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human emotion

Yes, fear.

Human emotion. Strong like love. Okay, I love patterns, I fear labels.   So back to FEAR. Avoiding labels and loving verbs--

I write,

I teach,

I sew,

I problem solve,

I engineer.

Verbs good, labels--not so. I remain idealistic AND fiercely pragmatic.
me and mom
  Bravest person that I know, my home, my heart, my mom--toughest teacher in my high school--yes, indeed--tough but awesome. A superhero--no, cape--more like a heroine transported from days ago, in a land long gone, torn apart by a charismatic person, a human being that marched in with charm and stole las isla de mi familia. Back to teaching, we humans invent tools--like mnemonics; these words or phrases serve us, they remind us of concepts, facts, information in a specific order, they are like training wheels on a bike or a cane--we can lean on them when we need, but with luck we play along and realize we don't even need them.

Yes, I know, we all learn differently.

Human invent mnemonics to help memory--like ELBOW SPACE is my organizing, aka Manage Your Mess mnemonic. Mnemonics are tools, tools are good, but any tool can be misused.

Okay, I will even bravely say

I am a teacher.

My existence--connected, permanently, deeply and fiercely to teachers. What if labels help humans search for patterns and knowledge? Philosophy and humans--these beautiful spiraling thoughts are not for morning mumblings, aka, morning messages. Nope, too deep and far too steep to stroll along with a humorous tone so early in the day. F.E.A.R. If False Evidence Appearing Real helps a person think and do--maybe fear can be a tool, a reminder to  remember to stop, drop and roll? Human memory, patterns, music, bias. Every Good Boy Does Fine, very sing-song-ish makes me turn about-F.A.C.E.   Yes, there are a few mnemonics, or slogans that I say are wrong--FEAR is

Fear is a human emotion.

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