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sisters in thread

As the season of lights and preparations is here--I recall your smiling eyes and you in that pastel flannel plaid--soft white and gentle blue. Audaciously on the year of the Rooster, we sat like women no, humans always have--over food--talking of those young persons we love, some in school, others back home, and of the men in our lives.  I never met her husband in person--but over that meal, I got to know him--I hope he feels her presence in his life. Sisters in thread--so many connections, so different and so much the same. Double Happiness kept popping in my mind--that shape, the character. I got your address, I got your husbands name. I knew it wasn't you that I would be mailing. I never sent a card that man in Montana that I never met--who built some fences to keep your fur babies safe. Yesterday, I sat with my own fur baby and held a rice bowl in my hands--sending love and prayers to you, may your family feel the warmth you shared--all bundled up--an East Coast Girl, who rocked that pastel flannel plaid shirt with your smiling eyes. Thanks to the simple sewing needle for bringing so many into my life. We are luminous beings, in crude human bodies.  
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