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Stems from HOPE

Hidden Figures. As a lover of numbers, math, words and stories, my intrigue grows exponentially. Looking just at the second word Figures I see numbers first, then realize the word also means beings, persons; after a while I think, oh yeah, sometimes women are dehumanized just into shape–so figure could also be that. I do love that it took me a while to think of that one. It might be like fighting windmills, but I see great power that stems from…

Spark of Science, Allure of Art

26 February 2015.  That Day, That Dress. A spark that ignited communication beyond the virtual work, into our day to day existence. The irony of duality—the prose I planned to be an essay, spilled out like silk cocoon, as my fingers danced on the keyboard.  For most of my life, I’ve stood in awe of those whose have lived through eras of drastic technological change.  My dad’s mom worked as a seamstress, her childhood had no Saturday…

Fibonacci Fun, it’s just math!

    Just a little fun with numbers!  No lie, this is not a “fib”, the Fibonacci sequence of numbers and the artistic spiral they create, it’s just math. Repeat after me “It’s just math.”   Math is your friend, Math is your pal.  If you have bad feelings toward Math, stop – realize that you are on a first name basis, it’s not Mathematics.  It’s Just Math!      share the fun…Want more FUN? Follow and like us:

Triple Threat and the Reservation Equation

I am well versed in the delicate art of delegation.  I delegate to my humble crockpot, to the pizza parlor, to the timer on the coffeemaker, the delay on the dishwasher and washing machine, our wash&wear wrinkle-free dress shirts, my many checklists, a few at the ready “go-bags”, the recording device on my phone, my gps, my fabulous nail tech, my streamlined makeup system, my Kindle, my iPhone in general… these are some of my many teammates that create more…

Eight – a very loopy number

Yep, I am still amused by numbers!   Today is day eight of month eight  – I’ve always liked double numbers like 11, 33 – but never really thought about the number 8 until now… Nope it’s not a prime number, but 8 is a Fibonacci number Did you know that you need 8, we all do… take a deep breath and look on the periodic table at atomic element 8, Oxygen. so in the beginning, well my…


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