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Says Who?

Sticks and Stones will break your bones, but names will never hurt you. Wait! What? That's rude! Ok--rewind, let's place perspective in this post. Today, the 9th day of the last month of 2017, I break my fast, I speak some words--both tempered and empowered by a silent month--a pause in posts. Yes--the unsung hero the... wait--for--it...


  Peacefully powerful, providing perspective and playing well with others--unspoken, unwritten, unsung hero--the pause. Seriously, I speak my truth--you future human people may be surprised  that yes back in the days--the olden days, those low tech days before memes, gifs and trends--yes, way way back before the invention of  technology--there were these earworms--like--Sticks and Stones will break your bones, but names will never hurt you. Wait--did she say, before the invention of "technology?" "umm, check your sources" says my inner editor--LIU--Look It UP! When did technology get invented? What is technology? If EMM-EYE-Tea, okay MIT started in 1861--we can assume that technology had to have been a word already. So what was technology before then? What is it now? What will technology be in the future? So many questions.   Funny that we invent a new word--like humankind, when humanity would serve just fine. Pull the thread, I do--you know that labels and names that keep us in a box--nope, I prefer to be just human--not defined by what I do. Words that end in "ist" pierce my poise and I insist--wait, I mean "nouns that end in ist". I sew--don't define me by what I do--I am a fully formed human being, being human.   Rewind to last month, in a pleasant exchange--I was asked "are you still a seamstress?" I didn't say yes or no--just simply replied, "I still sew. Always have, always will." So you ask, what's a seamstress? LIU! Well, let's check out the dictionary See--I mean, sew! So it seams, Seamster or Sempster--who ever heard of those words? Those archaic words for a man (or persona) who sews or tailors, those didn't get defined in that dictionary--at least as of today. But, let's check other sources-- Sew, I do, but the word Sewist has me in a twist. I understand, those who sew and even those who don't --we all step on or around those metal disks on the street, those sue-errs make sew-ers spits out steam.  Hence the invention of "sewist" in a land far far away.   bye for now--my words must rest.   thanks for having fun with me today!      
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