General Thoughts on Heroes (Spring Clean AtoZ speak)


Participating in the last 3 years of Cheryl Sleboda's spring clean blog hop has been critical in my development as an artist and my life. Not joking. Seriously, I am too busy, too engineer, too Spock, too Sheldon, too much geek or what ever box you chose to put me in. Yes, I know, I am like Yoda--weird and small saying things and doing things that don't make sense to all. I mean no disrespect. Only respect to the Quilting / Sewing world, I have. I have the future sewing people in mind. Yes, I may seem light and funny, like when I say I was kicked out of a quilt show. It was only for being there past closing and I turned it into a simple bond between those who were there. But I know it can be taken out of context. It takes a long time to say things succinctly and well. Making art, pushing the envelope into the audacious, that's not simple--it doesn't follow the steps A,B,C. Oh and yes, I work full-time, I came home to update my blog, cause I inadvertently did not follow the rules. So I'm off the work clock. check out the awesome list of players in the blog hop List is both on a previous post, linked above and at very end of this post. Before blog hop photo     After blog hop photo of my physical sewing studio (YES, my physical space is less neat, more messy. I donated my cool trashcan, I donated a quilt, I created a mess, I am on the phone with a Yelp Account Executive as I type this so I'm also working the business side. My face photos are sideways, sorry I will fix that soon, but you get the gist--hair is purple. I wanted bald, so purple was a compromise. Heck yeah, I'm different. Still I love you and want awesome stuff for the world.   Peace!    

original not commented text

One of my heroes, was a princess that became a General.

Happy StarWARS day--May the Fourth be with you--well actually, may the force be with you every day. I wish I could give you the force, all I can do is wield my force, my power with the best of my powers and be an example. OMG, not be a shining beacon of perfection. NOPE, I prefer to be a small, greenish, big eared weirdo that talks funny.  Laugh at my hope, there is good in the world--and I chose to feed that joy.

What you feed grows.

MsV told me that, and her son is actually a superhero. My favorite princess is not Princess Leia. My favorite princess is General Organa, and I have a special love for Carrie Fisher. I didn't know her personally--but I read her book, I mean postcards. I know that there is great power in having some fame, it's also quite intoxicating--lucky me, my sisters named me "Lame Ame"--yes it does rhyme.  So in 25 minutes May the Fourth starts in the Eastern US. I plan to be asleep by then, but this post will go live right at midnight. I'll likely update this post, correct any errors in it, add some more links, photos... but only in my minutes in between. I've had a heck of a year. but I choose joy and love, so that's how I roll. My Studio is Me. My words, my stories, my ideas. So it was more than just cleaning a room. I taught a class...Scratch that--no, I guided an experience at the International Quilt Festival called "Face Your Fears." PS--an awesome group indeed, to which I said as I closed the door, this is our space, our home for the next few hours and we aren't here for others to peek in and watch.

Safe Space

I created a Facebook group -- sewFUNfriends with 3 simple rules--please feel welcome to come check it out. PS-no sewing requirements other than finding a connection in fabric to one another. 3 years now, I've been part of Cheryl Sleboda's Spring Clean your Studio Blog hop.  I'm so honored. My art, my studio, my life is always evolving--well life is constantly changing--I chose to make smart business decisions. So when I recommend someone, it's not because we are friends, it's because you have skills/qualities that I think can be of power, in the fight of good, vs evil. Yes everything is part of that battle.

Now, stop reading so much into each and every word

To Quote Tracy Ulman--go home!

Good night, let's keep in touch on StarWars day, the Quattro de Mayo--when I wake from sleep, I'll paste in the photos.

May the fourth be with you!

    Before photo After photo Some of my favorite lines from General Fisher in an interview... 
  • Look, I wouldn't be anywhere else at this hour, except TV.
  • I think in my mouth, so I don't lie.
  • No, I'm a female in Hollywood, over the age of lets say 40, well, lets say 50...
  • What I'm going to stop now [being Princess Leia, General Leia]
  • Ridiculous in a really good way.
  • I try not to respond as an adult.
  • Normally, I wouldn't talk about it, but you are so thin so let's talk about it
  • What music makes this worthwhile?
  • I thought I was doing other stuff.
  • People that are normal and have other genes.
  • Gary is bored as hell.
  • That you know of!
  • YES!
      Luminous beings and all that. Goodnight dear powerful princess.   If you are on snapchat, check out the story, I created for you yesterday afternoon and evening. Now, it's pumpkin time, dearies and I gotta go be a grownup.   love you all, Tia Tere   PS--Weird, I thought this Yoda was, when first saw him, I did. Feel free to think of me as your own Yoda, small strange and hairy. That would be my honor.   My hats off (and almost my hair) to those who came before, and are invisible, so that we can have light and shine. Want to know what a powerful woman looks like? Look around, they are everywhere--especially the quiet, tired ones caring for our next generation of humanity.


Mic Drop

I'm out--catch you again after the sun goes down!




Tia Tere


whatever, thanks to the Big G, my parents for my life. My best, I will strive to be.

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protect your tools from dust and damp


The one thing that stays the same is that nothing stays the same. As the spring clean blog hop is underway--on Day 2,  let's talk H2O--water. Perspective can trick us. Imagine water carving a river so Grand that it creates a canyon. Okay, lets get the silliness going. Cause Grand Canyon is inspiring, but who is the real villain to be on the look out for in your creative space?
Villains--Dusty and Dampness
Dust is the arch-villian of the modern sewing machine. Water can be a friend or a foe. In my subterranean sewing studio, my dehumidifier hums along all summer long--pulling moisture out of the air. Not just cause it's gross, please avoid mold/mildew. Humidity (water) can result in rusting.  Machines and tools working at their best like Goldilocks--not too moist, not too dry.  
  1. Store your fusible interacting, fusible web, wash away stablizer in a closed/air tight container.
  2. Items stored lowest part of a shelf/cabinet benefit from waterproof containers.
  3. Avoid using the floor and table tops for storage--it's not dust free. Additionally, sunlight can bleach fabrics, and it's not typically a cool design or interesting pattern.
  4. what's your favorite hint? I know others are battling with dust or damp in their sewing spot!
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You Can’t Stop the Clean


Spring Clean Studio Blog hop starts May1.

Please dance along, I mean follow along with the bloggers. here's my Tunes to Tidy Up playlist, add your own words and get your clean on!
  1. You just can't stop the beat clean
  2. Walkin' Cleaning on the sun your mess
  3. I can be somebody [to sew]
  4. Lust all Dust filled life
  5. The Life [give up for mess]
  6. Jeepers Creepers [where did you get this mess]
    7-12, you got this... go freestyle
          May 1 – Teri Lucas – May 2 – Tammy Silvers – May 3 – Emily Breclaw – May 4 – Amalia Morusiewicz – May 5 – John Kubiniec – May 6 – Debby Brown – May 7 – Melissa Marie Collins – May 8 – Delve MIY – May 9 – Misty Cole – May 10 – Sam Hunter – May 11 – Dale Ashera-Davis – May 12 – Sara Mika – May 13 – Sarah Trumpp – May 14 – Carma Halterman – May 15 – Jessica Darling – May 16 – Lisa Chin – May 17 – Sally Johnson – May 18 – Mandy Leins – May 19 – Shruti Dandekar – May 20 – Jane Davila – May 21 – Ebony Love – May 22 – Cheryl Sleboda –  
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YAY! I won

I'm not even sure what I won, but winning is FUN isn't it?   Today on Facebook I saw that @sizzix was doing a live video with @kidgiddy, so I popped in. Did I answer the question right the first time?  Nope. I first answered, IceCream with Sprinkles.  Seemed like a good guess what is Kerry Goulder's favorite food. What do you do when you don't know something--like the words IRL, IQF or IQM?  You can do the same thing I did today.  Which is how I answered the winning question today.  I Googled. Seriously, it's not cheating--it's using resources, tools--and I'm being pretty open about it, cause well, I also won something from Sizzix and Generation Q Magazine (more on this later!) I think that honor and respect are hugely important. I may be FUN, I may seem silly, but respect and being a decent human being is a big deal to me.

I don't want any ill-gotten-booty.

How often on Talk Like a Pirate Day do you get to say ill-gotten-booty?     On my bucket list--meeting Kerry Goulder IRL, maybe at IQF or IQM this year? What will be her answer? How does she sew? Can KidGiddy Cacti? Does she dare? Will You? Is Class 106 still open 10/31? When will the questions end? Oh, and yes to Sizzix, thanks!  Feel free to send mail and treats to me at

FUNfromAtoZ Studios

9900 Greenbelt Road

Suite 314

Lanham, Maryland 20706

  img_5064     Yes, I'm proud that I don't know everything AND that I'm pretty good at finding answers. When I post blogs and info, I love to add in the links, so you can check it out too.  The more we know, the more we know! Please share, life is more FUN with friends!   01 MorusiewiczThanks for having FUN with me today!  
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Old Jeans, Seams and Dreams

Sometimes opportunity knocks, in the form of old jeans in need of new life--and with just a few hours to do the hack. I thought, if you give a fish, vs teach to fish... I have time to make a tutorial video on #snapchat. I spent about an hour doing the first pair BECAUSE OF THE VIDEO!!!  That pair was left with raw edge, but had reinforcement stitches (low tech, aka hand sewing) on the side-seams so pants don't come apart at the seams.  The second pair took maybe 10 minute total, well maybe 5-7 minutes max, and I finished the seams on the sewing machine.  I will do a machine tutorial later, but now, with the technology I have, here is the first cut, you get the most important parts in this video. I have a dream to teach sewing to those who want to learn on their terms and on their time--so yes, video is perfect!  Someday, I have a dream to have a videographer, but for now--good enough is good enough. Many of my dreams have been achieved.  Some I mentioned during Permission, Perfection and Other Fairy Tales at Mid-Apalacian Mid-Appalachian Quilt retreat last Friday.  I'm so happy that sewing, engineering, humor and joy can all play well together. Yes, I know some of my dreams are not realistic--like living in a place with awesome sunrise AND sunset views.  That dream drives me to appreciate those sunsets and sunrises that I do see. I want to enjoy daily life as much as vacation life--please don't laugh, but I'm finding joy in the simple act of everyday cleaning up.  When over 200 pounds of Bernese Mountain Dogs are in your life, if you can laugh at and enjoy sweeping the dog hair tumbleweeds you will have a better experience. So in the last few years: I saw the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) I used Spanish and sign language in my day job (not much but some) My baseball team won the Championship and I clapped so hard that my hands hurt I made great friends and business associates who help others achieve their dreams I got a theme song--thanks Colin Kemper!  Someday that will be known as my first theme song, cause I know it was only several hours worth of composing.  It's perfect, and I'm privileged that I was able to find you while I can afford your time.  Best of luck as you head off to study Music Composition in Alabama next month. Okay friends, thanks for listening--I gotta run to bed, and then off to engineering work tomorrow.  Yes, I like many of you have a day job and am also a superhero doing the audacious act of finding good in the world and helping it grow--oh, and I sew. Can't wait to share more stories and also to reveal more dreams--what are your dreams?   So here's the stats 7min- alter jeans to shorts with sewing machine, they look store-bought--got trust me, I returned them before taking a photo. 1hour- alter jeans to shorts with raw edge, while making video on snapchat 3hours, 40 minutes- create with iMovie, laying music in and writing this blog post.  Oops, actually only 3 hours, I forgot to clock out while walking the pups around the block. Posting to YouTube now and off to sleep! Peace! AtoZ   Full Disclosure--certain words are hard to spell: Appalachian is one of those for me--that sneaky H and double P.  I found this mistake myself, before others commented.  It's a balance of accepting my imperfections and doing my best.  So I've updated my post correcting the error and I did a strikethrough on my  correction.  6:15PM 25-July.    
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Rejected (a fresh perspective and honest conversation)

The text below is taken word for word from a Facebook conversation that might not have occurred at this level if my blogposts were easier to respond to (my tech team is working that!).  I've not corrected any typos in the text below, and this is not out here as an example of perfect writing, but of real life conversation, with an award winning professional longarm quilter from Germany.  I'm honored to have received this feedback and would love to share it with you, as well as introduce you to Birgit Schueller check out her work at   BirgitSchueller Birgit Schueller Hi Amalia, this morning, I read your post about having been a juror and judging the Lion King Challenge that was shared by Cherrywood Fabrics. Please allow me to to comment on this post, but for various reasons, I won't do this publicly. First of all, I'm one of those, whose quilt did not make the cut - and I'm absolutely fine with this. This brings me to the point I'd like to address. The way I see it - the quilts that were not selected, have been rejected. Period. Why is it so hard these days to name things by what they are? Life does not consist of victories only. Each and every defeat is a chance to grow - in strength and personality. Why pretending that it's different? How can we expect our children to learn to live with negative experiences when we as adults are not able and/or willing to accept a negative fact ourselves? Everybody taking up a challenge should be quite aware of the possibility of a negative outcome without having to be told that it's still a win. To me this sounds as if entra nts had created their quilts exclusively for this challenge, exclusively with the jurors in mind. And that'd be a pretty sad thing, don't you think? As an artist, I want my artwork to reflect something about myself, my thoughts, my feelings. As an artist, my intention is it to communicate an idea - a rejection can mean a lot of things: maybe the audience doesn't like what and how I've expressed something, maybe they don't understand what I'm trying to express, maybe they are just considering the looks and not the meaning at all... And all of this is more than ok. I could go on and on with this list. My bottom line is, that I as the arist need to identify with my artwork, no matter what others say about it or what they see in it. And a lost challenge does not change a bit about my feeling for my art. But I prefer for things to be called what they are. Thank you for reading this. In stitches, Birgit Schueller, proud creator of a rejected challenge quilt  
AmaliaMorusiewicz8718HiResPhotoByBonnieMcCaffery_FUN from A to Z - Amalia "AtoZ" Morusiewicz
Your message is well received. I'm honored that you shared your thoughts and I would love to ask what the various reasons you felt it should be private. I would love to see your message posted as comment to my blog. I don't see a reason it should be private, I appreciate the open dialogue, but is there something deeper that I'm missing? Looking forward to your reply!
FUN from A to Z - Amalia "AtoZ" Morusiewicz
Since we are chatting--I have to say I have no idea which was your rejected quilt. Feel free to share that info with me if you like.
Birgit Schueller
Thank you so much for your prompt answer, Amalia. The main reason for me sharing my thoughts privately was that I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings - especailly not the jurors' as I very much appreciate the time, work and effort you have put into this difficlt task. But you are right, I shouldn't be worried too much about others and stick with my opionion publically. And I'm aware that the judging was purely anonymous, so my intention is not at all to blame anybody for anything. As I said, I have not problem with my artwork not having been accepted. I'll check out what I ahve to do to be able to post my comment on your blog. Thank you so much for your feedback.
Birgit Schueller
Since I don't have a Worldpress account, I've coppied and pasted the essence of my above message as a comment here on Facebook. Best, Birgit
Birgit Schueller
Oh, and wenn you go to my FB timeline and scroll down a bit, I posted pictrues of my quilt sometime last week.
FUN from A to Z - Amalia "AtoZ" Morusiewicz
I'll likely put this into an post and link to your website--you do beautiful work.
Birgit Schueller
Thank you, Amalia. But I hope that you understand that fishing for compliments has never been my intention. Best. Birgit
  The text below above is taken word for word from a Facebook conversation that might not have occurred at this level if my blogposts were easier to respond to (my tech team is working that!).  I've not corrected any typos in the text below, and this is not out here as an example of perfect writing, but of real life conversation, with an award winning professional longarm quilter from Germany.  I'm honored to have received this feedback and would love to share it with you, as well as introduce you to Birgit Schueller check out her work at Yes, this last paragraph is almost the same as the first.  Something are worth repeating!   All the best! Amalia   [Note to reader--this was first published with photos of the person speaking on each paragraph--but I got smarter and used blue text for mine and had headings on each separate conversational chunk]   BirgitSchueller
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The Circle of Art

As a juror for the Cherrywood Hand-Dyed Fabric Lion King Challenge, it was my privilege and honor to review all the quilts and select finalists along with two other jurors.  The depth of art is humbling.  The quilts that were not selected are quite good, seriously good.  All those in this outer circle, please hold your heads up high.  I'm proud that you accepted the challenge.  I hope that all of those who were not selected realize that you are not rejected, your art was not rejected, instead your art was not selected as a finalist. 

Good News - a lot of people completed the challenge

Bad News - a lot of people are not finalists

give yourself persmission.001 Need permission to get a fresh perspective? I'd love to share my story with you.  In my storytelling trunkshow, Permission, Perfection and other Fairytales, I'll share tales of stitching together my life with thread, humor and joy.   IMG_7244 The connections I've made in the quilting and sewing world have been the greatest gift. Friendships made in fabric reminds me of Angela Lansbury singing, "a tale as old as time, a song as old as rhyme." Can't wait to meet in real life? I created sewFUNfriends so we would always have a place to go, a circle of friends stitched together bringing more joy to the world.   I look forward to meeting the finishers, the finalists and all those inspired by LionKing.   a-to-z_logo_7  
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Spring Clean–what comes first, and who

Undone by numbers! Just like in school those problems, you know... If 2 people start driving at 6am in a beautiful Green Mountain State and drive towards their home with is 9.5 hours away. What is the chance that they will experience long delays in traffic? Well, that depends!  If you decided to post a daily response to a blog hop, and think to yourself, well I have all evening--the traffic hears you say that, so stop right there!  Oh and if you draft posts, but don't set the timer to post them, well that too. I think you get my drift!
Hello Toni!
You are first, so my post is about "first" and order.  I hope others go read Quiltoni's post--I love the "use what you've got" vibe. I looking forward to meeting you in real life!
Bonaire Dutch Caribbean
Here's a few fluffy questions for all:
What's your favorite--a sunrise or a sunset?
Can you tell the difference?
Does it matter?
I wish you the best from A to Z!
Amalia Morusiewicz cropped-a-to-z_logo_5-e1424745158825.png
And now a verbal stroll on the theme "firsts"
I'm an oldest kid, oldest cousin, first US citizen in my family, yes--I've definitely gone first in the past.  Being first can be hard or easy. It's all perspective! My parents worked multiple jobs as I was a kid.  I think my fascination with donuts must have started when my mom would bundle me up and take me to the donut shop that my dad worked as his second job.  Yes, indeed, dad to this day does not like doughnuts or donuts--he might eat them sometimes, but those rings of dough do not captivate his attention like they do mine.  So, yep oldest kids get the unique pleasure that their birthday is also their parents true Mother's Day/Father's Day. IMG_6960 IMG_6968 There is no doubt that the sky and clouds are beautiful.  What about the sand that made up of crushed rocks, wood? Yes there is even some trash on the beach. FullSizeRender 278 Warning!  Read three deep thoughts below at your own risk!
  1. How does a first impression affect my perspective?
  2. How do I go about appreciating each individually without comparing the two?
  3. Let's say we aren't taking just about photos of nature.  How do I appreciate unique experiences/people/places/things in my life so that I embrace the diversity and see their awesome?
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FUN is coming, will you be there?

Rocking this sew stuff my way!  No brochures or flyers, just awesome videos!  Check the fun! promo2.001 MG.001promo2.002
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Expect The Awesome! I’m not Jealous, You rock!

Do you expect the awesome to come your way? I do, and good stuff happens.  I also expect to work hard, be positive, and be the awesome for others.  As we consider success (yours, mine and theirs) plus the challenge of competition, there hides an opportunity to be awesome, and to be open to the awesome in life. After reading Cheryl "Muppin" Sleboda's post, I'm jealous of your quilting success and here's what I do about it, I had a visceral response, I couldn't pinpoint why that title bothered me. Her message could easily have been titled "How I've harnessed my green-eyed monster, to drive my motivation." Lacks the shock value of "I'm jealous...".  Kudos on shaking things up. Sometimes you have to take a different look. Are you gasping in horror? The audacity to challenge and present a different perspective!  Isn't it nicer to agree, adore every piece of art they create, and will go along with all they say and never challenge them? Nope, not nicer, but sometimes it's easier.  Take guts and lot of inner awesome to tell your own story and know it's not what others may think or want to hear. I played ice hockey as an adult, mostly as a goalie and had 6 shutout games.  From my teammates, I learned a new phrase 10682172_10207297300728093_7269113792554313713_o stood on your head. It's a hockey term, meaning I did great, wow, amazing, fantastic, awesome all rolled up into one. In the game in which I stood on my head the most, I also let in at least 10 goals, and my team did not win the game. We scored one goal, which was the only goal scored against this team of young women from Canada during this tournament. We held our heads high having played a strong game. We were awesome, and I was quite awesome, I think there was a gazillion shots on goal.  I earned my Dairy Queen treat that day!30862_1308215628237_2144347_n When a player on the other baseball team performs great feat, I applaud with genuine respect and admiration.  When opponents perform at their best, that is when we can have an awesome game and with luck get the sweetest victory.  My hometown double-A minor league baseball team is in the Eastern League Championship series.  I'm ridiculously excited, the positive energy is tremendous.   IMG_0959
congrats cheryl.001
Cheryl reaches 1500 likes!
Awesomeness grows exponentially, the more there is, the more it can grow. No limits. Jealousy, implies a fear and limits.  Don't worry, there is plenty of awesome, it grows within each of us.  Encourage, applaud and support each others as we achieve the awesome. Parts can be taught like a sport or a skill, but hunger and drive that Cheryl talks about, that has to grow inside an individual and is unique to them.  We can support each other, with gentle hints and recommendations. Think of tips like soap bubbles in a summer sky.  We blow them out, and they float away.  We can inspire with the bubbles, but if someone tried to capture the bubble, it often pops.  The best gift we give is to inspire by being ourselves and being awesome.  In my view awesome is in no way conceited, it is confident and awe-inspiring.  There is a level of respect with which we acknowledge our own goodness.  Be aware and beware of those who will seem like they are admiring you and your work as they say, "I could never do that."   IMHO, there was no question asked of you, don't try to convince that person of what they can do, and decline the invitation to lessen your achievement, downplaying your actions and skills. If you are compelled to respond to "I could never do that", respond with a question.  Oh, really?  Why, not? Oh, what do you do?  Ask the question and wait. Do you know the question game?

Oh, is that when we answer questions with other questions?

Do you think it applies to this story?

What story are you talking about?

Are you trying to confuse me?

The Question Game was my favorite segment on  Whose Line is it Anyway?  Wasn't it awesome?

Seriously, embrace the joy and fun in life. Lighten up a bit, help when you can. Protect yourself. Sometimes a question, a joke or a deflection is the best response.

be you.001

Like in sports, don't let them get in your head!

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Orphan Block Roundup

Once upon a time in perfection-ville, quilters always made the right amount of blocks with perfectly matched points, and in the perfect colors for the perfect quilt. In real life, orphan blocks happen. Maybe your trip around the world, took a detour into wonderland or your “block-of-month” project became a roadblock.  Don’t let these quilt blocks pileup in your workspace (and on your conscience.) Join in with other resourceful quilters and rescue these lonely blocks from their sad fate in a box or drawer.  Bring them into the sunshine, even those ugly duckling blocks, the “wonder” blocks, the abandoned project blocks… United together, these blocks can have a purpose.  Such a fun interactive program, especially suited for fun groups of quilters.  A perfect solution to inherited blocks, honors the original quilt block maker with this opportunity for a guild to get to know each other and have fun.  Can't wait to see the finished items!  A FUNfromAtoZ program that is so fun with SoCo- Southern Comforters of Bowie Maryland. Are you fun? See some ideas for layouts Seriously fun! Interactive learning rocks, in real life!
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Gear up – Studio Secrets

Let's go back to the past - to when the clean up started.  Shh, don't tell anyone, but these secrets can be used for any clean up project... Parents teach your kiddos that  chores can be seen as challenges and games for them... more fun, less mess, bonus for you less stress!   If you are the "Kid", here's my secret to cleaning up, make it fun, make it fast, make it a game. Secret Number 4 - Super Speed!  If you want motivation and fun - record yourself in super speed - the app from the Instagram people "Hyperlapse" is great fun - and you can adjust your speed from 2x-12x.  Why would you want to record it?  Well, seeing yourself move around fast is likely going to be funny, when you laugh, good energy flows in your brain, when your brain is working for you, things are easier.  There are lots of serious things in life you should do, taking yourself too seriously, just isn't one of them! Secret Number 5 - Suit Up! gear up, put on your uniform before the game starts - in clean up mode the uniform is good shoes.  Yes, I am recommending cleaning in shoes (not slippers, not flipflops, not your bare feet!  Clean up can be messy and sewing tools sharp, so it's important to protect your sole and your soul.  Wearing your work clothes and cowboy boots is good for the reveal, but not so good for the clean up work.  Go Mr.Rogers style - get those sneakers on! Mr.R - Not a bad role model... I resonated with his saying in this interview that "working as well as you can to bring to others what you feel can be nourishing in their lives, it's an offering of love what we do." So, that was sweet and loving, now back to sports and sci-fi... Secret Number 6 - ATTACK the Biggest BEAST!  iterminator and medentify the biggest beast, the area that will have the most impact, and attack it.  Yes, I did play a lot of sports!  In my studio, I have a hockey puck from one of my six shutouts.   I had a lot of containers - boxes, bags, jars - so I built "container city."  I used the table area of my longarm to stack the containers by type.  This helped as I attacked the lesser beasts, I was able to use a container, or return a container easily.  When I finished, I packed up "containing the containers," so that I can easily erect a new "container city" in a different part of the house, and store my spares so they don't go forth and multiply.  Now that I'm done "container city" got pared down (shared with friends, the containers that I don't want to keep).  Container city is now behind a closet door, and not far from it is "Lid-Landia".  I use many containers in their lid-less configuration, but those lids, I don't want to toss.  Once the biggest beast is slain, look at the next largest beast - be sure that your little beasts don't go replicator on you.  Biggest is not the size of the beast, but the size of the impact of dealing with that issue.  Keep vigilant, the beast... they will tell you "I'll be back".  Remember there is no clean, but what you make! Back to the blog hop... masterminded by fellow geek-chic  Cheryl Sleboda, my  studio benefited from "spring cleaning your studio" mode.  So in the light of transparency - my studio was not pre straightened for the before shots, I recorded live action super speedy hyper-lapsed video, plus and let's just say I'm learning about camera angles and "embracing emperfection!" Thanks for having fun with me - The audio was recorded using the  "minutes in between." My drive home from work is less than 15minutes, so it's too long, not too short, but just like Goldilocks, its "JUST RIGHT" to share a story.  I'll share more about the "minutes in between" and what they mean in another story.   Yes - a blog hop is a lot like a game, more fun with friends!  Check out my teammates i this game of fun! May 7 Kathy Matthews
May 8 Misty Cole Http://
May 9 Heather Kinion
May 10 Jessica Darling
May 11 Lisa Blevis Filion
May 12 Peta Minerof-Bartos
May 13 Mandy Leins
May 14 Amalia Teresa Parra Morusiewicz   
May 15 Sam Hunter
May 16 Debby Ritenbaugh Brown
May 17 Debbie Kleve Berkebile
May 18 Michelle Mattingly
May 19 Cheryl Sleboda   Wishing you fun that nourishes your life! a-to-z_logo_7        
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