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My favorite Tea

Yes, boiling in fear, soaking in the leaves, we humans steep--no time for tea, as I

Rip off labels, scratching at my neck, embrace verbs, I do--I write, I teach, I sew, I problem solve, I engineer.

Verbs good, labels--not so good to me.

Without the word,


in loud red ultra-suede--my fear monster stands in the doorway, afraid to move, with eyelashes like a spiders legs dangling over our big saucer eyes. A young creature hiding in the corner, big eyes, no mouth--I silenced it. Breathing in and out; hungry for perspective, I dare to utter the mighty words...


what if labels are just tools made by humans, to assist humans--tools not weapons--but sharp and dangerous tools nonetheless. TOOLS to build understanding, form categorization, feed analysis, all for the sake of knowledge. Instead, I see, no, I saw labels as limits and boxes--keeping some in, keeping others out.

Wait, labels--are they good, bad or simply bias?

Is a limit bad? Why all this talk of good and bad? That's my attempted at labeling how I feel about labels! Is a bias bad? Maybe, like fear--it glistens in the shadows. Slinking around, sneaky bitter monster. We attack it, and we are pulled into  become part of it, it grows, we lose. We ignore it, it grows, we lose.

Yes, we, we humans--humanity--that is my favorite "tea" human-it-tea.

What is your IT?

Mine is a blend of curiosity and hope, served with a side of humility, in this buffet of life.   I wish you peace my fellow humans!   The audio file embedded here, is my reciting the words above. I use this as a tool for finding and correcting my typing mishaps, and it also is a tool for those who wish to hear this post in my voice.
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