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heading off to work with a container of uncooked rice, and yes--inside it, my personal phone. With a Physics degree and love of water--I know--cell phone with no case, denim jeans pocket--low friction. Gravity and the natural attraction we have to water, soon my phone, my little recording studio where Tia Tere talks to the future--splash. Athlete in me, muscle memory--sprung to action and made the save, and sorry but emotions weren't involved. Didn't call myself names or swear at the Eau de Toilet that I rinsed off my phone. Yes, rinsed! it was already in the toilet bowl--of course I'm rinsing it off. don't get me wrong, I'm not pleased with the situation, but in the big picture of life--it's a distraction, that I chose to set aside for now. Later, we'll see what steps I need to take. thanks for having fun with me today. peace! AtoZ   written while sipping coffee with Maple, no edit
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