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fears and such

Fear is a funny thing. Wait, no, fear isn't funny--NO, it is terrifying, it is FEAR, a human emotion. To you my fear, might look like a cute bunny rabbit, but I see a starving  grizzly bear. Is either of us right? Maybe, who knows. Being afraid is not a bad thing, being fearless is not a good thing--I think it's best that I am aware--take life seriously and myself not so. Don't get me wrong, it still stings and bites when a fear sneaks in to my day.  Yesterday, I almost fell asleep at the dentist. Well, sort of. Seriously, I love that reclining chair. Yep, I'm Jedi level dental patient.  I should total up my hours in chair, that would be some interesting stats. So instead of talking fear, how about I share some of my tricks. Stay Loose Seriously, uncross, unclench... stretch toes out and spread fingers apart, wiggle them and tell yourself... just breathe OK--that's me. JUST BREATHE, means take your conscious mind away from thoughts and in and out, air, breathe it. Right now it's 6:30am. I'm up, showered, dressed, caffeinated, and already enjoyed my minutes outside with pups. I know that for some, my routine is like pulling teeth--I mean torturous. Think what you may, this is my perfect morning. What's the opposite of fear? It's not fearless. So, what IS fear? I say FEAR is a signal.

Signal that says--step back, look around, get more data, information, and proceed with caution.

Below, I've included some references, cause I'm afraid of mis-defining fear. Ok, I'm not afraid, but I'm aware that what we say matters, so I use a blend of facts/references and my experiences/views.     My dogs remind me of lessons I learned long ago.

Just Be. Lean on your family, run fast, sleep deeply, love fiercely, and repeat.

Life is full of tough topics. That's ok. It's life. We're all in this life together!   Peace my friends!       These words are my thoughts, I'm an expert at being me, not at defining fear, so I refer you to wikipedia for definitions, etc.
A list of phobias from atelophobia to zelotypophobia
Hey, if you have references that you want to share about fear, go ahead.
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