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who do they think they are

warning, imperfect post starting now

Field Hockey--yep, I played midfield, started all four years in high school.  Nope, I didn't play in college so 4 years off and then found Baltimore Field Hockey Association. Played from 1988 to 2001 -- did a little travel, little summer league,  and  inter-team play--team red, I believe it was called Motley. Indoor is different. Less players, faster play, lighter sticks, more stress on the knees--indoor play magnifies your faults--so it's actually a great skill building experience. So we are playing in an indoor tournament and on the schedule I read that we are going to play against USA. I laughed, and actually said

"who do they think they are, calling themselves, USA--do they represent our country?"

Um, yes--they kinda did--it was the US Field Hockey team that had only played outdoors.

They were really bad for three minutes.

Lots of whistles and fouls, WHY? cause there are different rules for indoors.This isn't a story about winning or losing.TeamUSA adapted quickly--and yes, they crushed us.   Use the knowledge you've got, and do stuff, then you can adapt. That first step, that doing something -- that's hard, relate it to something you know well, and see if that helps. Yes, I love to blab here, I mean "blog" here. I love telling stories and storing memories here so I can quickly search bar and see what's what. I've changed my themes a lot and seen where the edges of this tool are. I adapt and do better hashtags.   Put in the time--play, write, post photos etc--look at your content--coach yourself, ask the dumb questions, and keep at it.  
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