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My truth. I write alright and wield the right to tell my story from my perspective. Warning, this gets a bit deep--you made need wading boots.   Once upon a time. No wait, this is true--I heard a very unflattering comment, not about me, and I didn't say it--I'm not saying who said or who it was about--that's not important--what's important is what I learned from it. Isn't it easy in 2017 to come across condescending? No, what's important, is that I am willing to look at this event, break it down and allow the puzzle solving brain to chew on it.   So yes, you do need to hear the actual comment, aka back-handed compliment. I tend to focus on facts and data--but indeed, the how and why something is said--totally is data. OMG, could I get to the point?

So-and-So never had an unpublished thought.

Okay, yep that was said in a way to say, so-and-so had much to say. Are you seeing the irony here? How many words have I already lobbed into the blogsphere.  

Wait, let's look at this as if it were just facts not feelings--please allow me to harnass my inner Spock as I get all logical.

What are results of never having an unpublished thought. Okay, I know that a certain editor that follows me is itching right now with double negatives (but that was the quote), plus wait till she sees I start my next sentence. AND yes, we are Humans.

we do stuff, we think stuff, we share stuff.

We are affected by our environments and what we see/hear/read/overhear etc. AND yes, I miss reading--taking that sweet traipsing fall into the web woven in words. Cushioned by the fibers, in awe of the workmanship, we are paralyzed and caught. That book, that story, feeds us. Okay, now we are the spider, we need nourishment so we can continue. Our job as humans is to tend the web, to mend the web, to be fed by the web. NO, not the damn interweb. Yes, stories and humans--something about putting the brain into a reset mode, allowing it to rest and still be engaged is pretty wild. Like the car battery charging up while driving, rest is part of activity. Right now, on the couch, I click my fingers on these square buttons with letters on them, beside me is Maple my sweet petite 85#pup--I'm spent, I'm tired, this physical body and brain need reset. Human, I am--breakfast I bought, veggie omelet no cheese, no bread, no potatoes but instead grits. Yes, at the deli that the ops folks told me about--you want good advice, ask people--WAIT, don't ask people--watch--where do they go. Be careful, the world is pretty terrified right now, you best watch from a distance or else you are stalking. So, yeah--watch what people do--if you ask for a good place to eat breakfast, you may get one for ambiance, another for food quality, another for price. Now, ops folks, they need to man their stations, can't call it human their stations or person their stations--whatever, they have a specific place that they need to be to work, the baby--or whatever they are operating, doesn't really have a pause button (okay, I know some of you are really wanting to challenge, each idea that I put out.) Good, that's called collab--well, it used to be called collaboration, but the world is too fast--we just knock the "oration" right off. Holy crap, I mean

Oh My God.

Seriously, I have faith and just right here/right now saw that we took prayer out of collaboration. OMG, are you correcting me that oration is not pray, but that it's conversation or discourse? Seriously, me and the big G, God.

OMG, did I say the G-word?

Sorry pumpkins, but my style of prayer is much like talking. Truth, I even do a bit of written prayers on social media. I kinda figure that I already took the big leap--an almighty being reading social media isn't that big of a stretch.

Okay, back to Collaboration.

Maybe there is truth--collaboration needs a prayer. Isn't it's kind of a miracle that people can really work together? Especially people who bring out the best and worst in us. We are after all, humans, of the animal kingdom.  OMG, animal kingdom, really? where is this writer going? Well, as my body rests on this not-a-couch LoveSeat, I love that this type of writing let's my brain get all creative, loose and foolish--I mean nimble and prepared. Someone needs to point me to the research on humans brains--why do we do this or that--WAIT, no, please don't--these are my ideas, my thoughts. Add to the, allow your experiences and insights come to these weaving. Yes, I will read this before posting and yes I do sometimes type with my eyes closed. Each person requires rest in a manner that allows their own reset. What seems like work to one, might be reset to another. How would we know these things? Well, if a human had a thought and publishes it--well, we stand a chance to learn for the original thought--not the memory of what the thought had been. So I write, these are my words, my truths at this time. When I know more, I will share more.          
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