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Change Adds Up


Life is made up of tiny moments that all add up. A small change today and add to it tomorrow is like gently watering a newly planted tree. We give our children love and shower them with the gift of time spent together. Preparing them for the world that won't always be so patient and kind. Our home is a refuge from the storm. I know it's hard to shut the door to the frustrations that flood social media.   I pray for all you parents out there of tiny, tiny people--yes, the ones that can't read yet and get all their info from you. Take sometime and build a second door, so that you can shake off the weather from outside and get to those superhero tasks of raising the future grown ups. Yes, my prayers go out to those in Texas in the flood. I suspect those who are struggling aren't reading this, and that's ok. Those of us who want to share and give, I hope in our rush to help, be aware that there are many, many ways to help--sometimes just being present is enough. Like empty stoneware, we have great potential when we arrive empty, strong, clean and ready for the tasks that the world will give us.

Change Adds Up.

  The sparkling waters of Galveston taken in October years ago, plus 3 rules make up the banner to my Facebook group. Weekly, I pour a little joy.

At times, I think why bother, then I remember, change adds up.

    Dear Sew FUN Friends, hope you are all well, if not I trust you are taking precautions. My parents and my dog-brother are safe and dry. To all those in the storm, I send my prayers, and think of what I can do. Our world is large, we are so much more than just one country--we are one humanity.

Yes, I know my words seem small.

Change Adds UP--so taking small but powerful steps, even if it seems we are fighting windmills--that is what will help mend and stitch our world together. I love that there is no end to the mend--and we are as humans constantly evolving. Thanks for all your love and support. Yes, I took a bad fall this weekend--likely bad fall number 3 of my life. I'm a bit achy, but okay--sorry I've been silent, but I wanted to be sure I was keeping the rules! [Be Kind, Be Yourself and Be Awesome]

Love,peace and stitches, AtoZ

PS--I'm feeling a bit better from my fall on Saturday--bruised up a bit and reminded that our powerful souls drive around in delicate vehicles and that caring for the body is one small change at a time. Change Adds Up--I love these three words. I know that sharing my stories is part of the change I can do. AND yes, I will face my fears that with my stories, others might misconstrue my meanings. Like art, I make with my intentions, but how it's viewed and what meaning it has to you--well, that is totally up to you.    SaveSaveSaveSave
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