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love matters

Yesterday, a baby of many years, called mom and dad and said thank you, not with music and song, but with a simple phone call. 2 more years till a prime number birthday. Are people's ages, public record? Before the sun set, I bent down, placed my hand on their names and whispered thank you for the most wonderful gift ever.

As summer winds down,

my eyes and ears are filled not with leaves and spice--but with sport and baseball playoffs. Share more I will, I'm writing daily--but for now, the game is on, I must keep my stories to myself. Thanks I give to all whose prayers, thoughts and wishes showered me with love. I'm humbled and honored to walk this planet with you. Remember my 12x12x12? Such a great experience for my creativity, and turning point. So like that I'll share some now, and share some later. Today, I thank Maple--this sweet pup turned me to sap, in just two years.

Who says time matters? Nope, love matters.

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