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at the intersection of fun and serendipity

I enjoyed a lovely stroll with the Queen of the Selfie, the Empress of the Eyebrows, her majesty, Ms.Muppin, aka Cheryl Sleboda. 11350482_10153138338457663_6661734173431498466_n1398244_10204931655028429_5367795400217563195_oFunny that our art has been traveling together for years as part of the Power Suit and the Arts and Old Lace exhibits. Cheryl's Armored and Ready/All Systems Go depicts a strong female superhero - light with a dark background and my Cognition, features a dark focus on a light background. This still gives me such good vibes! 334130_441471682564070_1601758229_oI'm so very honored to have inspired the flower arrangement that won First Place by Martha Jean Jacobs interpreting my “Cognition”. 334130_441471679230737_1748998467_o At the PowerSuits exhibit and Flower Power competition at the Arts Center in Orange, Virginia. Cheryl's art is in the background of the photo. Martha Jean Jacobs, Frances Purcell, Ada Harvey, Pat Tackitt and Lee Wooters.       I am looking forward to seeing where this road will lead!  Just like Cheryl's nose and mouth - future fun is there, even if you cannot see it.11350482_10153138338457663_6661734173431498466_n Wishing you FUN from, a-to-z_logo_7
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Birthday recap 2014

Ya know I manipulate time so that I get more than just 1 day for a birthday.  Feel free to do the same yourself.  My birthday month starts September 15 and ends on November 15 - yep, OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAbonus - cause birthday month is 2 months long!So this year during birthday month (lots of circular stuff):

  • Both of my hometown teams still played baseball into October
  • Bloodmoon Lunar Eclipse
  • New Handrail by Steve Baker of Whollyterra20141025-224639.jpg
  • "Guitar" quilt came home
  • Sisterly Reunion birthday gathering!
  • WatermeOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAlon Cake - WATERMELON, fruit with homemade whipped cream icing - best birthday cake!
  • Saw my mommy and daddy two separate visits
  • Wore a tiara - with BLUE hair (wig, not my real hair)
  • Got asymmetric haircut (my real hair)
  • Big deal day job twice yearly meeting presented the data on data to lunar scientists
  • Big deal art job yearly event, where astronaut who quilted in space, Karen Nyberg gave a keynote
  • Rode a scooter (while in blue hair and tiara)
  • laughed so hard I was crying (this is a good thing) - not while on the scooter, but that was pretty fun
  • Smiled at an old pup that reminded me of Lucky
  • Watched video of Lucky singing happy birthday earlier this year
  • Demonstrated techniques for not so traditional quilt I designed as part of a traditional shop-hop (featuring a moon)
  • Got on the twitter... love that I am calling it "the twitter"...
  • Had a logo designed so I can get a superhero costume made (slightly kidding)
  • Held various 70's dance party studio retreats
  • Watched the sunset - remembering to look outside office window in the evening!

Eh, that's kinda impressive huh? Oh, that's just the beginning... I'm keeping one of my birthday month adventures a secret for now...

Can't wait to share!



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Bucket List – Radical Elements!

Submitted my portfolio registration for the SAQA Radical Elements exhibit!

A first - my very first ever entry to a SAQA exhibit - and my first ever portfolio entry - they select based on views of artist's work, then artists make something specifically for that exhibit...

AND (happy geek artist dance)...
the theme is the Elements of the Periodic Table - how could I not enter this exhibit! 

Leaping into the 47th year of my life, and I'm artist number 47 to enter!  

Okay, Hurricane Sandy - you can take the electric from my home, because my entry has been submitted! Below are my 3 quilts and closeups!
Cognition, currently traveling with the Power Suit Challenge

Chantilly Lace - currently traveling with the Arts and Old Lace Challenge

Try-angle Trees and Cutting Tool Clouds, currently on exhibit in my powder room


Bet you are wondering which elements that I picked as my favorites!

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Unravelling the Lace

Come along on a design journey with me!
A glimpse into my creative process for my Arts and Old Lace Challenge...

Once the challenge was issued at the Power Suit Reveal, I started humming or outright singing "Chantilly Lace", by the Big Bopper, J.P. Richardson, I thought it was too silly a song to be an inspiration. I pondered and sketched out a closeup of a rose; roses go with both Arts and Old Lace. But the song kept playing and I decided I better give in to this inspiration,
you just can't always pick what inspires you.  
Images such as the one on 
show a guitar (a great circle, some nice curves and straight lines)
behold my design inspiration. the way, the lace I used is not "chantilly lace", chantilly lace is actually a very delicate fine lace, whereas this lace is quite thick and may be chemical lace.  Check out 
what do you think?

I was lucky enough to spend Memorial Day weekend at a good friend's house.  I packed up all my possible supplies for this project  - in fact this first image shows where I started the weekend..  I made this handdyed, by mixing green and blue; I added a circle for the sound chamber with one of the laces in my kit, and used a nice blue Ultrasuede for the pick guard.  Music give us wings so I added a bird.
But the bird didn't add to the overall feel I wanted- so bye bye birdie!
I like the curve of the double pico trim - it's kinda rockabilly...
So I say let's go crazy with the rockabilly.... and I added the words "chantilly lace", just in case, and a pony tail hanging down, oh baby you know what I like.  This project has me breaking into song way too much.  I blame (or credit)  Judy Gula and Cyndi Souder for this frivolity, that I am so enjoying!
I love all Ultrasuede but uh-oh noticed this cream Ultrasuede was starting to unravel with a light touch and this quilt needs to travel . 
So I somehow need to cover it...
let me try this sheer blue ribbon...

Okay, that was too crazy, even for me!  I lost the feeling of the guitar, but love the loops of rick rack (save idea for future fun)  
The blue ribbon adds a line that is ok, but not great.  
Let's take some more stuff off and add some buttons
Hmm, better, but what's up with the double pico trim ? looks weird...
Added strings - maybe to couch down - plus used the frog as the "bridge" 
I'm learning guitar terminology!

Those strings don't add to the guitar as much as an over all outline of the guitar would do... My friend had left overs of brown and blues of a mosaic project so I used those for the outline and background - plus I put a cream colored tulle over the whole thing - it tones down the blue pick guard and keeps the words from unraveling. 
I fused down the outline shape mosaics - I'm committing to it!

Next, I laid out some funky rectangle buttons to "tone down" the "brown" (hope my rhymes don't make you frown!)  
Used 4 buttons to represent the tuning pegs.

 Tried the curve of buttons along bottom again... and the strings...
 I think it needs to be simpler...

Tested out the rectangle buttons as if the pickguard got the measles - interesting, but not adding to the feel of a rockabilly guitar
Nah that's doesn't add to the guitarousity of it... 
Those buttons need to be on the brown squares, both to tone down the brown and add a little sparkly shape element

Trying the curve of buttons again on the pick guard....

Nope, I like the right side of the blue to be a clean stark edge.  
I love the frog trim, I want to use it.

The frog cannot stay there, moved it below.
Added the 4 buttons in the top spot.

Hmm, don't know why, but I must kiss this frog goodbye...


Voila,that's how I came up with this design.

FYI, I used a facing edge - my favorite edge, I hand stitched the buttons after the facing edge was complete.  I also tacked down the floral trim with a few hand stitches, since the quilt (I'm hoping!) will be on tour for quite a while!  The only elements that are "above the tulle" are the floral trim on the pickguard and all the buttons.

I really enjoyed the process of this design, 
thanks for coming along on this journey with me. 

Design Tool -  the digital camera.

I find the camera on the iphone to be very helpful in the design process.  Any digital camera will let you audition and flip between options. Most of the conversation here was played out as I would keep looking back at the phone and analysing the photos.

Bonus Two-fer -
The camera is also a great Memory Tool - capturing inspiring images, great ideas, someone's contact info (snap a photo of the business card, I can type it into a digital phone book later), take a photo a fully used white board so I don't lose the info, but can erase and have a nice blank space to scribble again, photos of steps in a complicated process (that I might not remember in 2 months), or  the cover of a book I want to order.  In fact I even use my phone camera to remember where I parked my car in a parking garage.  True story - when my sis was in the hospital (I was exhausted, I worked a full day- then was heading to the hospital to relieve my mom and be the overnight shift).  I knew the next morning I would have no clue where I parked, so I stood in front of the elevator (turned around so I would have the same view as when I emerge the next day) and just pointed the camera in direction of my car, typically there are numbers/letters or colors on poles/posts/walls and those will show up on your photo - remember, the cars are likely to change, but the building will still be the same! 

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Chantilly Lace Reveal

Artist statement
Chantilly Lace – Amy Parra Morusiewicz
My guitar shaped piece honors the memory of J. P. Richardson (the Big Bopper), his lighthearted music is like art to my ears. This rockabilly tune from 1958, plays in my head with new lyrics: “Chantilly Lace in an Eighteen Inch space, with a deadline hanging down, that inspired my art, with a giggle in my heart, fun makes the world go round, oh baby, that’s what I like.”  Humor and art can coexist.  My muse is to a-muse.  Visit my blog for more details on my arts and adventures:    I wish you Fun From A to Z!

 Cyndi Souder, Judy Gula and me at the artists reception

Tomorrow, I'll give you a glimpse into my creative process and share one of my favorite design tools.
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Cognition Interpreted

What an honor, I inspired an artist and she went on and won a blue ribbon! I invited her to the Arts and Old Lace opening, and invite you to come too.  

Saturday, July 21st, from 2-8 at:
Artistic Artifacts
4750 Eisenhower Avenue; Alexandria, VA 22304

 Look what came in email today!

Subject: For Immediate Release - Art & Flowers in Orange, VA

Contact:  Laura Thompson
Executive Director
The Arts Center In Orange
129 East Main Street, P.O. Box 13
Orange, VA,  22960

FLOWER POWER - An Art In Flowers Event at The Arts Center In Orange

On July 13 The Arts Center In Orange celebrated Orange County’s fabulous Art in Flowers tradition with a reception to honor participants in the FLOWER POWER - Flowers interpret Art competition.  

During the past month floral arrangers have been invited to visit the center's Morin Gallery and choose a quilt from the Power Suits exhibit for interpretation.   Power Suits, a 2-year art quilt challenge project was developed by Virginia quilters Cyndi Souder and Judy Gula and resulted in 108 art quilts from across the U.S. and Canada.   The exhibit was brought to The Arts Center In Orange through the sponsorship of The Law Offices of Sean D. Gregg and the Virginia Commission for the Arts.

Winners of the competition were: 
First Place - Martha Jean Jacobs interpreting “Cognition” by art quilter Amy Morusiewicz, Second Place - Anne Meade Faulconer interpreting “The Power Within a Suit of a Different Color” by art quilter Susan Fernandez, Third Place - Ada Harvey interpreting “Fruit of Life” by art quilter Pat Peeler.

The Arts Center In Orange located at 129 East Main Street in Orange and online at, phone (540) 672-7311, hours 10-5, Monday-Saturday.

Photos Attached.
- Winning arrangements by Martha Jean Jacobs, Anne Meade Faulconer, and Ada Harvey.
- At the Flower Power reception, Martha Jean Jacobs, Frances Purcell, Ada Harvey, Pat Tackitt and Lee Wooters.

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