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C is for

Friday night on a beautiful cool night--got home to this sliver of a moon--reminds me of a silly monster who loves the letter C because of cookies.   Warning: If you are singing along to a blue fluffy puppet, cause it's good enough for you--enjoy, have fun--give yourself 2 points--skip step1 and join in at step 2.

Step 1: observation

See with your eyes--observe don't just look, listen for patterns, clues, whispers--like taking a walk in nature--allow yourself to explore strange new worlds with great curiosity. Yes, ccuriosity starts with that curly letter--plus a whole lot of other good words--community, collaboration, culture--all start with that the letter C.  Allow yourself to be curious, not discombobulated -- or discomforted by grown people chanting along to Cookie Monster from Sesame Street.  Caveat--these are my thoughts, words, stories, I don't intend to change your mind about adult people chanting along to Cookie Monster--or imply that it is good or bad.  

Step 2A: orientation

Pretend that you are walking in nature, what beautiful creatures in their habitats did you see? None you say? Wait, maybe you were the beautiful creature--singing aloud without fear or shame. Did you scare off other beautiful creatures, as you yelled

it's good enough for me

Are we knee-deep in cookie crumbs? is it good enough for we? While we talk about cookies and debate--did you notice that Cookie Monster has a big mouth--I mean literally, his head is mostly mouth--where are his ears? does he have ears? Wait, Cookie is a child--full of wild abandon and joy--we love that sweet joyful monster. Look again as the sun is setting, casting a hue of yellow on him, cookie crumbs in his fur--and now he looks more like a mossy green instead of blue. Time gave him bushy eyebrows and a frown--stick him in a trashcan--well of course he is going to be grouchy. [Note: this is just my own wild idea--that Cookie Monster could morph into Oscar the Grouch.]

Step 2B: re-orientation

Go back to step one, and approach with a quiet curiosity, one that will not disturb the creatures. both the beautiful and the grumps--so we can see them in their natural states. Look at nature, growing and decaying--while decomposing, preparing the soil for future generations. Look beyond the bushy brusk nature of grouchy people. Listen for the quiet little voice that won't speak while others are shouting.   Isn't this enough talk for one day? Oh, by the way--

C is for Change Adds UP.

We can't fix the world today, but the changes we make today will add up. Don't be discouraged, keep learning, teaching and being an honorable monster. PS--these two steps come from OODA which is not ODAA (other duties as assigned)--OODA is Observe, Orient, Decide, Act. Decisions and Acting get a lot of credit, but Observe and Orient do the heavy lifting.   Go be a good person--Love you lots! Aunt AtoZ                     SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave
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