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Month: September 2016

would you help?

Hope that the power of your words, can help others get to know me a bit. Share your honest experience. It may be different than mine, or even different than reality–you know like the viral dress.  Doesn’t matter, because your truth is your truth, please do not try to “sell who think I am”, just share your experience knowing me. I would rather that you tell people, that I was your student, or quilted a quilt for you,…

The Life of a Studio Assistant

The Life of a Studio Assistant – What It’s Like to Be the Studio Assistant at Fun from A to Z [Viv, leave the text this way, I added in with square brackets and deleted with strikethroughs-why not be transparent, or at least translucent in how I work?  Thanks for being you and for being awesome-AtoZ] Amalia has ambitious and far-reaching dreams — she is a quilter and engineer extraordinaire, working hard and long to fulfill these…

AtoZ Video sneak peek

Hey Kevin- Great working with you–I need to go to my day job but wanted to share the video file 4118 with the world. Thanks for recording at RedBridgeStudios on Saturday September 24.  I’m sharing just the spare camera view–I know, it’s totally imperfect, but it’s totally real as well.  I wanted to pop it into my youtube, but downloading it is too slow. Please forgive me and remember, this is more about me than about your…

half of FourTenMedia plus AtoZ = awesome

Saturday, apres “official” work at Red Bridge Studios  Add in 1 apple croissant for me and 1 almond croissant for Kevin Eikenberg of FourTenMedia Mix it up with unfiltered natural sounds at an outdoor table at Bonaparte Bread in Savage Mill. Stir in at least 3 heroes + 50 years of StarTrek, plus a whole lot more. Listen if you dare! Be You and Be Awesome! AtoZ     My day job work weeks starts now and will be super busy.  I’m…

Kicked out of a Quilt Show–a simple how-to-guide

Yes, one year ago today, I was kicked out of PNQE by David Mancuso, himself! That’s not even the funniest part of the story!   Don’t try this at home (unless you live at a quilt show) Step 1 Win the Championship Seriously, my favorite sports team won the championship that week. See that awesome fan in the lower left? Standing up and clapping proudly?  I don’t have to be on the field to feel like I played…

Never ready, just do it!

In life, we never feel totally ready for X,Y or Z.  We just make it happen, cause we know it’s the right thing to do.  I gotta run to my day, but wanted to say hello… I’m honored to know a lot of real life superheroes–like Deborah Boschert. Yes, that’s her Instagram feed, see her stuff, follow her link to her shop, and sign up for her classes.                 Thanks…

YAY! I won

I’m not even sure what I won, but winning is FUN isn’t it?   Today on Facebook I saw that @sizzix was doing a live video with @kidgiddy, so I popped in. Did I answer the question right the first time?  Nope. I first answered, IceCream with Sprinkles.  Seemed like a good guess what is Kerry Goulder’s favorite food. What do you do when you don’t know something–like the words IRL, IQF or IQM?  You can do…


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  • Must have rounded up from .3456 #numbers #numberscount #patterns

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