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Tuning, Timing and Temerity


Twenty Seventeen; Two Zero One Seven

Minutes in Between I share

Love isn't measured in minutes or miles

Yes, this year--we've buried family and friends, welcomed new ones, fallen down and gotten back up. I'm not sure how, but through grace we do.   2017, oh my--the phrase Earth without Art is just EH--has taken on a new meaning for me this year. Rest in Peace my friend from long ago. So these bookends, these letters the "E" and "H" snuggled around the word "art"--what do they stand for ???


Entire Heart? Extra Humbling? Experience Humanity? Entertain Hope?   @sewfunfriends continues--sometimes, I feed it my prayers, joy and humor--and that seems to grow--I return and drink deeply from the power of a community connected by thread and encouraged to seek joy and mend. Laugh if you like, yes indeed--it's quite audacious to form a group with three little rules and not much structure. It's like my virtual parlor room, all are welcome and I hope that as my guests they will interact and feel at home. It's not a bedroom, a kitchen or a bathroom--humans have many needs and this space, is like a family room, a community space--out of respect for those in the group, I have left it at the three little rules.   I have always said that I want the current year to be my best year--not because I'm fortunate, but because I've done some good, make some difference or at least left some stepping stones that others can add to. I adored my aged grandmothers so much--as I see my skin soft and thin on the backs of my hands with beautiful blue veins pulsing with life--I see the powerful hands of women in my life, when I was just a kid. Always observing I am. Peace my friends. Don't worry about what others think, write your truth.


Timing and


  What do those three words mean to you?  
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