FairyTales of Spring Clean Your Studios Year3–take 2

My spring clean story is funny.

like a fairytale, epic, funny and sad, and then happy.  
my space started like this--beautiful huh? well, it's orderly--but is it an effective working studio for me, and what is my art?
  Once upon a time. from my talk on sewing organization, aka manage your mess

E for Ergonomics, which is all about you.

So your space is for you. My space is for me. My home studio is not open to public, in fact my public mailing address is a UPS store. So this is a whole new world--but I still have a real physical place.

Best way to keep your space clean, don't use it much and hire an assistant to help you clean up before you have play date with an LA based designer.


more on that later!  
20170504 3PM -- really, this mess is the after, and I got rid of a lot of stuff!
        My art is my art--my dream is that sewing be awesome in the future (not just now) so, how I get there, my hair color -- and my too-much ness. Well, it's a record, that someday we can look back on. As in remember when she said sewing could save the world? I was kind of embarrassed that in my journey, I made what looks like a mess from the outside, but I truly believe is the right step in my FUNfromAtoZ. I leave my last post as is, being transparent is part of my story. But I am smart enough to rely on business powerhouse  Cheryl Sleboda and just repurpose her words below! "I am thrilled to announce this year’s blog hoppers!!  Every year, we show you the “before and after” of our studios, and we usually give you some cool studio inspirations along the way. I hope you visit each of the blogs on the hop starting tomorrow!  Enjoy and be sure to leave a comment and say something nice to our blog hoppers!" May 1 – Teri Lucas – www.terificreations.com May 2 – Tammy Silvers – www.tamarinis.typepad.com May 3 – Emily Breclaw – www.thecaffeinatedquilter.com May 4 – Amalia Morusiewicz – www.FUNfromAtoZ.com May 5 – John Kubiniec – www.bigrigquilting.com/blog/ May 6 – Debby Brown – www.higheredhands.blogspot.com May 7 – Melissa Marie Collins – www.melissamariecollins.blogspot.com May 8 – Delve MIY – www.fronddesignstudios.wordpress.com May 9 – Misty Cole – www.mistycole.com May 10 – Sam Hunter – www.huntersdesignstudio.com/blog May 11 – Dale Ashera-Davis – www.dalead.wordpress.com May 12 – Sara Mika – www.mockpiestudio.blogspot.com May 13 – Sarah Trumpp – www.Wonderstrumpet.com May 14 – Carma Halterman – www.beanstrings.blogspot.com May 15 – Jessica Darling – www.jessicakdarling.com May 16 – Lisa Chin – www.lisachinartist.com May 17 – Sally Johnson – www.sallysquiltingcorner.blogspot.com May 18 – Mandy Leins – www.mandalei.com/blog May 19 – Shruti Dandekar – www.13woodhouseroad.com May 20 – Jane Davila – www.janedavila.com May 21 – Ebony Love – www.lovebugstudios.com May 22 – Cheryl Sleboda – blog.muppin.com     Ehem, please disregard last post, if you want to think I am shiny perfect.   Peace out- AtoZ (or Tia Tere, you know who you are)    
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General Thoughts on Heroes (Spring Clean AtoZ speak)


Participating in the last 3 years of Cheryl Sleboda's spring clean blog hop has been critical in my development as an artist and my life. Not joking. Seriously, I am too busy, too engineer, too Spock, too Sheldon, too much geek or what ever box you chose to put me in. Yes, I know, I am like Yoda--weird and small saying things and doing things that don't make sense to all. I mean no disrespect. Only respect to the Quilting / Sewing world, I have. I have the future sewing people in mind. Yes, I may seem light and funny, like when I say I was kicked out of a quilt show. It was only for being there past closing and I turned it into a simple bond between those who were there. But I know it can be taken out of context. It takes a long time to say things succinctly and well. Making art, pushing the envelope into the audacious, that's not simple--it doesn't follow the steps A,B,C. Oh and yes, I work full-time, I came home to update my blog, cause I inadvertently did not follow the rules. So I'm off the work clock. check out the awesome list of players in the blog hop List is both on a previous post, linked above and at very end of this post. Before blog hop photo     After blog hop photo of my physical sewing studio (YES, my physical space is less neat, more messy. I donated my cool trashcan, I donated a quilt, I created a mess, I am on the phone with a Yelp Account Executive as I type this so I'm also working the business side. My face photos are sideways, sorry I will fix that soon, but you get the gist--hair is purple. I wanted bald, so purple was a compromise. Heck yeah, I'm different. Still I love you and want awesome stuff for the world.   Peace!    

original not commented text

One of my heroes, was a princess that became a General.

Happy StarWARS day--May the Fourth be with you--well actually, may the force be with you every day. I wish I could give you the force, all I can do is wield my force, my power with the best of my powers and be an example. OMG, not be a shining beacon of perfection. NOPE, I prefer to be a small, greenish, big eared weirdo that talks funny.  Laugh at my hope, there is good in the world--and I chose to feed that joy.

What you feed grows.

MsV told me that, and her son is actually a superhero. My favorite princess is not Princess Leia. My favorite princess is General Organa, and I have a special love for Carrie Fisher. I didn't know her personally--but I read her book, I mean postcards. I know that there is great power in having some fame, it's also quite intoxicating--lucky me, my sisters named me "Lame Ame"--yes it does rhyme.  So in 25 minutes May the Fourth starts in the Eastern US. I plan to be asleep by then, but this post will go live right at midnight. I'll likely update this post, correct any errors in it, add some more links, photos... but only in my minutes in between. I've had a heck of a year. but I choose joy and love, so that's how I roll. My Studio is Me. My words, my stories, my ideas. So it was more than just cleaning a room. I taught a class...Scratch that--no, I guided an experience at the International Quilt Festival called "Face Your Fears." PS--an awesome group indeed, to which I said as I closed the door, this is our space, our home for the next few hours and we aren't here for others to peek in and watch.

Safe Space

I created a Facebook group -- sewFUNfriends with 3 simple rules--please feel welcome to come check it out. https://www.facebook.com/groups/SEWFUNFRIENDS/ PS-no sewing requirements other than finding a connection in fabric to one another. 3 years now, I've been part of Cheryl Sleboda's Spring Clean your Studio Blog hop.  I'm so honored. My art, my studio, my life is always evolving--well life is constantly changing--I chose to make smart business decisions. So when I recommend someone, it's not because we are friends, it's because you have skills/qualities that I think can be of power, in the fight of good, vs evil. Yes everything is part of that battle.

Now, stop reading so much into each and every word

To Quote Tracy Ulman--go home!

Good night, let's keep in touch on StarWars day, the Quattro de Mayo--when I wake from sleep, I'll paste in the photos.

May the fourth be with you!

    Before photo After photo Some of my favorite lines from General Fisher in an interview... 
  • Look, I wouldn't be anywhere else at this hour, except TV.
  • I think in my mouth, so I don't lie.
  • No, I'm a female in Hollywood, over the age of lets say 40, well, lets say 50...
  • What I'm going to stop now [being Princess Leia, General Leia]
  • Ridiculous in a really good way.
  • I try not to respond as an adult.
  • Normally, I wouldn't talk about it, but you are so thin so let's talk about it
  • What music makes this worthwhile?
  • I thought I was doing other stuff.
  • People that are normal and have other genes.
  • Gary is bored as hell.
  • That you know of!
  • YES!
      Luminous beings and all that. Goodnight dear powerful princess.   If you are on snapchat, check out the story, I created for you yesterday afternoon and evening. Now, it's pumpkin time, dearies and I gotta go be a grownup.   love you all, Tia Tere   PS--Weird, I thought this Yoda was, when first saw him, I did. Feel free to think of me as your own Yoda, small strange and hairy. That would be my honor.   My hats off (and almost my hair) to those who came before, and are invisible, so that we can have light and shine. Want to know what a powerful woman looks like? Look around, they are everywhere--especially the quiet, tired ones caring for our next generation of humanity.


Mic Drop

I'm out--catch you again after the sun goes down!




Tia Tere


whatever, thanks to the Big G, my parents for my life. My best, I will strive to be.

  Check out the other blog hoppers in this awesome group May 1 – Teri Lucas – www.terificreations.com May 2 – Tammy Silvers – www.tamarinis.typepad.com May 3 – Emily Breclaw – www.thecaffeinatedquilter.com May 4 – Amalia Morusiewicz – www.FUNfromAtoZ.com May 5 – John Kubiniec – www.bigrigquilting.com/blog/ May 6 – Debby Brown – www.higheredhands.blogspot.com May 7 – Melissa Marie Collins – www.melissamariecollins.blogspot.com May 8 – Delve MIY – www.fronddesignstudios.wordpress.com May 9 – Misty Cole – www.mistycole.com May 10 – Sam Hunter – www.huntersdesignstudio.com/blog May 11 – Dale Ashera-Davis – www.dalead.wordpress.com May 12 – Sara Mika – www.mockpiestudio.blogspot.com May 13 – Sarah Trumpp – www.Wonderstrumpet.com May 14 – Carma Halterman – www.beanstrings.blogspot.com May 15 – Jessica Darling – www.jessicakdarling.com May 16 – Lisa Chin – www.lisachinartist.comMay 17 – Sally Johnson – www.sallysquiltingcorner.blogspot.com May 18 – Mandy Leins – www.mandalei.com/blog May 19 – Shruti Dandekar – www.13woodhouseroad.com May 20 – Jane Davila – www.janedavila.com May 21 – Ebony Love – www.lovebugstudios.comMay 22 – Cheryl Sleboda – blog.muppin.com
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TiaTere on Ankle Sprains

"if you have trouble in the joints,

stay out of the joints."

  I love this silly phrase. Joints meant bars or hang out places, a term not used much today. Joints are part of the body that help us move. I've played sports, and gotten hurt, and healed. The best advice came from my father in law--works for knees, ankles, elbows, hips. We are all busy, running around doing good for the world and sometimes we forget that answers can be simple. Applying those simple solutions is the hard part.






  I know it's not fun to be on the DL. But before you are allowed to whine on the disabled list (and yes, there is no whining allowed anyway), you best be doing the simple stuff, and getting some support.

Channelling my inner Yoda--take care of your crude matter. I know that we are luminous beings, but these vehicles we travel around in, they aren't so sturdy.

Not my will, but your will does not mean that we don't protect our body's from ankle sprains, or evil.    
Tia Tere
  Tia Tere is not a medical professional and this post does not constitute medical advice. If you believe you are injured please get assistance, get checked out. Be audacious enough to be able to accept help.   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Juke_joint  
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Speak Softly and Carry a Lot of Love

With the same care and respect as when I shared them with my mother-in-law, I share them with you. Speak Softly and Carry a Lot of Love; the volume (value) of a message is not measured in decibels.
9:57PM April 15, 2013 I wrote: Do you ever find yourself giving advice and realize that the words that you just have said words that are the very ones you yourself need to hear? Today found myself saying "we don't need to understand, we need to trust God, don't worry or be nervous, do your part and trust God, He's in charge". Also without having heard the sad news of the day, I said the following to my mother-in-law we need "good news" reports, then I broke into my very best serious news anchor way "Today 4 tall men visited their mom who they love very much, and breaking news, her daughter-in-law loves to hug her and do silly newscasts" 
Be the good in the world and sometimes it means be the "goof"! love and peace to you all!

Humbly, I say thanks to Facebook for that On this Day memory and the conversation that followed:

Carlos G Parra replied:

Thanks for being you 

Cyndi Zacheis Souder replied:

Yup. The good outweighs the bad; the bad is just louder sometimes. 

Amalia Parra Morusiewicz replied:

Cyndi Zacheis Souder--yes indeed! As I write my Recipes for Teaching, I would love to quote your "The good outweighs the bad; the bad is just louder sometimes." in my chapter of Speak Softly and Carry a Lot of Love; the volume (value) of a message is not measured in decibels. May I have your permission to use that quote? 

Cyndi Zacheis Souder replied:

Absolutely. Thanks for asking.

Praying for all those affected by the Boston Marathon bombing of 2013.
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egg-cellent opportunity

Just a year ago, I saw this photo. What's your instant reaction? What do you see?

Oops. #easter #getthemopout #splat

A post shared by Deborah Boschert (@deborahboschert) on

  My first reaction was "wow, cool photo!" My second reaction was to count the eggs, and wonder how this occurred. Seriously, out of curiosity! Look at the eggs at the bottom left, one of those might be intact. Something about human nature to try to put things together and find solutions. What if the solution to these broken eggs is to take the photo and capture the moment? Seems of late, that if there is no photo or video, there is no proof--and if anything occurred before the invention of technology, well forget about that! Although I like me some humor, I'm not writing fiction. Life is funny enough, and stories, well--stories are tools. Blab, blab, blab, and so on Are you still reading? Good, cause I'm sharing one of my first Mom Moments. Laugh if you like, cause I'm not your typical mom. A long time ago, in a universe that seemed like science fiction, but was oh so real--the Kid, broke a glass--not a mug or a cup, but a glass. Shards everywhere, the look on his face of OH-NO was severe. He turned to me expecting words or frustration. Instead, I gated off the kitchen (doggie gates) said to the Kid, "I'm not mad [it was clearly a mistake] but I'm also not going to clean it up for you." I was pretty proud of my Mom Moment, laugh if you like. Yes, cleaning up glass off of ceramic tile, when there are 200 pounds of dog in the house was not a minor activity. Yes, I probably did give it a good inspection before letting puppy paws venture near. I really wasn't mad about the glass, I got mad about an April fools joke--I'll tell you that later. Yes, we would all love to have everything magically cleaned up for us. Ironically, my sister's blog had words of an apron that mom made her. I have no memory of that, and it just doesn't register in my mind as something my mom would make. Funny thing is we all have such different memories of the same experiences. I wonder what Deborah Boschert was thinking when she snapped the cracked eggs photo? I wonder if I would have written this sooner if she was the lone culprit in this egg-sperience? Sometimes a little bit of distance from an event is needed for us to appreciate the yolk of it all.

Chickens, eggs, adventures, oh my!

After many months of rebuilding, Ellicott City is getting put back together. I'm honored that my quilt, Wish Upon a Star, has made some money for my favorite coffee shop. Thanks to my favorite pottery place, Green Bridge and all you who bought a raffle ticket! Click here if you would like to take a chance on a two sided quilt!    stories I owe you... my first cup of coffee April Fools (Not Joking)   later!
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clash, class and sea glass


I was terrified to go back to my high school reunion last summer. Ok, it was a little exciting to see friends on Facebook. Their kids looked a lot like my friends, it was kinda cool. I didn't keep up with high school friends. I'm just living my life.
Me and Mom 2015
I asked Mom if she would go with me. She replied, you aren't supposed to bring your mom to a reunion. She did teach at my school, my friends were in her classes--see I was the epitome of cool. I had left that town to college 3 hours away, then my parents moved halfway across the country, I didn't go back. One dear friend came to visit me in college before she headed off to the Marines, another wrote me letters I still have about her babies and her life. I like the idea of letters, but the reality doesn't alway happen. Maybe that's why I like to blog--it's my letter to the world. Some of my favorite memories of high school aren't what someone might expect: - windsprints in field hockey - lighting bunson burners in chem lab - teaching friends to drive stick shift - picking up pepperoni-mushroom pizza on Friday night on my way to babysit - sweeping the sand out of our pepto-pink beach house in Chance with concrete floors - lighting fires in girl scouts - listening to the Clash for the first time

"Spanish bombs rock the province / I'm hearing music from another time".

I posted an open invite to our class, to meet for a ShoreBirds Game and another for an informal meet up of the Girl Scouts I knew back in the day. At the ball game, I heard "sorry, I don't remember you" and at the reunion another classmate said "your name looks familiar, wasn't there a young teacher with that name?"  Neither of these bothered me, that was the past--I don't live there.  
Photo credit: Everett Howard


Weathered, softened, changed. Who would want to be shiny glass, sharp and dangerous? I prefer the glow of worn glass and these shades of summer that fade away.
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Rejected (a fresh perspective and honest conversation)

The text below is taken word for word from a Facebook conversation that might not have occurred at this level if my blogposts were easier to respond to (my tech team is working that!).  I've not corrected any typos in the text below, and this is not out here as an example of perfect writing, but of real life conversation, with an award winning professional longarm quilter from Germany.  I'm honored to have received this feedback and would love to share it with you, as well as introduce you to Birgit Schueller check out her work at https://www.creativebits.biz   BirgitSchueller Birgit Schueller Hi Amalia, this morning, I read your post about having been a juror and judging the Lion King Challenge that was shared by Cherrywood Fabrics. Please allow me to to comment on this post, but for various reasons, I won't do this publicly. First of all, I'm one of those, whose quilt did not make the cut - and I'm absolutely fine with this. This brings me to the point I'd like to address. The way I see it - the quilts that were not selected, have been rejected. Period. Why is it so hard these days to name things by what they are? Life does not consist of victories only. Each and every defeat is a chance to grow - in strength and personality. Why pretending that it's different? How can we expect our children to learn to live with negative experiences when we as adults are not able and/or willing to accept a negative fact ourselves? Everybody taking up a challenge should be quite aware of the possibility of a negative outcome without having to be told that it's still a win. To me this sounds as if entra nts had created their quilts exclusively for this challenge, exclusively with the jurors in mind. And that'd be a pretty sad thing, don't you think? As an artist, I want my artwork to reflect something about myself, my thoughts, my feelings. As an artist, my intention is it to communicate an idea - a rejection can mean a lot of things: maybe the audience doesn't like what and how I've expressed something, maybe they don't understand what I'm trying to express, maybe they are just considering the looks and not the meaning at all... And all of this is more than ok. I could go on and on with this list. My bottom line is, that I as the arist need to identify with my artwork, no matter what others say about it or what they see in it. And a lost challenge does not change a bit about my feeling for my art. But I prefer for things to be called what they are. Thank you for reading this. In stitches, Birgit Schueller, proud creator of a rejected challenge quilt  
AmaliaMorusiewicz8718HiResPhotoByBonnieMcCaffery_FUN from A to Z - Amalia "AtoZ" Morusiewicz
Your message is well received. I'm honored that you shared your thoughts and I would love to ask what the various reasons you felt it should be private. I would love to see your message posted as comment to my blog. I don't see a reason it should be private, I appreciate the open dialogue, but is there something deeper that I'm missing? Looking forward to your reply!
FUN from A to Z - Amalia "AtoZ" Morusiewicz
Since we are chatting--I have to say I have no idea which was your rejected quilt. Feel free to share that info with me if you like.
Birgit Schueller
Thank you so much for your prompt answer, Amalia. The main reason for me sharing my thoughts privately was that I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings - especailly not the jurors' as I very much appreciate the time, work and effort you have put into this difficlt task. But you are right, I shouldn't be worried too much about others and stick with my opionion publically. And I'm aware that the judging was purely anonymous, so my intention is not at all to blame anybody for anything. As I said, I have not problem with my artwork not having been accepted. I'll check out what I ahve to do to be able to post my comment on your blog. Thank you so much for your feedback.
Birgit Schueller
Since I don't have a Worldpress account, I've coppied and pasted the essence of my above message as a comment here on Facebook. Best, Birgit
Birgit Schueller
Oh, and wenn you go to my FB timeline and scroll down a bit, I posted pictrues of my quilt sometime last week.
FUN from A to Z - Amalia "AtoZ" Morusiewicz
I'll likely put this into an post and link to your website--you do beautiful work.
Birgit Schueller
Thank you, Amalia. But I hope that you understand that fishing for compliments has never been my intention. Best. Birgit
  The text below above is taken word for word from a Facebook conversation that might not have occurred at this level if my blogposts were easier to respond to (my tech team is working that!).  I've not corrected any typos in the text below, and this is not out here as an example of perfect writing, but of real life conversation, with an award winning professional longarm quilter from Germany.  I'm honored to have received this feedback and would love to share it with you, as well as introduce you to Birgit Schueller check out her work at https://www.creativebits.biz Yes, this last paragraph is almost the same as the first.  Something are worth repeating!   All the best! Amalia   [Note to reader--this was first published with photos of the person speaking on each paragraph--but I got smarter and used blue text for mine and had headings on each separate conversational chunk]   BirgitSchueller
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super elite group with 3 very tough requirements--do you qualify? https://www.facebook.com/groups/SEWFUNFRIENDS/
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Embrace Imperfection–a big step in spring cleaning

12240005_10207743228916019_6859633822593631859_n Embrace Imperfection is about embracing humanity, not chasing perfection.  A balance of accepting flaws and mistakes, striving to improve while redefining perfection. I use my minutes in between, those slivers of time that fall through our hands, while we wait, and wait, and wait, and wait.  An awful lot of waiting in this world! Those unknown minutes can't be planned, so often we sit and stew--and I don't mean make soup--we get angry, frustrated, sad--something like that.  I'm far from perfect, but I stopped making that "stew"--or better said, when I realize I'm starting to make it--I stop myself and refocus as best I can at that time.  Yes, sometimes emotions help us greatly, while other times they slow us down--which can be a good thing, if we realize there is a deeper message we should look for at that time. 12240005_10207743228916019_6859633822593631859_n This little cat, is actually a grown cat with a tiny head and large eyes. Her name is Muffins.  Yes, plural. She might think she is a pirate's parrot, cause she likes to hangout on the shoulder of my kid (who is kinda a gr'up himself).  And yes, she makes me sneeze.  Wish I wasn't allergic, but I am.  I can pretend I'm not allergic, but my itchy eyes and cough aren't falling for that story. img_5124 Doesn't embrace imperfection and Spring Cleaning fit perfectly?  Spring Cleaning is a great ritual, get out the dust and stuff that is slowing us down.  Well, "Perfection" definitely slows us down.  So as you go out--take at look at nature--look for both the imperfect and the perfect.  Rather than my telling you what you should see in nature, I challenge you to go forth and observe nature yourself. Embracing Imperfection is knowing that my I dare you to tell that azalea bush that it needs to be both is beautifully full of flowers AND have no pollen that affects my eyes. IMG_7048 2Maybe it's a productivity hack--well, maybe those two words are so overused,  that they keep us from being productive and creative--but there are certain battles that I don't fight, I've got a lot to do and it's probably better that I show you what something is, rather than talk about it. So right now, my minutes in between (MIB--not Men in Black) are running out, time to go do some awesomely great stuff, oh and some awesomely simple stuff too. While trying to improve myself, live an honorable life and have a smile or two along the way, I like to have a smile while I have deep thoughts, it's my way of being a rebel. IMG_4575If you are reading this and don't see any connection to spring cleaning, and want some concrete ideas--let me start with:


C-Clarify what your purpose is (not that of your space, I know, this is harder)

  • how do you want to live your days?
  • who and what is important to you?
  • why is that?


O-observe your situations--yes plural, life is not simple...
  • families (by birth or choice)
  • jobs, and obligations
  • your life is your life, so I can't tell you how to observe it, sorry!


N-NO, no, no, NO

Practice saying that word, for no reason.  Did you ever realize that if you are ON, that's NO backwards? When you are ON a mission, it's easier to say No to a request that will pull you off your mission.  Just saying!


C--C is for cookie...

Isn't that what we learned in Sesame Street? Seriously, this is not a joke--Be on the lookout for cookies that will tempt you but not give you the sustenance you need for your journey in life--eat breakfast, and get some protein and produce with your meals, and enjoy a cookie as a treat, not a meal.  Also, aren't those childhood songs deeply implanted in our minds?  I like to make acronyms like "concrete" for different topics--so that in times when I don't have my notes, I can tell a story--like my More FUN, Less Stress--Manage Your Mess talk uses "ELBOW SPACE".  That way I can pretty much do that talk on the fly if asked, because I already planted "clues" in the  words. This sounds like a secret, why am I telling you?  If my tips and tricks help you do positive stuff for our earth and the people of this planet, well--doesn't that help me as well?  I understand that this flies in the face of some business practices. I am impressed that I am seeing some businesses pop up like the Pirch. Here is my imperfect audio recording (not yet transcribed, but next on my list of transcriptions to have typed up--my apologies that this is not closed captioned/accessible; also there are a set of 6 individual audio recordings, you may have to click the advance button to hear the next one. When you are cleaning your space, beware of the tempting treats--and ask if they are applicable in your current space and in your studio.  Yes, we are not talking cookies now, but we are talking the icing on the cake stuff, the specialty tool for the thing you don't want to do more of--or items that you have collected because like cookies, they are irresistible. R--repeat, I know it "Bears Repeating", but I didn't want to leave you at CONC, so I leave you at CONCR--sounds better to end a post at with conquer than with conk.  I'll be back later and we can ETE IDEAS, but now I'm going to have an apple and peanut butter. IMG_4575 Much like reading a book--we get life in bits and pieces.  It's not perfect--no,no, much better than perfect is real.  Thanks for being real, we are all too busy to be fake, so I am humbled and honored to share real experiences with you. These images below are part of my story too.  When I first wrote this I didn't have time to complete, so I left these images as my hints for this story that I am telling you.  I wish you sunshine and joy.


Realize that life is not a fairytale.  Seriously, I couldn't stop at CONC earlier--and repeating is important--but R really, stands for Realize it's not a fairytale, in fact it's Real Life.  Real life has limited time, and Resources, when the illusion of perfection is pulled away, things get done.


Experts and Experience

There is a balance between outsourcing a task and having a broad knowledge.  I believe in a balance--if I outsource all sewing and cooking, I never learn the survival skill of sewing on a button; or to make a basic grill cheese sandwich.  You don't need to be perfect to be able to do either of these.  However, there are times to call in the experts--I teach at shops, not at my home for the expert experience--their business takes into account accessibility needs, they sell products, repair machines etc--that's in their business model-- not mine, but I don't need to do it all myself in order to create a good experience. I am using a  new app--that I used for the recording above, and I know that it's not a podcast, but it's better than my recording straight to my phone's voice recorder. This uses a new app called Anchor. I use this tool, but it's not a podcast--someday I dream of a podcast tool that I can use--pick up like a pencil and start drawing--sorry in my life if a tool isn't intuitive, I just move on.  I'm sure that a great podcast tool will be available, until then I will just continue creating my recordings--and on a rare occasion, like this one--share it with you on my blog. I have no desire to create my own tool, honestly I would love to have more than 2 minutes a recording--so I tricked the tool by responding to my own recordings, so my original 2 minutes, grows to 7.

2+1+1+1+1+1 = 7

Yes, that equation may not seem important in the experts/experience area--but it's to symbolize that things do add up.  Your experiences are not always separate and unique, they can form a larger and more auspicious something.  In setting a good example for the world, I stopped intend to stop misspelling words for my own amusement--(imperfection is spelled impurrfection, in my cat graphic). I do love that the word auspicious, starts with the awe sound--much like awesome. One of my upcoming releases to the world is USA--Unconditional State of Awe--yes, it's fabric art. Donating to the Quilts of Valor Foundation, I'm listed among some pretty big* names in the quilting world.  *I gotta say with a name like Morusiewicz, I'm pretty comfortable with "big names".   IMG_6577        


Is it Time?






IMG_4909 --I got word that I'm a finalist in the sew myself doll challenge--I'll let you know when I know!

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