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But wait, there is more

yes, I did say


Laugh, it's okay--I said MATH

I dare to utter that four-letter word that many fear.


Let's imagine that math has no feelings--Nope, Feelings belong to us, human beings. Math has factors and formulas. Math's real lessons, IMHO--is to break it down. We know that in this big wide world of messiness, where and how can I take steps and place some order in my life. No, not organization or sparking joy (no disrespect Marie), but thinking of MOM--M--O--M;just Manage Our Mess--more fun, less stress.


Don't change the channel--this is no infomercial--I care not if you like math or not--I do care if you are trapped in a web. I mean we--we humans are like the fly, caught, bound--attached to this web, paralyzed by poison, divided by fear--oh yes, I did say


Fear, formulation, factors, finding patterns--I'd love to subtract the pain, multiply joy, and exponentially increase our hope by removing our division. Life is not math, humans can't be reduced to numbers--but math--that four-letter word that many fear.

But wait, there is more.

Keep your money, I want something more, I want your ears,  you hearts, your hopes and dreams. Search. Find inside you the formula to break down a problem to it's smaller parts.

Slow down


listen to the lessons all around.

No not the loud lessons, but the tiny whispers. Yeah, 2017--much is amiss--waters churn, nature shows it's patterns loudly. Respect and love, true value and worth--these are not like that pie, that apple pie, we want to divide and keep the slices, there is always another slice, plenty of respect and love to share. . Winding down my words today--I turn to the wisdom of innocence and old age, and beings, beings that need other beings. Observing this world, I do. Change Adds Up. Smile. Eye contact. Shake a hand, human to human. There is no you or me, there is just we--humanity.  

Change Adds Up, it's just Math!

    thanks for listening--if you want to experience the AtoZ that is me in real life, I mean IRL--see you in Fredericksburg, Virginia next week click here and sign up for classes!

Just show up, laugh and learn.

Simple math.

  facts about recording: recorded on iPhone 6, external Shure mic, Strumstick tuned D-A-D
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