all the way below "average" ordinary mild-mannered human to just barely surviving and powerless. So when I'm affected by my kryptonite, I am powerless, and I need others... Uh,oh!  We humans don't like that very much... We prize being self-sufficient, independent, powerful... accepting help is a weakness... acknowledging weakness is a weakness... talking about weakness is a weakness... Uh, oh forgot to add in premise #1 - we are all superheros... play along with me... So if we are these unique superheros, with unique potential powers... my kryptonite isn't the same as yours, and some people's kryptonite is only found is a far off land and hidden in a lead-lined cave, so they seem to have all the strength and don't have much struggle. With power comes choice.  Use power for good, we call you superhero,  same power directed differently used for evil, now we call you supervillian.  Kinda like a tool or a weapon - it's how you use it.  What about the idea of vulnerability as power? compassion? So we all have power and we have choice.  So the question that Glinda the Good Witch asks Dorothy Gale, "are you a good witch or a bad witch" is a reasonable question to ask, realizing that there is power,  power is power either way... Totally oblivious to their power, some folks walk around carrying  a big ole chunk of Kryptonite in a pocket, or maybe wearing a big shiny emerald ring and feeling pretty exhausted... Such a pretty stone - pretty is good, right? how can that be bad - especially when I see you with all your superpowers wearing a necklace of kryptonite... what does that mean about me, how can I possibly have powers?  What about when I walk around unaware that I have a huge hunk of spinach in my teeth? I don't know it's there, but that green stuff sure keeps me from being powerful. How do we step up to the great responsibility of this great power?   Right now, I'm going to wield my power by fixing dinner... So factoid  of the day... Billie Burke six years prior to playing Glinda the Good Witch, was Millicent Jordan in  "Dinner at Eight", and yesterday my 3D art was accepted into "What's for Dinner" that is juried by the Dinner at Eight Artists. Interesting huh?        
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You know that rituals or silly superstitions are only silly if they don't work! I've witnessed 3 no-hitters - translating for those who don't speak baseball.  I've been to 3 baseball games in which the pitcher* had a full game of almost perfect  play and got by with a little help from his friends.  In a "perfect" game, the team batting against that pitcher, doesn't get to first base in any manner, in a "no-hitter" they could reach first base if a mistake is made by the defensive team - pitcher could walk a batter, also called base on balls, or someone can commit an error that allows the batter to reach base, but he doesn't get credit for doing so cause it's not a "hit".  So you can hit the ball, but not get a hit... Fun from A to Z definitions of baseball terms Pitcher - intense looking guy standing on the lump of dirt, throwing a ball rubbed in dirt at another man crouched in the dirt, called a catcher (the man not the dirt). Baseball ball - white leather ball with 108 red double stiches and which is rubbed in mud from the Delaware River before the game Catcher - modern day knight in full armor that's made of polymers and padding who is crouched in the dirt No-no - . the term "no-no" is used if you absolutely must talk about a no-hitter as its being made.  and you just don't say the words "no-hitter" before the game is over and the no-hitter is official, sometimes you shouldn't even think about it.. I saw two double A minors league no-hitters and one in the major league - in which Hideo Nomo threw a no-no, pretty cool for sure.  Later that weekend, we were in line for tickets outside the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY.  Cooperstown carries the same level of reverence for baseball fans as Paducah, Kentucky does for fans of quilting.  In 2001 on a chilly April in New York air, we found ourselves chatting baseball with the president of the Hall of Fame, he was telling us what he was doing that week in the same manner that someone would say "I've got to stop by the dry cleaners on Main Street, pick up milk at the market..."  as he told us he was heading to Boston to get the no hitter ball from Nomo, then New York to get some other artifact... Yeah, I know, still haven't told you why this topic yet.  I don't say the words "no-hitter" if there is a chance it might happen, and I try to not let the idea of a no-hitter even enter my mind, I don't want to take the chance... This evening I got an email saying that a Museum [OMG, yes I said MUSEUM] is interested in displaying Studio Art Quilt Associate's Text Messages exhibit, in which I have my time machine, Tempus Machinus.  I have an idea of which museum it might be, but I'm not saying it aloud, and I don't really want to think too much about it....  So keep your fingers crossed, say your prayers and maybe just maybe we'll get thru these nine innings and have some pretty awesome news to report.    Sarah and or John Connor says "no fate but what we make".  Ya know, I really did study actual  philosophers in school, but wisdom is wisdom even if it's packaged in science fiction.    
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“Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

Such wise words from a small green guy!  Yoda's words resonate with me as much as the philosophers. "Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you? Hmm? Hmm. And well you should not. For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is. Life creates it, makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us and binds us. Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter. You must feel the Force around you; here, between you, me, the tree, the rock, everywhere..."  Yoda  
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