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But wait, there is more

yes, I did say MATH Laugh, it’s okay–I said MATH I dare to utter that four-letter word that many fear. MATH Let’s imagine that math has no feelings–Nope, Feelings belong to us, human beings. Math has factors and formulas. Math’s real lessons, IMHO–is to break it down. We know that in this big wide world of messiness, where and how can I take steps and place some order in my life. No, not organization or sparking joy…

fears and such

Fear is a funny thing. Wait, no, fear isn’t funny–NO, it is terrifying, it is FEAR, a human emotion. To you my fear, might look like a cute bunny rabbit, but I see a starving  grizzly bear. Is either of us right? Maybe, who knows. Being afraid is not a bad thing, being fearless is not a good thing–I think it’s best that I am aware–take life seriously and myself not so. Don’t get me wrong, it still…

FUN is coming, will you be there?

Rocking this sew stuff my way!  No brochures or flyers, just awesome videos!  Check the fun! share the fun…Want more FUN? Follow and like us:

Happy Almost Birthday Month!

My birthday month starts soon! 9/15 to 11/15. Since, I like to give presents away on my birthday, are you ready? For years, I’ve been asked for years to teach an on going class.  Well, guess what?  It’s not a class (but you learn), it’s not a workshop (we will make stuff), it is not a party… well maybe it is a little like a party. If you want to sew smarter, faster, and be able to leap out of…

The Gift List

Amidst the holiday frenzy, I’m pondering the most powerful of presents.  Some folks like the hustle and bustle, but for many it is more like hassle and frazzle in the gifting, giving, guilting, gilding, going, growing…  So to add my slant, I’ve created a new gift list! Memories – I love that even shared experience result in unique memories.  Memories are such personal souvenirs.  Spinning these memories into stories makes them last longer. Patience – This is a gift that we  give to others and ourselves, so…

Series-ous Fun, process, lessons and confessions!

Saturday at Deborah Boschert’s classSmall Art Quilts: Designing a Series   my goals for the day included:SIMPLIFY –  spending more time sewing and less time agonizing… so when the supply list called for 6,  I brought only 9 – not 39!SEW MORE – selected the “4 sided angular shape”as my design element (maxing my design time and maxing my time to sew, by cutting out the extra cutting time!) HAVE FUN – fun to work at something that…

Series-ously on a mission! reveal

Seriously on a mission!  from Deborah Boschert’s class Small Art Quilts: Designing a Series  I am very pleased with my four-sided angular shape motif throughout the series top row from left to right Mission Church                                  Raise the Flag                     Twin Towers bottom row Eleven                      Power of 3               Home is where the weeds are… Circles in background are repeated in the curvaceous weeds and the alien flowers roundishness.   The open frames in the Power of 3 is simple…


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