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three themes for three-one

  31 October is a day for trying something different. Instead of changing what we look like for this day–give some love and patience. Don’t feed fears, just be kind to your fears. [yes, this is really Jedi level stuff] but the force is strong in you. Let these three themes rattle around your mind today: Power, Responsibility and Perspective go and be You!   love ya! AtoZ  share the fun…Want more FUN? Follow and like us:

Just Breathe

Two little words. Just Breathe. Bom Dia! Be You and Be Awesome!   PhotoCredit Ric in Japan follow Ric   SaveSave SaveSaveshare the fun…Want more FUN? Follow and like us:

love matters

Yesterday, a baby of many years, called mom and dad and said thank you, not with music and song, but with a simple phone call. 2 more years till a prime number birthday. Are people’s ages, public record? Before the sun set, I bent down, placed my hand on their names and whispered thank you for the most wonderful gift ever. As summer winds down, my eyes and ears are filled not with leaves and spice–but with…

muscle memory

7 years ago, for fun I played the fastest sport on ice, or in my case–the most mental sport on ice-skates, standing between the pipes. When my blocker hand deflected the attack and dosed a teammate, a leader, a boss with–thanks God, it was just water. Flash, my eyes see a cyclinder of liquid, unsteady, teetering on the table. Bam–reflexes, muscle memory take the reins–rained WATER–seriously, GRAVITY and LIQUID. There is no mystery as to the result.…

But wait, there is more

yes, I did say MATH Laugh, it’s okay–I said MATH I dare to utter that four-letter word that many fear. MATH Let’s imagine that math has no feelings–Nope, Feelings belong to us, human beings. Math has factors and formulas. Math’s real lessons, IMHO–is to break it down. We know that in this big wide world of messiness, where and how can I take steps and place some order in my life. No, not organization or sparking joy…

My favorite Tea

Yes, boiling in fear, soaking in the leaves, we humans steep–no time for tea, as I Rip off labels, scratching at my neck, embrace verbs, I do–I write, I teach, I sew, I problem solve, I engineer. Verbs good, labels–not so good to me. Without the word, FEAR in loud red ultra-suede–my fear monster stands in the doorway, afraid to move, with eyelashes like a spiders legs dangling over our big saucer eyes. A¬†young creature hiding in…


  • Wishing you peace and joy-- yes, and safety as well.
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