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Tia Tere Talks too Much!

Once upon a time in an analog world, wait--no, I think this is still true today.

We humans fear change.

Kinda funny--imagine a newly born human--got the visual? uh, sorry... Now, if we didn't change, we would all be helpless newborns--and this humanity would fail--okay, yes--there is a major flaw in my logic and normally I would say go ask your mom--cause I'm Tia Tere. BUT no, I think I owe you truth--babies come from human beings--just like the mammals we talked about when you were little--some animals are born from eggs like birds and lizards and others are born from moms--we call those mammals. Yes, not just mom's but we need dad's too to make babies--but each one has a different part, and parts too. This is about creating babies--in today's world we talk about equality, and freedom--I like those things, we are all humans. HUMAN, not HU-Person--so sometimes when the word MAN is used, please just imagine the HU before it. OKAY, that's enough birds and bees, isn't it? Nope, we need change. We also need love.

Capital L, O, V, E, LOVE.

You know, that connection to other humans.  
fine print
this blog is my writing, my thoughts, my views--how could it be anything else? Yes, I know I am audacious--even from my high school english paper peer review comment "the idea is not original, but the audacity to actually write about it is..." At the time, it stung a bit. Yes, this was my paper for senior year English class in high school where I would take a test and get college credit. Yes, I know that seems off topics but wait, as I pull this thread. Yes, this assignment was a paper on "why I wanted to go to college." Mine, became a paper discussing both why and why not. Education is a priviledge and a tool. How we use that tool, and privilege is the real test of success. So I'm not an psychologist or an anthropologist--but I am just a human--so these are my thoughts. Humans desire to protect their offspring--their families from both real and perceived threats. This instinct to protect is parental, human and normal. Now, lets get a little math-y. Somethings are limited--if you have ONE pair of shoes and your dog eats them, you now have NO pairs of shoes. If you have one apple pie and Beau, a sweet brindle greyhound with fortune cookie ears eats it, you have no pie. Plus he has a bad tummy ache. He's a dog, he has feelings but doesn't form cognitive thoughts to the level that humans do. PS--I am famous for my pies--Beau ate the entire pie--saving not one bit for us. Not sure we would want any leftovers from his thievery. Fast forward to this year--Waffle, my dog-brother, adores me--absolutely, completely-- for me he will eat lettuce hearts--he absolutely trusts and love me--and I care for him. Please don't laugh--with an animal I have the biggest patience ever--I'm not a softy and I have specific rules for pets. I know that the better I am at training an animal, the more that others will love him and get love back. Pleasing their humans is a big part of their joy. I want them to be loved by many, same with my non-furry young friends as well. So as you head out to school, be smart, be safe and be HUMAN. Love ya TONs! Tia Tere     love and respect are not pie--the more we share the more there is.   SaveSave SaveSave
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