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General Thoughts on Heroes (Spring Clean AtoZ speak)

Intro Participating in the last 3 years of Cheryl Sleboda’s spring clean blog hop has been critical in my development as an artist and my life. Not joking. Seriously, I am too busy, too engineer, too Spock, too Sheldon, too much geek or what ever box you chose to put me in. Yes, I know, I am like Yoda–weird and small saying things and doing things that don’t make sense to all. I mean no disrespect. Only…

Pie and Bricks

What’s your favorite pie?   Check out my LEGO link to the left of my homepage–take advantage of holiday savings.  Plus, it’s LEGO. Do you know what is so awesome about LEGO and creativity?share the fun…Want more FUN? Follow and like us:

FUN is coming, will you be there?

Rocking this sew stuff my way!  No brochures or flyers, just awesome videos!  Check the fun! share the fun…Want more FUN? Follow and like us:

Bringing Joy, OMG!

Congrats to Old Men Grooving (OMG)! For bringing more joy to life, I hereby bestow on you membership in an exclusive club, the FUNfromAtoZ hall of fun.  Thanks for bringing smiles while you bust a move and do your performance art thing! Disclaimer: The “FUNfromAtoZ hall of fun” exists only in the virtual world, there is no actual tourist location. OMG, if by chance we meet in the real world, I’d love to sit down and share a laugh!  Keep bringing joy!…


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