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Anthems, August and Amalia’s

Earlier this summer I wrote some goals, and yes, I have made amazing accomplishments this year. That's a story for later--now it's getting into the flow. Each of us has our hymns, our anthems. The music that stops us and takes us to a higher plane, a simpler joy, you know that fun thing that we know as being surrounded by loved ones. August 2017 has been an august month, with hurricanes and rains. I send my prayers to all of us. Like rain falls indiscriminately on all people,  I hope that prayers can do the same. Art is about You and ME--how each person interprets the song, is like how we each see a flower in different ways. I'm smelling breakfast, cooked by my dad for my mom (the original Amalia) and me, while Waffle my dog-brother looks lovingly at me, as I hum a tune. Yes, I confess--with words or without--this music, this song--brings me back to water. Water that feeds us, floats us, forces us to stop and go around, water hazard, connects us.   What's an anthem in your story?
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