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Month: January 2017

Invaluable Support

Starting up the Time Machine of memory (and saved emails.) Set the dial back, before some of my recent adventures to September 3, 2014 Invitation received to join an art quilt critique group. Wow, honored! Real live human artist interactions. Street cred as an art quilter. Oh, no! Friday mornings, once a month.  Opportunity vs Investment. Hmm–should I invest a vacation day a month in my art?   Here is the email I sent in response. September 4, 2014 I appreciate the invite, I regret that at this…

Step Up and Shine

Imagine this… You go to work at sports arena, like a pawn to the Kings, you skate and shovel ice during breaks. You also act and sing, but doesn’t everyone in La-La-Land? National Anthem pop stars cancel. Thirteen minutes notice. Celebrate a century of hockey. Introduced as Courtney Daniels, a member of LA Kings Ice Crew, you step on the ice and sing the US National Anthem like an all-star. If this is a launching point or just a really good day at…

Dreams, Dresses and Daring Deeds

Last night, as I turned the first page of Maya Angelou’s memoir, reading “Hanging softly over the black Singer sewing machine…” I smiled, connections made by fabric and thread. As others march, today I mend and share. I care, I deeply care, my audacious acts are that of writing, mending, sharing. Nothing new, if you have met me–I believe in peace, love and joy–and justice, honesty and mending. My dream is that it’s seamless, that my stories make…

flamingo pattern circa 2014

Once free, always free–that makes sense to me. This pattern is available for your personal use, feel free to forward this link to friends–and I invite you to sign up for my newsletter delivered on the 17th of the month for 2017.   Flamingos 2014 copyright Amalia Morusiewicz Thanks to Material Girls for selecting FUNfromAtoZ’s Flamingos Frolic in the Moonlight as their 2014 Quilters Quest pattern! Stay tuned for how to take this class from me share the fun…Want more…

what if

sunshine connect regroup mend share ask hope dare care love   These are my words as I write them, but as you read them, you have a choice. What will you do with a gift of opportunity? are these just words? are they more? are they less? what are you thinking? what will you do? what conversations shall we ignite?   My prayers for our world–yes I said prayers. Yes, prayers, renew, strengthen and empower–there is such power…

please have a seat

My sewing studio has been run amuck by chairs. I have two DrPepper office chairs–I mean snazzy adjustable armless swivel, rolling chairs with this cool burgundy fabric–just the color of my favorite soft drink. One more chair in DrPepper boomerang fabric–with arms and wheels. Back to chairs.  I have a white plastic chair, that is trying to kill me. Seriously–it’s dangerous. It adjusts, swivels, rolls and that’s all fine–but the plastic seat is slippery, and at least twice…


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