egg-cellent opportunity

Just a year ago, I saw this photo. What's your instant reaction? What do you see?

Oops. #easter #getthemopout #splat

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  My first reaction was "wow, cool photo!" My second reaction was to count the eggs, and wonder how this occurred. Seriously, out of curiosity! Look at the eggs at the bottom left, one of those might be intact. Something about human nature to try to put things together and find solutions. What if the solution to these broken eggs is to take the photo and capture the moment? Seems of late, that if there is no photo or video, there is no proof--and if anything occurred before the invention of technology, well forget about that! Although I like me some humor, I'm not writing fiction. Life is funny enough, and stories, well--stories are tools. Blab, blab, blab, and so on Are you still reading? Good, cause I'm sharing one of my first Mom Moments. Laugh if you like, cause I'm not your typical mom. A long time ago, in a universe that seemed like science fiction, but was oh so real--the Kid, broke a glass--not a mug or a cup, but a glass. Shards everywhere, the look on his face of OH-NO was severe. He turned to me expecting words or frustration. Instead, I gated off the kitchen (doggie gates) said to the Kid, "I'm not mad [it was clearly a mistake] but I'm also not going to clean it up for you." I was pretty proud of my Mom Moment, laugh if you like. Yes, cleaning up glass off of ceramic tile, when there are 200 pounds of dog in the house was not a minor activity. Yes, I probably did give it a good inspection before letting puppy paws venture near. I really wasn't mad about the glass, I got mad about an April fools joke--I'll tell you that later. Yes, we would all love to have everything magically cleaned up for us. Ironically, my sister's blog had words of an apron that mom made her. I have no memory of that, and it just doesn't register in my mind as something my mom would make. Funny thing is we all have such different memories of the same experiences. I wonder what Deborah Boschert was thinking when she snapped the cracked eggs photo? I wonder if I would have written this sooner if she was the lone culprit in this egg-sperience? Sometimes a little bit of distance from an event is needed for us to appreciate the yolk of it all.

Chickens, eggs, adventures, oh my!

After many months of rebuilding, Ellicott City is getting put back together. I'm honored that my quilt, Wish Upon a Star, has made some money for my favorite coffee shop. Thanks to my favorite pottery place, Green Bridge and all you who bought a raffle ticket! Click here if you would like to take a chance on a two sided quilt!    stories I owe you... my first cup of coffee April Fools (Not Joking)   later!
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Eleven Eleven HBCB

Numbers count!  Well, actually humans count numbers. I love Math.  I honestly think anyone who calls it Math should love it, or at least like it.  If not why are you on a first name basis with Mathematics? The rise of the machines. I mean growing love that humans have for sci-fi, science fiction, myth etc.-- brings an interesting question to my mind.  Who are we, who am I?  Thinking StarTrek TOS (the original series). I ASK, Who Am I?
  • Kirk (spark that ignites a group, and an emotional mind)
  • Spock (logic mind, tempering Kirk's humanity)
  • McCoy (reasoning mind, caring for others, being asked to do more than what he as a doctor can do)
  • Scotty (problem solving mind,making things happen for others, in the background)
Yes, those are the only four characters I am listing today. Is it fair? I don't have a single female in the group, or a typically disrespected ethnic group. Well, sorry--those are the top four characters in my perspective, and I don't share a gender with any of them. Yet, I learned a bit from each of them. But who I am? I think I am the ship.  I have in me, many parts. I need them all. At times one part may seem to be driving but in reality, it's the combined efforts of all the parts of me that make me, me. Yes, I know--I just called myself a mythical spaceship. Boldly going. An Enterprise. More about that another day.

Boldly Sewing!

Well, this week--I did just boldly sew!  Yes, stitching together the fabric of our universe--human beings, connections, humor and wisdom. My lecture Warp Speed Ahead, Sew FUN, So Fast and my class Math of Art, Art of Math were out of this world awesome. I'm humbled at the Live Long and Prosper (LLAP) salute I was given at end of Warp Speed Ahead. My attempted at a panoramic photo, was um, not successful, but showed just is a bit of a very packed room. Yes, indeed.  My maiden voyage into what I am calling out in the Universe teaching.  I've taught before, but not to the International World.  Yes, Original Sewing and Quilt Expo doesn't have the word, International in it, like the teaching I'll be doing next month in Houston. But like TOS, it's got the word ORIGINAL. I like to think I am Original, but I'm just me being genuine, kind, curious, open and well, me.  Thanks for being open to the me. If you don't know Star Trek, it's worth a bit of your time to investigate it. Not because Sci-Fi is cool or whatever but because... Sci-Fi is a common language that allows you to communicate with alien beings, I mean family members or other cross-generational persons you meet.  The human being.  That's what I am, a human being.  Born of Aliens, a first generation American. So I feel a connection with Spock. I know that's highly illogical, but I have a heart, mind and soul.

I am all the characters, aren't we all?


boldly sewing #llap #scifi #maidenvoyage #starship #sewingteacher @originalsewing #fredericksburg @funfromatoz

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PS, the title of this post Eleven Eleven HBCB is a secret message, much the Carol Burnett's tugging of her ear.
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YAY! I won

I'm not even sure what I won, but winning is FUN isn't it?   Today on Facebook I saw that @sizzix was doing a live video with @kidgiddy, so I popped in. Did I answer the question right the first time?  Nope. I first answered, IceCream with Sprinkles.  Seemed like a good guess what is Kerry Goulder's favorite food. What do you do when you don't know something--like the words IRL, IQF or IQM?  You can do the same thing I did today.  Which is how I answered the winning question today.  I Googled. Seriously, it's not cheating--it's using resources, tools--and I'm being pretty open about it, cause well, I also won something from Sizzix and Generation Q Magazine (more on this later!) I think that honor and respect are hugely important. I may be FUN, I may seem silly, but respect and being a decent human being is a big deal to me.

I don't want any ill-gotten-booty.

How often on Talk Like a Pirate Day do you get to say ill-gotten-booty?     On my bucket list--meeting Kerry Goulder IRL, maybe at IQF or IQM this year? What will be her answer? How does she sew? Can KidGiddy Cacti? Does she dare? Will You? Is Class 106 still open 10/31? When will the questions end? Oh, and yes to Sizzix, thanks!  Feel free to send mail and treats to me at

FUNfromAtoZ Studios

9900 Greenbelt Road

Suite 314

Lanham, Maryland 20706

  img_5064     Yes, I'm proud that I don't know everything AND that I'm pretty good at finding answers. When I post blogs and info, I love to add in the links, so you can check it out too.  The more we know, the more we know! Please share, life is more FUN with friends!   01 MorusiewiczThanks for having FUN with me today!  
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FUN is coming, will you be there?

Rocking this sew stuff my way!  No brochures or flyers, just awesome videos!  Check the fun! promo2.001 MG.001promo2.002
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Happy Almost Birthday Month!

FullSizeRender 51
Living large on a holiday weekend, with my co-pilot, my own Chewbacca.
My birthday month starts soon! 9/15 to 11/15. Since, I like to give presents away on my birthday, are you ready?
FullSizeRender 50
Rocky brings the toy that his Uncle Waffle left behind, insists,time to play!
For years, I've been asked for years to teach an on going class.  Well, guess what?  It's not a class (but you learn), it's not a workshop (we will make stuff), it is not a party... well maybe it is a little like a party. If you want to sew smarter, faster, and be able to leap out of tall boxes, join us for this adventure. Make It FUN! Make It FUN, is inspired by this fun photo taken by the most amazing, best photographer (ok, other than my husband, who takes amazing photos of baseball games, just for fun.) Bonnie McCaffery, is fabulous.  She took all my PR photos, and caught this funny photo - although she would say this is not that good, not great focus (I don't know, some photo speak like that) and resolution is not great.  But I am totally cracking up in this, wonder what the waiter was thinking.  Like it? I want to announce that Make it FUN sessions will be happening in the Eastern US/ MidAtlantic Area.   I will be less than a couple hours away from many of you once a month, with one cool hangout location to the North and another to the South.  North and South, who else out there is thinking of Oz now? 10257702_10203624292385180_5661325417921594643_nThese first six sessions are going to be such a  treat.  On the topic of treats, my birthday gift to those who sign up for all 6 sessions is that you will get a ridiculously great deal, cause hey, it's my birthday!  These sessions will have some fun and games, make and takes, challenges, and secret surprises; they are perfect for all types of quilters, or sewing people, whether modern, traditional, artsy, improvisational, methodical, and even, gasp... garment sewing people are welcome!  I can't tell you how awesome this is going to be, you will have to see it for yourself.  Want to travel to these sessions? Fabulous idea, make it a friends getaway weekend, contact the shops directly to sign up for the Make it FUN sessions and ask about local hotels. To the North, come see me at... Spring Water Designs, Columbia, Maryland  Sunday afternoons 1:30-3pm, FUN is coming to SpringWater! December 6, January 3, February 7, March 6, April 3, May 1 Don't worry you west coasters and international friends, we will have fun this fall in Houston... I can't wait to reveal those secrets just yet! On the topic of fun, fabulous people like yourself, have you met Muppin?  jump on Facebook and pop in to see Muppin, like her page and tell her I sent you! Thanks for the FUN! BU BAWESOME LARGE.001 - Version 5
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Birthday recap 2014

Ya know I manipulate time so that I get more than just 1 day for a birthday.  Feel free to do the same yourself.  My birthday month starts September 15 and ends on November 15 - yep, OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAbonus - cause birthday month is 2 months long!So this year during birthday month (lots of circular stuff):

  • Both of my hometown teams still played baseball into October
  • Bloodmoon Lunar Eclipse
  • New Handrail by Steve Baker of Whollyterra20141025-224639.jpg
  • "Guitar" quilt came home
  • Sisterly Reunion birthday gathering!
  • WatermeOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAlon Cake - WATERMELON, fruit with homemade whipped cream icing - best birthday cake!
  • Saw my mommy and daddy two separate visits
  • Wore a tiara - with BLUE hair (wig, not my real hair)
  • Got asymmetric haircut (my real hair)
  • Big deal day job twice yearly meeting presented the data on data to lunar scientists
  • Big deal art job yearly event, where astronaut who quilted in space, Karen Nyberg gave a keynote
  • Rode a scooter (while in blue hair and tiara)
  • laughed so hard I was crying (this is a good thing) - not while on the scooter, but that was pretty fun
  • Smiled at an old pup that reminded me of Lucky
  • Watched video of Lucky singing happy birthday earlier this year
  • Demonstrated techniques for not so traditional quilt I designed as part of a traditional shop-hop (featuring a moon)
  • Got on the twitter... love that I am calling it "the twitter"...
  • Had a logo designed so I can get a superhero costume made (slightly kidding)
  • Held various 70's dance party studio retreats
  • Watched the sunset - remembering to look outside office window in the evening!

Eh, that's kinda impressive huh? Oh, that's just the beginning... I'm keeping one of my birthday month adventures a secret for now...

Can't wait to share!



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Amusements… what’s in a name?

Just a silly thing to post on my 4 dozen birthday!  Hope you all had a great day!  Here I am with the sis named Cris, in the way back times before we were the sisters three. Sitting on steps is so me, another story for another time...  Today story is all about silly names, this photo adds a few silly names to my list: Eileen Onpoarch Citton de Steppes   Here's my original list of 12.   I wonder have you ever met... Miss Anne Thropy Miss Bea Haven Mister E Mann Miss Tay Kenidentity Dr Eng DeBooks Sarah Endipity Kat E. Wampuss Paul Ish Silver Neil B Foremee Paul Tree Hewmoore   I know you must be shaking your head now and saying ... Lord E. Laurdy! Ewegotta B. Kiddenmee!   Do you have any to add?
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Eight – a very loopy number

Yep, I am still amused by numbers!   Today is day eight of month eight  - I've always liked double numbers like 11, 33 - but never really thought about the number 8 until now... Nope it's not a prime number, but 8 is a Fibonacci number Did you know that you need 8, we all do... take a deep breath and look on the periodic table at atomic element 8, Oxygen. so in the beginning, well my beginning... I was born in October (the 8th month in the early Roman calendar.) In '78 a local Maryland kid (who turned 18 that August 24) was drafted by the Baltimore Orioles with second round pick that the O's got from Boston, where the Red Sox player who wore #8 had an August 22 birthday.  Wearing the number 8, Cal Ripken and Carl Yastrzemski each had 3,000 hits and 400 home runs... Yesterday I saw Yaz's grandson, Mike Yastrzemski play for Orioles franchise (Bowie Baysox) and in offense hit his eighth double of the year, and on defense played in position 8 (centerfield).  Would you believe his birthday is also in August - on 23 right between Cal and Carl's birthdays... interesting huh? I'm more a pitching fan - so looking to see if there are any 8 in those stats?  Wouldn't that be perfect? The term "perfect game" came about in 1908. No runs, no hits... Then October 8th, 1956, after having pitched the only perfect game in a World Series, Don Larsen (also an August baby) gets a bear hug from Yogi Berra whose #8 jersey was retired by the Yankees. On July 18, 1999, Don Larsen threw the ceremonial first pitch to Yogi Berra, then the Yankees pitcher David Cone threw a perfect game.  Pretty perfect huh? My favorite pitcher - Tom Glavine, was elected to the hall of fame on the 8th day of 2014. I think 8 is my mom's favorite number ... trace the shape of the figure 8, and it has no start, no end, like infinity...  
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Bucket List – Radical Elements!

Submitted my portfolio registration for the SAQA Radical Elements exhibit!

A first - my very first ever entry to a SAQA exhibit - and my first ever portfolio entry - they select based on views of artist's work, then artists make something specifically for that exhibit...

AND (happy geek artist dance)...
the theme is the Elements of the Periodic Table - how could I not enter this exhibit! 

Leaping into the 47th year of my life, and I'm artist number 47 to enter!  

Okay, Hurricane Sandy - you can take the electric from my home, because my entry has been submitted! Below are my 3 quilts and closeups!
Cognition, currently traveling with the Power Suit Challenge

Chantilly Lace - currently traveling with the Arts and Old Lace Challenge

Try-angle Trees and Cutting Tool Clouds, currently on exhibit in my powder room


Bet you are wondering which elements that I picked as my favorites!

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Ten Eleven Twelve! Number, order and humor!

Happy eleventh of October in 2012.

I love numbers, order and humor - and some things we get honestly.

Yesterday my Dad celebrated the 71st anniversary of his birth. Always good to acknowledge the numbers in order to maintain your sense of humor.  

My Dad's mom was one of my first role models for aging, humor and creativity.  She had a sense of humanity that I appreciated as a child.  I always felt like she saw me as a whole person even though the number of my years was less.  I love this photo of Abuela Marta with my dad, when he was very young, very blonde, with just a little Dennis the Menace look about him!

A recent email from a friend included: "I love that you see and respect his amazing personhood even though he's just five." Wow, without even knowing my Abuela, she paid me the greatest compliment, in letting me know I am carrying on her trait of connecting with people young and old with a respect of their wholeness.  

One of my favorite Abuela Marta memories is account of how she lost her good sewing scissors only to find them later in her refrigerator... 

Happy Birthday Dad!

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Try-angle Trees and Cutting Tool Clouds

Can you see I've been having fun? Imagine yourself skiing thru the fall colored trees and looking up to see the clouds forming shapes?  Perhaps you should keep your eyes on the ski slope while skiing!

Went to the Sewing  Quilting Expo at the Dulles Expo Center this weekend.   I was so fortunate to be a passenger and I wanted to get my "stitching on".  So at 8:30am Saturday realized I needed some handwork to take.  Found the Scissors sunprint in my "altered fabric" box and fused it to some felt (oh yes, lime green!) - then looked at the shape of the scissors - in the class last week, I really saw how repeating elements helps the piece and thought , hmm - applique of a scissors shape was, well, kinda blah and I don't do blah very well.

So started looking at the fabric, where the blades open there is a very nice triangle. and there is a second triangle in the opening area near the handles.  So glad I decided to open the cutting tools - the largest one is actually a tin snip from the garage.

First I wanted to be able to practice some outline sewing - for the 3 scissors left to right- running stitch balanced, running stitch with longer thread than gaps, and backstitch. I liked the backstitch best so repeated it for the top scissors.  Added triangles at bottom, at first my thoughts went to "cutting the grass" so laid them out in a grass-like, organic order.  And did some free-motion applique with YLI thread. 

Did I mention that I love quilting... Not piecing, not applique, but taking a needle and thread and scribbling all over fabric at high speeds... At quilt shows I absolutely love running the longarms and just playing!  Yesterday, an energetic vendor was talking to me while I sewed some spiky flame shapes... She asked "what are your thoughts?" in a kinda getting me to open up about my intentions to purchase (it wasn't overtly pushy, but still doing her job)..  but I heard a question about what thoughts I was having - and I answered honestly - "I'm not thinking".  There is a methodical, meditative groove I get into when machine quilting (I know, it's drudgery to some).  If I could only do one of the steps of either piecing, applique or quilting - I choose quilting!

So thanks to one friend I had time to sew in the car, thanks to my other buddy, I was given the vision of skiing  thru trees and seeing shapes in the clouds... She insisted I see these stuffed koi fish in one of the vendor booths.  AND - I do love making me some three-dee objects, and fun to see what others are doing.  In the booth I was chatting up the sales person and behold, the topic of quilting came up - shocking, huh!  She had this steering wheel - but kinda square and shaped like a very blocky capital C. And she was no sales person, she was the Gypsy Quilter herself, Lanette Edens. Liked her right off - even when I thought she was just a sales person.

Love. LOVE, L-O-V-E the tool, it' really does live up to it's name "The Fabulous Fabric Glide", the feel and motion is really close to that of the long arm and the control is amazing.  Before this tool, I would wear the white Micheal Jackson like grippy gloves - better than barehanded - but not that comfortable.  I was able to do some ridiculously tight quilting - see in a nice turquoise Robison-Anton thread "Marine Aqua" - I do love the 40 weight Super Brite Polyester - one beacuse I have it - two cause it has a nice shine and the poly is stronger than rayon so can also be used in come construction.  Note to garment sewers - never ever never never use rayon to seam a garment - top stitching is fine, but seam construction in rayon can lead to unfortunate wardrobe malfunctions. 

Thanks for letting me go off on a quilting and thread tangent!  Back to the project at hand!  Here is a needle-eye view of my Fabulous Fabric Glide - hanging right behind the machine I quilt on.

Before I did that quilting I fused on some appliques.   The second shape in the scissor was the oval handle loop - so instead of circles, I cut ovals to and cut "triangles" out of the oval flower-cog...


My goal for this project was not to make art - but to experiment - so tried different stitching on the flogs - no two the same.  I can use this as a reference for adding handstiching to flowers. And if it was for a project I thing I would have done the same stitching inside each one - I think some variety is nice, now that I see it.  Maybe in future do a few styles of stitching - on purpose!

I love the bottom one with the V's and the single french knot... Never would have come up with this stitching pattern if I had not done the others.  And I didn't undo or go back - in the left of this photo the one with the single bar on each pedal is not my favorite, but that's the one I did that led my to the V's.

Here you see it hanging in our powder room, the walls are the same mossy green as the flogs, not yellowish as it looks here. 

And that raises two questions
Question number one
- Should I be providing "powder" if I insist on calling it a "powder room"?  Or it it BYOP?

Question number two
- What is "a scissor", singular?  The 2 handled tool is called "a pair of scissors" or a scissors, plural...

Just saw this in Wikipedia.  It's a bit odd...

"In New Orleans, some believed that putting an open pair of scissors underneath your pillow at night was a sound method for sleeping well, even if one might be cursed."

I don't recommend sleeping with scissor open or closed under your pillow!
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Series-ously on a mission! reveal

Seriously on a mission!  from Deborah Boschert's class Small Art Quilts: Designing a Series  I am very pleased with my four-sided angular shape motif throughout the series top row from left to right Mission Church                                  Raise the Flag                     Twin Towers
bottom row Eleven                      Power of 3               Home is where the weeds are... Circles in background are repeated in the curvaceous weeds and the alien flowers roundishness.
The open frames in the Power of 3 is simple from a distance, but up close a bit more complicated... and almost too busy, but did repeats of 3 from the 3 stars, 3 french knots in the green frame and 3 orange cube shapes...
Love, Love, Love the weaving - does have an American Lung Association thing going on in the weaving on Eleven.  Quite pleased with how the weeds along the bottom turned out! Quite a nice surprise that the colors and style complements my family room! I realized that while sitting in this chair doing the handwork. Totally unintentionally, the color scheme and style really go in my family room.  Seriously, goes with my mission style lamp, my $29.99 painting from Ollie's and my orange focal point wall. next up, a glimpse into the evolution of this design and adventures in learning!
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