Old Jeans, Seams and Dreams

Sometimes opportunity knocks, in the form of old jeans in need of new life--and with just a few hours to do the hack. I thought, if you give a fish, vs teach to fish... I have time to make a tutorial video on #snapchat. I spent about an hour doing the first pair BECAUSE OF THE VIDEO!!!  That pair was left with raw edge, but had reinforcement stitches (low tech, aka hand sewing) on the side-seams so pants don't come apart at the seams.  The second pair took maybe 10 minute total, well maybe 5-7 minutes max, and I finished the seams on the sewing machine.  I will do a machine tutorial later, but now, with the technology I have, here is the first cut, you get the most important parts in this video. I have a dream to teach sewing to those who want to learn on their terms and on their time--so yes, video is perfect!  Someday, I have a dream to have a videographer, but for now--good enough is good enough. Many of my dreams have been achieved.  Some I mentioned during Permission, Perfection and Other Fairy Tales at Mid-Apalacian Mid-Appalachian Quilt retreat last Friday.  I'm so happy that sewing, engineering, humor and joy can all play well together. Yes, I know some of my dreams are not realistic--like living in a place with awesome sunrise AND sunset views.  That dream drives me to appreciate those sunsets and sunrises that I do see. I want to enjoy daily life as much as vacation life--please don't laugh, but I'm finding joy in the simple act of everyday cleaning up.  When over 200 pounds of Bernese Mountain Dogs are in your life, if you can laugh at and enjoy sweeping the dog hair tumbleweeds you will have a better experience. So in the last few years: I saw the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) I used Spanish and sign language in my day job (not much but some) My baseball team won the Championship and I clapped so hard that my hands hurt I made great friends and business associates who help others achieve their dreams I got a theme song--thanks Colin Kemper!  Someday that will be known as my first theme song, cause I know it was only several hours worth of composing.  It's perfect, and I'm privileged that I was able to find you while I can afford your time.  Best of luck as you head off to study Music Composition in Alabama next month. Okay friends, thanks for listening--I gotta run to bed, and then off to engineering work tomorrow.  Yes, I like many of you have a day job and am also a superhero doing the audacious act of finding good in the world and helping it grow--oh, and I sew. Can't wait to share more stories and also to reveal more dreams--what are your dreams?   So here's the stats 7min- alter jeans to shorts with sewing machine, they look store-bought--got trust me, I returned them before taking a photo. 1hour- alter jeans to shorts with raw edge, while making video on snapchat 3hours, 40 minutes- create with iMovie, laying music in and writing this blog post.  Oops, actually only 3 hours, I forgot to clock out while walking the pups around the block. Posting to YouTube now and off to sleep! Peace! AtoZ   Full Disclosure--certain words are hard to spell: Appalachian is one of those for me--that sneaky H and double P.  I found this mistake myself, before others commented.  It's a balance of accepting my imperfections and doing my best.  So I've updated my post correcting the error and I did a strikethrough on my  correction.  6:15PM 25-July.    
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Making fun from A to Z, seriously!

Gathered with my tribe, my comrades in art, my fabric friends, my followers (loved meeting y'all in person!) and fellow humorous humans during the International Quilt Festival, has been.... FAB-U-LOUS! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Sky Blue comic book hair! More on this later... How often can you call 3-d art a quilt... well my pineapple is 3 layers stitched together with a handsewn label... OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Fruitful Art, Art for Fruit was part of the "what's for dinner?" display, here I am just after my video with Quilt Alliance.  Can't wait to share the fun with ya... soon as I get the link I will post it here. The theme song of the day is Coldplay's Viva La Vida, perfect on a cool windy day...  "It was the wicked and wild wind, Blew down the doors to let me in" Thanks for having fun with me! ATOZ
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Ten Eleven Twelve! Number, order and humor!

Happy eleventh of October in 2012.

I love numbers, order and humor - and some things we get honestly.

Yesterday my Dad celebrated the 71st anniversary of his birth. Always good to acknowledge the numbers in order to maintain your sense of humor.  

My Dad's mom was one of my first role models for aging, humor and creativity.  She had a sense of humanity that I appreciated as a child.  I always felt like she saw me as a whole person even though the number of my years was less.  I love this photo of Abuela Marta with my dad, when he was very young, very blonde, with just a little Dennis the Menace look about him!

A recent email from a friend included: "I love that you see and respect his amazing personhood even though he's just five." Wow, without even knowing my Abuela, she paid me the greatest compliment, in letting me know I am carrying on her trait of connecting with people young and old with a respect of their wholeness.  

One of my favorite Abuela Marta memories is account of how she lost her good sewing scissors only to find them later in her refrigerator... 

Happy Birthday Dad!

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less is more

Wow, after reading some of my posts, I noticed something... 
blab blab blab...

I'm using way too many words. Will try and reign in the blabbiness...

So like in art, sometimes less is more. Here I am, after 5 months of eating healthy and learning what styles work best for my shape.  I'm a little less [weight], but I feel a lot more [energy]...
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We all have our strengths and our "areas of improvement". Believe it or not, personal style is my blindspot.

In 1988, I mistook a comment "you look like a Charlie's Angel" to be a compliment, so out of the house I went feeling confident in a bright blue jumpsuit.

As it turns out she was trying to tell me that I looked like I just walked out of the 70's - not a fashion style that was popular in 1988. Since then I've learned how to play the game smarter.
fashion school dropout

My nature is that of an athlete: I look for ways to win; to learn the rules of the game, to use the advantages I have; to keep my opponent from seeing my weaknesses; and to train to build up my weak spots while building my strengths. As an athlete I also learn about my opponent. In this battle - it's been age, gravity and excess weight. That last one has been retreating at a rate of ~ 1 pound a week. Yeah me, another win!

In training, repetition is the key. So when I saw I had an opportunity to go back to style school, I jumped on that so I could strengthen that area. In 2007, Nancy Nix-Rice spoke at G-Street fabrics and I started to learn some of the rules. From sports I have learned the hard way to invest in my equipment.  Often the cheapest gear doesn't do the job well and then I end up replacing it with the better gear.  An initial investment can saves money in the long run. This is how I saw getting my "colors done".  This wasn't the color me beautiful one of four seasons, but colors specific to just me, based on me.

My sister, me in a wonder outfit, and Nancy Zieman...
Since 2007 my color fan is my shopping companion, sometimes I ignore its advice as the thrill of a sale feels like a win and pulls me in. Some of those sale items have been good players on my team, while others are "wonders"...
  • wonder if Mrs Roper knows I have her floral top? (and I actually sewed that one in the photo! and it seemed too revealing so I added a green t-shirt underneath)
  • wonder if my arms will grow longer so this will fit?
  • wonder what is going to match this wild print?
  • wonder what I was thinking?
I think I'm going to start calling my color fan my "Jiminy Cricket"; my conscience.  Sure makes shopping better when I can ignore all the colors not in my color fan. Far better to invest in a player that will work better with the rest of the team and let me be the star, not drawing all the attention to itself.  So it's time to draft a new team as the previous players are a little too loose and not making me my personal best.
45 and still spunky

in college and spunky

One of the ways I know I'm winning this game is to check in on my feelings. I'm feeling energetic and spunky, a feeling I remember from being young! Feeling good and looking good - which came first?

Runners are always competing with their personal best. I'm feeling like I'm back to competing with my personal best!
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