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Never ready, just do it!

In life, we never feel totally ready for X,Y or Z.  We just make it happen, cause we know it's the right thing to do.  I gotta run to my day, but wanted to say hello... I'm honored to know a lot of real life superheroes--like Deborah Boschert. Yes, that's her Instagram feed, see her stuff, follow her link to her shop, and sign up for her classes.   IMG_3778               Thanks to Deborah for letting me Make it My Own by adding my flower in her little landscapes class at Fiber On a Whim's booth 2015. Okay, I'm off to my day!  Be You and Be Awesome!  
Be a Superhero
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  • being brave we nurture our future, treasure the love and teach without bias. My respect to all those parents and kids of the last sixteen years who rebuild trust and hope while ensuring safety in these uneasy times--where a smile can seem rude or callous on q day of pain. I smile that all those who give aid, that they feel the love, that unending awe , that honors their sacrifice #bernesemountaindog #bmd #moon #patriotday #parents #teachers
  • Baysox Season ended -- top of the ninth on day nine of month nine on this my twenty-ninth year after school. My words spill out in cadence with Giamatti's GreenFields. This game evolved, the minor leagues fly through games in under two hours. Pace of the Game rules in action. Pack up Baysox until next spring, to restart that pattern of life, and hope. @bowiebaysox @milb @ballislife #sports #lifelessons

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