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B–Breakfast times 13

Peanut Butter and Jelly on Toast

Plain Oatmeal

sandwich wrap

yogurt and fruit

crepes (really these are just skinny pancakes--not creepy at all--actually more eggy than regular pancakes)

fakecakes--ground flax seed mixed with egg and cooked like a pancake

Waffles -- fresh made at hotel, love the DIY adventure, makes me feel very powerful

2 Hardboiled Egg Whites (pups get yolks)

scrambled eggs

deviled eggs

fake deviled eggs--hard boiled egg, sliced in half, a squirt of French's yellow mustard, sprinkled with Old Bay--chopped up like egg salad

egg sandwiches

pie (especially apple pie)

    BTW, in case I forget--

Coffee is not breakfast!

  This human is on a mission to regain some strength, energy and maybe, just maybe get back to that decadent experience of sprinting.     ciao for now, chat later
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