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would you help?

Hope that the power of your words, can help others get to know me a bit.

Share your honest experience.

It may be different than mine, or even different than reality--you know like the viral dress.  Doesn't matter, because your truth is your truth, please do not try to "sell who think I am", just share your experience knowing me.

I would rather that you tell people, that I was your student, or quilted a quilt for you, or helped support your business, donated a quilt to your organization or invited you (please invite others too!) to my Facebook group, than add any shine or gloss.


We have had enough shine and gloss in our world.

Oh, when I use the term "we" I typically mean, "we humans".  That's enough of a category for me.

I sew, I always have.  You are most likely wearing clothes that are held together with stitches.  If you are not, please keep that to yourself, there is too much oversharing for the sake of going viral.


When did you meet me?

What experiences have we shared?

Would you tell me a story of something funny that we did or a time that we laughed?

Do you follow my blog?

Get my newsletters?


your words, images, truths  


Post to my

Yes, I know.  I don't really advertise or show myself off.

If I state something it's typically a fact--remember, engineer, scientist, athlete...

Yes, I am teaching and speaking at some pretty big deal sewing/quilting venues.  It's not about me, so why show off?  I'm excited to get more of the wonderful humans that I will meet to take a leap, take a stitch and just be themselves, while still being respectful, kind, honorable people.

I have 2 art pieces in a book that just got delivered. Not my book, and I am happy to support someone who is doing good stuff.

I shared a meal with many, many wonderful people this year.

I made art inspired by and honoring many, many wonderful people.

I shared my gifts, my hopes, my dreams, my minutes in between.

I donated to several organizations, not every single organization.

I share joy and inspiration.

My hopes and dreams.

To put a podcast out on Spotify (that is I want only to be the content and the voice, engineering managing this, is not my dream)

I do want to meet Jack Black someday.  I think he would be fun to chat with, so would Emma Stone.

Have my patterns and designs taught by others (yes, I am already in touch with a certain someone in a warm weather location, who has the FUNfromAtoZ spirit. Cause if you are going to teach my stuff, well, you need to have your Inner Awesome.)

When and if I gain some monentum with my positivity, it's going to fuel my ability to do more good.

What I believe.

When and if I gain some monentum with my positivity, it's going to fuel my ability to do more good.

Inner Awesome is not bravado.

If I can make your life easier (not at the expense of others), that's good for us all.  You know, "us, humans."

Doughnuts are holey awesome. Donut, or Doughnot is all around the best Torus sweet breakfast food ever.

We each have superpowers, which can be used for good or evil.

Big G and I are friends.  I wasn't always a good friend, but I'm sorry and I think it makes be a better friend now.  Yes, indeed, I dare call God, the Big G--because I tend to give nicknames to those who I adore and with whom I feel a super connected bond.  Hey, Big G--hope You don't mind that I'm putting this out on the internet and sharing with the world and the future.  I don't often say Your name or tell others the specifics of my beliefs.  I think that my actions would be better examples of what I know in my heart. Peace -atoz (for You, I'm all lower case respect!)

We each have our own krypotite. kryptonite.

When I gain some monentum momentum with my positivity, it's going to fuel my ability to do more.

What I do.

This year, I bought my art so that my guild would get a reasonable donation for our silent auction.

I've donated art, without expectation that anything would come out of it.

Instead of sending flowers to a friend, I had a piece of music commissioned for her. Sent it with a note that there are no strings attached, use or don't use. If used please credit the artist Colin Kemper.

I typically provide links in my posts, as a reference.

I learn.  Often from my mistakes, I watch the game tape, I adjust, I learn.

I take a leap.

I make my bed everyday--okay, maybe only 97% of the time.  Always question when you hear Always and Never.

When I gain some momentum with my positivity, it's going to fuel my ability to do more.



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  1. Love your energy and originality and how you share it with us all.

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