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My dream is to tell stories, to connect. I do this in fibers, in fables and words, with grace, hope and joy. Weaving my stories, connecting unexpected. The fringe, the fray--these seemingly useless disconnected bits.  From the chaotic corner of my memory, hard edges of science, math melt into art that is engineering and problem solving--soon these fables and fabric find a secure doorframe and take hold. Silently spinning, the spider spins a web--her hard work unseen, always moving--building, mending, tending to her web.  Attaching the web to seemingly strong supports and weaving away. The web is beautiful, but it's true beauty is in it's power to feed and sustain us. When the web serves it purpose, or is pulled down by a careless gesture.  She doesn't have the luxury of throwing a pity party.  She uses what she has got, attempts to mend the current web and if not goes about her speedy way to recreate another.  The second isn't a copy, it's just an iteration, an evolution. It's spiderweb 2.0.   Create something that will be of use today, be beautiful in the right light, encourage and strengthen humanity. That's my plan to mend our broken world.  The thing I create is not what is the art, the art is the effect that it has, inspiring, nourishing, tending, mending, simply spinning, warp and weft.
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