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Madly in Love

like life, I share these draft words, that later I will polish so that I can give the time stamp and call them my own

Welcome to my House.These words I share within these walls, to those I love, I share, dividing up what I have with hope that it will grow. Don't think me naive. I'm madly in love. To those we love we give it all and often even more than what we knew we had.

I'm a geek, a poet (perhaps), an analyst, a human--audaciously I'm madly in love with humanity.

Perfect, I am not. Flaws like scars healed over, mark me. My spirit, my spark, my inner awesome, my soul--joined the race, our human race--so small and weak--but oh so powerful. My lessons learned serve me well. Bonnets, hats and other covering protected me from solar rays. A story is told of my grabbing a kitchen towel to cover my head as I went out to play. I don't recall this event, but what I recall is hearing the stories. I'm the oldest kid, cousin etc--my life is a tapestry of exploring and knowing others may follow. Right now, 2017--everything needs to fit into a box, we have an voracious hunger, like the Hungry Hippo game, madly, wildly taking before others take. Please don't think me naive or arrogant, who ever has the most is not the winner.

Strong Truths, Well Lived. I train for this, I fail, I learn, I dust off my pride and pick up my hopes and go to the next game.

The vehicle that was selected for me, yes--a gift from the Big G, mom and dad. Well, actually, I guess I blame -- I mean-- I credit my father. The body of my mother was my first home, my shelter, my food, my sleeping place. Hubris and audacity; as we grow we push away that one human who for nine months or so shared their bodies, for us. I know we don't all have our mothers, whether distance, situations or whatever separated us. Please don't think of why. These vehicles aren't intended to be permanent, or why would such powerful spirits be placed into such weak vehicles that need daily fuel and rest.

Geek I am. Yoda in wisdom, to your small foolish form, you make believe character of a sci-fi myth--thanks to you I give.

I know that the lessons are not easy. I know that my intentions, my steps, my trials and trails of tears will not be global, they will not trend. That actually pleases me so greatly.

Timeless doesn't trend in 2017.

Creating for the sake of trending is possibly our greatest flaw as a humanity right now. What is needed for the future, at the cost of today? Like the mother, feeding from her very body, connected by a cord. Like the fires I saw on LaCanada Ridge in California, it's both beautiful and grotesque. As the ash fell on my rental car in Pasadena, I stared at the foothills enflamed, the beauty of the colors, lights and movement was like seeing a sunrise exploding through the trees.

My first nine months of life, I floated, I listened, I grew.

Please note, this information comes from supposition, how humans are created, as well as data from my family. When did I remember became the litmus test for is it true--how could I remember this time? Truth be told, my vehicle has helped support human life--from the exterior--I have held, carried newborns, some on their very first day outside their mother. in 2017, we watch in awe of a giraffe giving birth. I smile that our society and all it's technology is in awe of such a simple, audacious act, birthing. Humbling. So yeah, let's be direct--I'm female. The human body that I drive has the ability to bring life about, yes not alone--and no, not going into details, ask your own mother or a surrogate for those details. I'm Tia Tere, I have neices, nephews, godchildren, and younger friends who I am honored to interact with as family. When I was but a twerp, a kid of maybe 15--a friend said--I don't know if I want children, this world is a terrible place to bring a kid into--

wait, have I already told you this story? (yes, I learned this interruption trick from the Princess Bride)

So back to my story, let me share again what your young Tia Tere said to her friend in Salisbury, likely on Morris Drive as we were riding bikes. I can't believe how completely serious and convinced I was as I testified

"I HAVE to have children, my children are going to change the world."

Laugh if you like, like the child that laughs at the stretch marks that his mother gained in bringing him to life. I am stronger than you know, laugh at my hubris and share my story, share this words. Eventually my words will fall at the feet of all those young persons yearning for the truth and hope. I hope it's a few, I don't hope it trends, my truth, my message is like that gift of life--we become our own persons and are responsible for ourselves. I hope that this gift I have for mothers day, ignites a spark, gives some joy and continuous to add light to this valley of tears.
For those who pain and ache today because of mothers, we are all born of mothers who pained and ached. Don't be sold on the illusion of painless life.
Again, I know I've quoted it before. Princess Bride. Life is Pain.
And yes, before you ask--I love the Princess Bride movie, I can see myself at times as so many of the characters--yes even and especially the Dread Pirate Roberts/Westley--although he is a male, the love he shares has a motherly quality about it.




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