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muscle memory

7 years ago, for fun I played the fastest sport on ice, or in my case--the most mental sport on ice-skates, standing between the pipes. When my blocker hand deflected the attack and dosed a teammate, a leader, a boss with--thanks God, it was just water. Flash, my eyes see a cyclinder of liquid, unsteady, teetering on the table. Bam--reflexes, muscle memory take the reins--rained WATER--seriously, GRAVITY and LIQUID. There is no mystery as to the result. Why was this glass tipping, I don't know. The game tapes played back in my mind don't reveal the why--

Just my reaction.

Thanks be to the big G, yes--the one I doused--took it in stride and jumped aside. No anger, shame or feelings involved. I can't say this was an accident; I trained as a goalie--yes--in my free time--such a silly term--free time--I invested my weekends and one night a week in sports--at this time--in goal. The instinct to catch was replaced by muscle memory to push away and deflect--make the save. We, humans make mistakes, for some reasons -well and for some there is a clear reason and we can learn. How we humans interact and adapt as a team that is how we win. Curiously, I wonder how and if he recalls this event--worked together for years and years--so on travel, meetings done, our work team of maybe 7, had just ordered dinner. Water--this powerful yet humbling thing, can't live without it, can't spill it on your boss without creating a lifelong memory. Reading this you could say that I am proud that I doused him--and yes, we are human--the most embarrassing moments really do show what we are made of--again--do not try this at home, or at work--trust me or at least trust that I tell you my truth. Yeah, I admit, a lifelong athlete, my defense skills were on point. I regret the result, the accident, the table, the liquid--yes, thanks to watching my caloric intake it wasn't Dr.Pepper, we were in Texas, where that is the proper beverage, BTW. With the trust of a good working relationship, there wasn't the shame, or anger that might be seen in today's time. Yes, 2017 is hair trigger time. I'd like to think that if this happen today, our emotional reactions would be the same. Truth be told, my muscle memory has changed. It's been years since I stood in goal, but an oldest kid, oldest cousin, first generation american, defensive player, analyst, leader, mentor and all that--yes and all that--defense is in my nature. Don't get me started on baseball--yes, I would recommend that we deaden the ball before we put up nets--but that's another problem all together--offense is exciting people say--I disagree, but I've seen 3 no-hitters in my life--yes, baseball. ----- So imagine this tennis match of conversation--happening just today, so pretty fresh in my memory. Me "you know I write, on the side?" He--with a question in tone "fiction?" Me--"ha, I have no time for fiction--I write my truth and it's usually funnier than anything I could invent."   ---- With great awareness, like mutant superheroes--we wield great care, with great power comes great responsibility. recorded on iPhone6 with Shure External Mic Washburn 12-string guitar recorded outside sitting on my deck while learning lessons about what happens when human sit on damp patio cushions.
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