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Month: August 2016

Happy Birthday National Parks   Happy Birthday, National Parks Happy Birthday, National Parks Happy Birthday, dear National Parks I’m almost half as old as you!          share the fun…Want more FUN? Follow and like us:

Really Audacious Memories of Salisbury

I’m collecting memories from my friends, classmates and families from the way back days of growing up in Salisbury. I invite you to participate and share a special photo of you with the theme of dreams and everyday heroes. These photos can be old or new, I’d love to see the audacious class of ’84, doing real-life awesome stuff. BTW, I have a special appreciation for those who have served in our military and in the care…

Video Challenge–Ice and Music and you

Wouldn’t this video be awesome with the music from the last post? Maybe an overlay of my website or logo? Or is there something else? this is an open challenge–make something and if I like it I will post it here.  You have to give photo credit to me (Amalia Morusiewicz) and music credit to Colin Kemper–copyrights and all that. Why should my assistant and intern get all the fun challenges?   what do you think of…

Can You Cacti? (a Vivi-fied post and MIB Podcast)

This Blog Post has been Vivi-fied* This Blog Post is a transcription/translation of my Minutes In Between (MIB). I use MIB as a way to remember whatever pops into my head, to use as a memory bank. I’m really excited about the line-up I’ve got coming up in the next couple months and I’d like to give a little preview of one of the classes I’m teaching at IQF (International Quilt Festival) October 31, 2016. Can You Cacti? In this…

nicely done SAQA

I just read the prospectus for  Art Quilt Retrospective: Fifty Years of Innovation. here’s the highlights No entry fee Open to all, not only SAQA members I can’t wait to hear how many submission we get! Studio Art Quilt Associates–today, I’m super proud to be one of us.  Thank You!  share the fun…Want more FUN? Follow and like us:

audacity of asking–mentors part1

I asked. How can I be of assistance? Well, I probably asked it in another way.  But those 6 words transform “can I help you” removing the negative the “you are helpless, you need help, here let me tell you how to do this” completely out of the picture. what is your dream? what is the next step toward your dream? how can I be of assistance? sometimes the answer is “just listen” sometimes we can stitch together our…


  • #snow at #westrivercenter #quiltcamp #quiltersofinstagram #maryland #quilting connections in thread 🐞
  • Watching #snow ❄️ thinking of sewing ✂️ 🐝🐞friends #handstitching binding ❤️wearing my button 👞@alegriashoes and #snowflake @smartwool socks
  • Must have rounded up from .3456 #numbers #numberscount #patterns

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