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Month: December 2016

Smiles and Sparks of Hope

Willie Nelson as Nick in a red truck shares those words with a grumpy Harry Connick, Jr Memories are what ties a family together and memories are the best gift… Memories and a simple holiday tradition of watching cry movies–and a favorite cry movie of mine is Angels Sing with a huge cast of musicians.   Today, I was surprised to see this smile on a snowman. I’m just a human. I don’t always understand the world, but I still like…

Faith, Freedom and Farewell

These two words ring in my head JUST BREATHE Especially this holiday season–twenty-sixteen, we said goodbye to so many nineteen-eighties icons. My wish for you all is to just breathe, and just be. Hold those close, close by and just be. A long life is grant to those brave daring souls who just keep breathing. Life isn’t about doing, being, or owning the most–life is about breathing the most. Asthma, allergies and respiratory health has always been in or around my life. It’s…

Stems from HOPE

Hidden Figures. As a lover of numbers, math, words and stories, my intrigue grows exponentially. Looking just at the second word Figures I see numbers first, then realize the word also means beings, persons; after a while I think, oh yeah, sometimes women are dehumanized just into shape–so figure could also be that. I do love that it took me a while to think of that one. It might be like fighting windmills, but I see great power that stems from…

Superhero Tool, aka (GYST, Artist Software)

Check out the deal that our sponsor– Karen Atkinson and the GYST Team are offering through January 2, 2017. Great job, Viv, I added my thoughts at the end in italic.  I’m proud of you for allowing us to share our interactions publicly on my blog. I left your original title in the parentheses, balancing specifics with a little punch of fun. If you decide to add more words, use bold font or some other way to show what you changed. Letting the world…

blog, my blog, what are thou

Dear Blog Are you journal? A repository, like a pocketful of ideas and opportunities? A recall tool, when I want to find an image, share a story. What are YOU, dear Blog?   peace, -AtoZ Back in the day, Blogs were conversations, and communication links–not so any more. I say blogs are tools–that come along with great power and great responsibility–that’s my perspective. I use my search bar all the time to be able to recall exact words. Why?…


five letters just a word Leaves me speechless Words Myths and meanings   Yes, I confess punctuated by truth I am not a singer I am not a musician I am me Music touches me sound vibration echo Music Memories Music   Soul Lyrics   I write, I do write I want to do RIGHT.   I love words. Words are so powerful.   I never NEVER never watched the Voice til Twenty-Sixteen Here I am at home with a hoarse…

Safety, Planning and Dreaming

Don’t burn your fingers! As 2016 winds down, I’m in plan mode, and yes–safety is important, but so is stretching toward a big dream. Thanks to auto posting schedulers, this post will pop up while I am safely tucked in bed, dreaming away! That’s my plan. share the fun…Want more FUN? Follow and like us:


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