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A is for

Of course I love the alphabet--it's the Lego Bricks that make up words, stories, books--the building blocks. Yes, I speak English, Spanish, Engineer, Athlete--plus a bit more American Sign Language than my petite peu du Francaise... Why? not how is the important part--because no one should be the outsider. Well, we are all outsiders in some way--if you have never felt that outsider feeling, I challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone, even if it's by watching a movie or show and just imagining yourself in the place of a person different than you. A--could be some many topics--Art, Audio, Adventure, Athlete, Asthma, Age, AntEaters (okay, I was just seeing if you are listening) What about just for Apple Pie--maybe not the best pie--that's pizza pie--but Apple Pie is pretty awesome--Another A word--Awesome... Nope, today A is for A-ha!

The bolt of awakening

Ah-Ha or A-Ha?  One sounds right, the other looks right. I now spell Yay with a Y at the end, cause Yea... well Awakened to the fact, that I made a mistake correcting a young friend. Wait, nope, I don't always have the right answer--ooh, another A word--Answer. Wait, are you finding this adventure on words with A, annoying? Absolutely! Accustomed to patterns, we fall into the trap of not always being aware. As an athlete--I've seen these tiny subtle hints that a change is coming--and what to anticipate--and yes, blocking the wrap-around goal from my own teammate was likely my ice hockey goalie moment of amazingness, and awe--I wasn't upset, I was on.

Offense gets a lot of attention, but I'm a fan of defense.

Several Ah-ha's one is Aha is a word-- Are you laughing at my Ah-ha? Ah-Ha is a variant, so that's acceptable... What about A-ha? look, I am not the grammar specialist--but I am me, and let me guess that A-ha means One-ha? A friend--let's call her Jane Baker, well, her real name is A. Jane Baker and she will admit that she isn't A Jane Baker--but she is THE Jane Baker. That made me laugh. I know this is being silly, but it's in the silly moments that great ah-ha moments are formed.   need more right now? Well, here's an audacious add on  see how many more A words you can find...   PS--tomorrow, I'm talking about breakfast! Asta la Bye Bye! AtoZ
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