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Goals Summer 2017

On the 16th day of the 8th month of 2017, I wrote down 9 summer goals.

A bit late, is that what you are thinking?

Wait, please hit Pause.

Why are you posting this January 8th of 2018?

This year the summer, stretched beyond October

Summer ended on the first day of the eleventh month--in a city of a big heart. Yes, baseball. 2018 World Series, and International Quilt Market then Festival, then a parade filled Houston. One of my hometowns, one I'm overdue to visit.

Eek, enough with the blabbery--tell the story!!! Back to Baseball.

Yes, baseball is how I measure seasons--
  • baseball season
  • post-season
  • off-season and
  • spring training
curious when your team starts in 2018? click her for Sporting News.  Rather than guessing, I'm a bit fan of LIU--look it up, so of course I love references. Dear friends, here's a sweet hint, to help remember Spring Training--it's starts with just pitchers and catchers reporting--on or about the 14th of Feburary--told you I love baseball.

Is it fair that 2 types of players have to report first?

Wait, what's all this talk of fair? On this team, we are all playing different roles, and yes--that means different responsibilities etc. So, just like I say with soccer or american football--is it fair that only the goalie can catch the ball? Nope, that's just soccer. So Rather than confusing the matter any further, I think it's time to get back to my goals. 9 goals--three to find items lost (two achieved)   A theme of learning. finding, connecting swam through my 9 goals. Only 2 are completed, and yet this list makes me float in the sunshiny feeling of summer hope. So today as the days are growing longer. I share my thoughts, but wait--I'll keep my goals to myself right now--say a prayer for all of us, and doze off to sleep. Let's talk more at breakfast!   Peace and all that stuff!      
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